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- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
T 02:41 PM QuantumCurt 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Jul15-14 04:50 PM HakimPhilo 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
May31-14 02:54 PM
Nick O
40 45,547
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 10,324
anyone know of a good book for manufacturing or industrial physics? thank you for any suggestions.
Sep21-11 02:27 AM
2 2,265
hey everyone! i have flipped through quite a few textbooks on physics, chemistry and calculus, searching for one...
Sep28-11 08:06 PM
1 2,074
I'm almost done with the book I've been reading(Exploring Black Holes by Taylor and Wheeler), and I've heard people...
Oct4-11 04:38 PM
8 2,804
I want a problem book with challenging problems at an undergraduate level. I have read "Problems in General Physics"...
Sep30-11 10:39 AM
0 1,583
so it turns out i only need 2 classes next semester before i wrap up my undergrad degree in statistics, but i have a...
Oct8-11 01:16 AM
0 2,210
Hi! I am a very mathematically-oriented physicist. Since I never plan in making contact with "dirty" mechanics like...
Oct20-11 05:32 AM
3 3,671
Can someone tell me if the 1st edition of The Latex Companion is pretty much still usable in terms of learning the...
Oct19-11 03:32 PM
5 2,550
Hi there, I live in BC Canada, and am enrolled in a physics 12 class here. The curriculum here is garbagee :...
Oct12-11 08:05 PM
0 2,512
Any good theoretical physics books?
Sep30-11 10:33 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,874
Hey. I want to get up to an SAT II level of physics so I can skip it next year and go straight to AP Phys. Only thing...
Oct12-11 07:41 PM
4 3,607
it is a request to all who are using the book BEER and JOHNSTON : STATICS and DYNAMICS 9th edition to please use this...
Oct12-11 12:30 AM
1 2,301
First of all, for what audience is the book intended for? I mean for highschool students or undergrads? 2nd. I...
Sep27-11 09:20 AM
7 2,270
Hi! I want to improve my knowledge about how electronics is applied in the lab, so I'm looking for a book. Common...
Sep26-11 04:29 PM
0 1,910
so im taking a algebra/trigonometry based physics course at first i thought this class wouldn't be too difficult but...
Sep24-11 11:04 AM
2 2,523
Hello, I'm doing a bachelorproject on superconductivity and my adviser gave me a copy of Fossheim & Sudbo...
Oct16-11 10:35 AM
0 1,457
Hi!! How is "Microelectronics : An Integrated Approach" by Roger T. Howe and Charles G. Sodini ? A friend suggested me...
Oct2-11 03:47 AM
1 3,188
Folks, I am starting a module in functional analysis undergrad level. I have been suggested introductory functional...
Oct16-11 11:17 AM
fourier jr
6 3,402
by Rodolfo Gambini and Jorge Pullin I just recently became really interested in quantum gravity. I'm studying...
Sep19-11 02:15 PM
0 1,723
Hi, This is second week of our class, despite understanding what is being taught or being assigned to read, i'm...
Oct15-11 10:09 AM
7 8,407
Hello. I am a Junior in Highschool who is very interested in mathematics. Most ap macro/microeconomics teach the...
Oct21-11 12:38 AM
1 2,371
Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences (3rd edition) by Mary .L. Boas, Does this book has separate solution...
Sep27-11 02:26 PM
8 7,390
Hi, I need introductory textbooks for Physics and Maths which cover the following topics. They are the syllabus of...
Oct6-11 12:17 PM
2 2,360
Just wanted to recommend this book. I am using it to supplement my calculus I w/analytic geometry class, and I find...
Oct12-11 12:28 PM
44 18,138
I never used either of these texts when I first learnt thermo, but I've heard good reviews about both of them. They...
Sep20-11 12:11 PM
0 1,629
Hello, I'm looking for an introductory model theory book that is relatively cheap. Any suggestions? Currently...
Oct17-11 09:22 PM
2 2,464
I've been searching for a good book on Calculus that is great for self-study, and at the same time, walks the reader...
Oct4-11 09:46 PM
10 6,710
I'm 53 and know very little about Physics and want to start to learn from the very basics. I will be learning...
Oct18-11 03:45 PM
9 11,549
I'm a Grade 11 student preparing for the IIT-JEE. Can anyone suggest me good reference books for PHYSICS? I looked up...
Sep20-11 02:08 AM
9 4,751
The main book we'll be using will be Serway's, but I want a different book that's more focused on the mathematics...
Sep27-11 02:33 PM
4 3,843
What are the classics in the area of (classical) statistical mechanics / kinetic theory? Is there anything as...
Sep20-11 02:41 PM
2 3,056
Hi, i am self studying quantum mechanics. I completed reading of "Quantum Physics_Eisberg, Resnick" and "Introduction...
Sep25-11 10:09 AM
4 2,748
Hello, I would like to know about a good introductory book on mathematical logic. It should start from set theory ,...
Sep21-11 02:10 AM
1 2,400
Does anyone know what the Asian characters on this book mean? Why are they there?
Sep17-11 06:29 PM
Jimmy Snyder
1 2,546
I want to get the fully understanding in general relativity and quantum mechanic in the level that I can master it and...
Sep18-11 10:16 AM
4 2,933
Hello What is the better book on introduction of optics? if you have on online please give me the link regards
Sep29-11 02:31 PM
1 3,320
Hello I am a physics student and for our first year we have a choice of 2 books for calculas: Thomas' Calculas...
Sep30-11 01:14 AM
0 2,838
Hi there, I've started working through Spivak Calculus, and was wondering if there is an introductory physics...
Oct11-11 10:27 AM
11 3,673
I want A book which gives an introduction to logic , so it answer my questions like that I have posted ...
Oct23-11 08:45 AM
2 1,860
I need a book to self-study, because in Physics we don't have this discipline. The only mathematics I learned were...
Oct21-11 05:53 PM
1 1,970
I am in my final year of a physics degree and have taken all the undergraduate mechanics available in the department,...
Oct22-11 09:40 AM
1 2,630

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