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Science & Math Textbooks

- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Y 03:50 PM coffeejunky 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
T 02:18 AM astromme 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 10,941
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
May31-14 02:54 PM
Nick O
40 48,244
Superconductivity: a very short introduction Im looking for a book that will follow up this book. It needs just more...
Jan25-12 04:16 AM
2 2,914
I'm looking for a good review of Waves before I go into E-Mag, acoustics and vibrations stuff. What would be a solid...
Jan25-12 04:20 AM
5 1,824
I have finished an introductory book Space, Time and Quanta by Robert L. Mills but the book contains only Part I and...
Jan25-12 12:47 PM
0 1,697
I am currently in Calc II and am curious if anyone has any recommendations for a physics book that is less trig based...
Jan26-12 03:53 AM
2 2,328
Can you recommend me a good accompanying book on a wide range of topics that include: the nature and propagation of...
Jan26-12 03:01 PM
5 2,503
Im looking for a more difficult linear algebra book, more analytical with proofs and whatnot, but not too difficult...
Jan26-12 09:39 PM
10 2,866
Hello all, I will be enrolled in an undergraduate course on partial differential equations. I was hoping a few of...
Jan28-12 10:43 AM
5 3,881
Hello people, I want to refresh my Precalculus using James Stewart's book but I got a question about the exercises....
Jan28-12 11:37 AM
5 2,628
Basically I couldn't understand Maxwell's equations during my college days mainly because I didn't understand...
Jan28-12 10:40 PM
9 2,987
I am looking for a book that develops problem-solving techniques which help develop individual and unique methods to...
Jan29-12 02:29 PM
2 2,597
Let me start out and say I'm cheap so I would prefer not to buy an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tablet. I'm looking for...
Jan31-12 01:15 PM
2 2,846
Hey there people, I've got a fascination with the sciences, especially Physics. In a year or two I'll have the time to...
Feb1-12 05:20 PM
6 2,650
Hi Does anybody know of a good book on cavity QED? It seems that most books only have a small part of a couple of...
Feb2-12 02:53 AM
2 2,351
You must have worked with some (books, lecture notes or internet materials) which make you master new topics. Could...
Feb2-12 09:51 AM
0 1,713
What would be your go-to textbook for Classical Mechanics at the undergraduate level? It must also cover the...
Feb2-12 08:33 PM
7 5,438
Hi all, I would like some recommendations for thermodynamics. It's my first course in thermo. I'm currently using :...
Feb4-12 02:05 AM
2 2,050
Dear Fellows, I am new in this field of thermo elasticity, and having some problem in understanding the basics of...
Feb4-12 12:29 PM
adnan jahan
4 2,555
Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of more-mathematically-rigorous textbooks on Lie...
Feb4-12 04:28 PM
5 2,713
Hi, so at the moment i'm in what we call Secondary School in England - i'm not to sure what this is in America and...
Feb4-12 08:32 PM
8 11,270
Hey guys. Seeing that the Calculus textbooks of Apostol and Spivak have been mentioned and recommended numerous times...
Feb5-12 04:26 PM
15 14,645
im thinking on buying one of the two books: 1)Mathematical Physics- by sadri hassani. 2)Mathematical Methods For...
Feb6-12 01:57 AM
19 10,709
I'm an undergraduate with interest in theoretical particle physics. No course available in QFT. I have background in...
Feb6-12 08:55 AM
5 4,278
Hello all, I am currently working on modelling organic FETs. I would like to know if there exists any book...
Feb7-12 03:14 PM
2 2,323
Can anyone recommend a good calculus book that starts from the very begining and also explains the theory behind...
Feb7-12 07:34 PM
4 2,240
Hi there! It is the first I post here! Amazing Blog! Well, I am studying Aerospace Engineering. Third Year....
Feb8-12 01:38 PM
0 1,912
Hi, I have currently working knowledge of basic QFT and Renormalization Group, I digested the first two parts of...
Feb9-12 06:40 PM
2 2,121
Our chemistry book is a good text book. It explains things well and in depth. The problem I have with it, however, is...
Feb10-12 12:49 AM
2 2,307
Hi, I need two book recommendations for each of the following, one classical (i.e. covers the subject in detail,...
Feb13-12 06:51 AM
2 2,692
I want to find books or published articles authored by famous physicists or mathematicians. This is not because I'm...
Feb14-12 05:08 PM
6 4,149
Hello I have to say I am a mathematics fanatic but my frustration stems from the fact that I teach myself mathematics...
Feb14-12 08:24 PM
1 1,838
Pick your favorite spivak/apostol/courant/best calculus book thread and sticky it.
Feb16-12 12:52 AM
0 1,527
Thanks to great feedback, I've updated my attempt to: Pull out the minimal set of math and physics ideas, backed up...
Feb16-12 01:55 AM
11 5,741
Hello. What are some good books for learning cosmology? I know GR (At the level of Schutz) And /some/ QFT. So...How...
Feb18-12 08:18 AM
2 2,792
Hello, every one. I'm more of a lurker than a poster here on these forums, but I have my moments. Here's one. :3 ...
Feb19-12 05:55 AM
11 5,775
Hello, I've recently became extremely interested in physics. I was originally hoping to do maths at university but...
Feb19-12 09:14 AM
4 4,101
Hi, I am currently taking real analysis(undergraduate course), and am using the book "Introduction to Real...
Feb19-12 03:15 PM
7 3,679
Does anybody know of some kind of treasure trove of physics problems? Imagine you were a physics teacher writing a...
Feb19-12 11:09 PM
1 986
Im currently 15 years old and in grade 9, but I feel as though the math and science program at my school is moving...
Feb22-12 11:50 AM
4 3,241
Hi, I'm looking for a QM mechanics book, which I could use for review and reference. I've took 3 QM courses, the...
Feb22-12 02:54 PM
2 2,136
I was pretty confused by affine spaces and transformations until a few minutes ago when I read the first chapter of...
Feb22-12 10:51 PM
0 1,805

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