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  1. S R Wilder

    Is it the Thévenin theorem?

    I just need the meaning of In.
  2. stipan_relix

    How to use Thevenin to find R and I?

    Homework Statement In the circuit shown, in the image, the variable resistor R is consuming maximum power. Determine: a) resistance for R b) power for R c) current for R3 and its direction Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I tried getting IA(the direction is shown with arrows...
  3. C

    Engineering Simple transformer circuit with 3 resistors

    Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations [/B] V1N2=V2N1 I1N1=I2N2 The Attempt at a Solution For a part[/B] I try to draw 3 mesh but I cannot write down the equation. Can someone help me out?
  4. doktorwho

    How to find the equivalent Thevenin's resistance?

    Homework Statement Find the Thevenin's equivalent with respect to points A and B Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] The resistance i found to be ##R_t=(R_2+R_1)||R_3+R_4## and that is the correct expression but for the voltage source the book gives...
  5. P

    Two methods -- neither works, thevenin

    Homework Statement we are asked to find the tension between the R6 = 20 ohms resistor, using thevenin[/B] Homework Equations the given solution for Ethev is 27.78 The Attempt at a Solution is seen in the pictures below thank i really appreciate your help as it gets frustrating not to...
  6. S

    Finding the current Io for t>0 in a RL circuit

    Homework Statement For the circuit in the attached file, find io (current) for t>0 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have included an attachment which shows the solution. However, I will copy the solution here as well for reference: When t<0, the switch is closed, the inductor...
  7. ichabodgrant

    Thevenin's and Norton's Theorem

    Hi. It's me again. Right now I have some troubles with Thevenin's and Norton's theorem. Here is the circuit. I have to find the thevenin voltage Vth and thevenin resistance Rth and solve the circuit when there is a 2000Ω resistor connected to A and B. Then, I try to solve it... First, for the...