What is Satelite: Definition and 30 Discussions

Ciudad Satélite (lit. transl. Satellite City), commonly known as Satélite, is a Greater Mexico City upper middle class suburban area located in Naucalpan, State of Mexico. Officially, the name corresponds exclusively to the homonym neighborhood, Ciudad Satélite, founded circa 1957. With time, the area surrounding it, including upper-class neighborhoods like Lomas Verdes, Echegaray, Paseos del Bosque or Colonial Satélite, alongside adjacent municipalities Atizapán de Zaragoza and Tlalnepantla de Baz, have become collectively known as "Satélite", due to its prominence as both an economically and socially dynamic area.Initially conceived as "a city outside the city", in response to the increasing population of Mexico City's upper classes, it was one of Mexico's most prominent architectural ventures of the 20th century. Designed and built by Mexican architects Mario Pani and José Luis Cuevas Pietrasanta on grounds of then president Miguel Alemán's family ranch, "Los Pirules", which was purchased from the Fuentes-Centurion family on the hacienda "Los Chabacanos," it quickly rose to prominence among city dwellers wishing to acquire property outside the city proper.

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  1. E

    Satellite communications project

    Summary:: Looking for a title and an idea to do a research project on the topic of satellite communications Hello fellow FP, I am in desperate need for an idea to do a project, seminar, call it what you like, on the topic of satellite communications for a course. We covered the basics of...
  2. M

    Global Positioning System / Clocks in Space

    I'm a bit lost at how to exactly start this exercise... As far as I understand we need to first determine ##d\tau_E## and ##d\tau_S##. First question: Since we can neglect the Earth's movement, can I also neglect the movement of the satellite with respect to the far away observer? If so, I...
  3. V

    A Continuous Field Image: Hubble Deep Field & Exoplanets

    The Hubble deep field image was constructed by collecting photons from a specific region of space over a continuous duration of time; in this case ten days. As the number of collected photons increase, higher the resolution of the image. If this duration increases, how much more resolution do...
  4. Zack K

    B Satellite Clocks: General & Special Relativity Time Variations

    Something that crossed my mind recently; I know that satellites have to adjust their clock due to their relativistic time variations in relation to us. I was wondering do they adjust their times in accordance to general relativity or special relativity or both? Or is their speed so insignificant...
  5. Scott Ryals

    Recharge satellite batteries utilizing a ground-based laser?

    Is it feasible to recharge satellite's batteries utilizing a ground-based laser?
  6. barryj

    Calculating the period of a low Earth satelite using Kepler

    Homework Statement Find the period of a low Earth orbiting satellite using Kepler Laws earth radius = 6.38E6 meters T^2/R^3 for Earth = 2.97E-19 (sec^2/m^3) Homework Equations 2.97E-19 = T^2/(6.38E6)^3 T^2 = (2.97E-19)(6.38^6)^3 = 77.1 T = 8.72 sec The Attempt at a Solution This is not...
  7. E

    Analogy between satelite orbit and mass oscillating through earth

    The period of a satellite revolving around the Earth earth at surface height is equal to the period of any mass thrown through a hole of the earth(which gains a simple harmonic motion)... It seemed really interesting to me... Why both of these periods are same? T=2 π √(R/g)
  8. Jewish_Vulcan

    Engineering Career as a satelite engineer?

    I would like some good colleges for satelite engineering also can I have a job description including the salary of a satelite engineer.
  9. A

    Bypass time of satelite arround Mars

    Homework Statement On high 150km above the surface of Mars, there is satelite That is ciculating arround Mars. What's his bypass time? Radius of Mars is 3400km. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I found equation like this : t= (2*r(R+h)^(3/2))/(sqrt(g0*R^2)) R=r+h r=3400km h=150km...
  10. T

    Relationship between centripetal force and gravitational force of satelite

    In order for a satelite to achieve an orbit around the Earth the centripetal force of it needs to be exactly the same as the force of gravitation which is acting upon the satelite. Why is this so?
  11. P

    Satelite and heat from sun and earth.

    Homework Statement Assume that a satellite can be modeled as a thermally leading sphere with radius 0.5m and its energy consumption is 200W, and its surface can be described with α=0.3 and ε=0.9. Determine the equilibrium temperature of satellite in these cases: a) Satellite is between Earth...
  12. Feodalherren

    How Far is the Satellite from Earth?

    Homework Statement A 320kg satellite experiences a gravitational force 800N. What is the radius of the satellite's orbit? Homework Equations G m1m2 / d^2 The Attempt at a Solution I started with 800N = (G(320kg)(5.98(10^24)kg) / d^2 After some algebra and rounding I ended up...
  13. A

    Does Relativity Cause Time Differences Between Two Synchronized Clocks in Space?

    Hello here is small question: Lets say we have 2 clocks on spacecraft . Both are synchronized with Earth clock before start. Lets synchronize one of them with Earth clock again when they arrive to an orbit. Do relativity predict some faze diference for these two clocks now? If so how...
  14. T

    A missle coliding witha satelite

    Homework Statement I typed it in word. Is this correct? Thanks Tal
  15. W

    Sof landing of rockets on satelite

    how can knowledge of distance moved by a rocket at any time,t be used in soft landing on a satelite?
  16. O

    Calculating centripetal acceleration between moon and satelite

    Homework Statement http://www.screencast.com/users/trinhn812/folders/Jing/media/e79a7b88-f71e-4790-a35c-7bc0c3e03ec8 Answer key is marked Homework Equations F=gMm/r^2 =ma=mv^2/R The Attempt at a Solution So does gMm/r^2 also measure centripetal acceleration?
  17. L

    COBE satelite strongest evidence of the big bang ?

    So now, do big most bang beleivers and non beleivers think the COBE satelite really proves one way or another the validity of the big bang theory as opposed to the theory that the universe has always existed and that time is a man made concept? Essentially, Is the argument swayed one way or...
  18. C

    Orbital Velocity of Equatorial Satellite at 352,000 km

    Homework Statement An Earth's satelite is in equatorial orbit at 352,000 km above earth. What is the orbital velocity (m/s) of the satelite (4 sig figs) Homework Equations g1d1^2=g2d2^2 to find gravity at the height of the satellite The Attempt at a Solution I don't really know...
  19. C

    Satelite orbiting earth in a circular path

    Homework Statement What is the orbiting speed (m/s) of a satelite orbiting Earth in a circular path 1000 km above Earth's surface? (Use 4 sig figs) Homework Equations universal constant of 6.67E-11 r of Earth 6.37E6 m (given by teacher) mass of Earth 6E24 kg (given by teacher)...
  20. M

    Newtons theory of gravity : satelite orbits and ellipses

    The figure shows two planets of mass m orbiting a star of mass M. The planets are in the same orbit, with radius r, but are always at opposite ends of a diameter. This is the equation eq. I used: mv^2/r=GMm/r^2+Gmm/(2r)^2 This is what I came up with but it is not the right answer. Where...
  21. J

    Satelite Tracking: Solving My Career Advancment Puzzle

    I am completely lost. I am taking a course in Space Systems Engineering for Career Advancment. I have been asked to predict (without a program/software) when I will be able to see a satelite from a given lat, long from earth. I know the altitude is 350KM and I also know the inclination...
  22. M

    Will Shooting Down Satellites Be Visible?

    If this happens, will this be easily visible? Also, does anyone know of a website or something that will announce when it is going to happen? I would love to be able to be outside watching if it is going to be visible. Well, assuming my skies will be clear enough to see anything at all...
  23. J

    Geostationary Satelite Problem

    Homework Statement Venus has a mass of about 4.87 1024 kg. The length of a day on Venus is 2802 hrs. Your task is to put a satellite into a circular orbit around Venus so that it stays above one spot on the surface, orbiting Venus once each Venus day. At what distance from the center of the...
  24. quasar987

    GR problem - satelite in orbit (Schwarzschild geometry)

    Homework Statement An observer in a rocket is in a circular equatorial orbit arounda planet and the period of the orbit is the same as the period of revolution of the planet. The planet has mass M = 1033kg and radius R = 1000km. The observer sends a signal every 20 seconds according to its...
  25. M

    Universal Gravitation and Satelite Motion

    A couple of questions that I am struggling with again...that I really need to figure out ASAP On the way to the Moon the Apollo astronauts reached a point where the Moon's gravitational pull became stronger than the Earth's. (a) Determine the distance of this point from the center of the...
  26. N

    Satellite Tangential Speed: Questions & Answers

    I want to know that what provide the tangetial speed of satelite. Is it the satelites have a engine that provide its tangetial speed or the gravitational field strength that provide the tangetial speed ? Please explain clearly or provide the links that explain this .
  27. C

    Satelite how far from center of earth?

    This problem troubles me since three days and I don´t know a way to solve it: A satelite is in a circular parking orbit 6.98x10^6m from Earth. To initiate a Hohmann transfer, a rocket gives it an accelerating thrust so that its speed is increased to 8300m/s. How far from the center of Earth...
  28. T

    Using a satelite to make power ?

    i just went over this in physics, but if you take a coil, and pass a magnet near it (without touching), you create an emf while you come near it and when you leave. i believe its the Faraday effect/observation/whatever? but with that in mind, i had this idea: if you take some really big...
  29. D

    Evaluate my brand new program satelite motion around earth

    evaluate my brand new program! :) satelite motion around earth! :eek: finally I managed to create a working version of my prog :) with the help of my friend, and physics teacher (he corrected couple of -/+ :)) I created the very first, user friendly prog... that's beta release and it...
  30. J

    Calculating Energy Requirements for Changing Satellite Orbits

    if i want to find the supplied energy when the satelite's orbit changed, do i need to find the its velocity or only find its K.E. ?? thanks..