1. M

    Global Positioning System / Clocks in Space

    I'm a bit lost at how to exactly start this exercise... As far as I understand we need to first determine ##d\tau_E## and ##d\tau_S##. First question: Since we can neglect the earths movement, can I also neglect the movement of the satellite with respect to the far away observer? If so, I...
  2. V

    A Continuous field image

    The Hubble deep field image was constructed by collecting photons from a specific region of space over a continuous duration of time; in this case ten days. As the number of collected photons increase, higher the resolution of the image. If this duration increases, how much more resolution do...
  3. Zack K

    B Satellite clocks

    Something that crossed my mind recently; I know that satellites have to adjust their clock due to their relativistic time variations in relation to us. I was wondering do they adjust their times in accordance to general relativity or special relativity or both? Or is their speed so insignificant...
  4. Scott Ryals

    Recharge satellite batteries utilizing a ground-based laser?

    Is it feasible to recharge satellite's batteries utilizing a ground-based laser?