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- Request, recommend, and review science and math textbooks
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug13-14 07:32 AM Fredrik 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug18-14 03:52 PM whyevengothere 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Aug11-14 01:55 PM
Greg Bernhardt
41 50,000
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 11,471
anyone know of a good book for manufacturing or industrial physics? thank you for any suggestions.
Sep21-11 02:27 AM
2 2,314
First of all, for what audience is the book intended for? I mean for highschool students or undergrads? 2nd. I...
Sep27-11 09:20 AM
7 2,310
Hi! I want to improve my knowledge about how electronics is applied in the lab, so I'm looking for a book. Common...
Sep26-11 04:29 PM
0 1,935
so im taking a algebra/trigonometry based physics course at first i thought this class wouldn't be too difficult but...
Sep24-11 11:04 AM
2 2,556
yo. today I got "quantum mechanics demystified", and I heard it has a lot of typos. Can you list them all for me...
Sep7-11 09:43 AM
14 5,637
by Rodolfo Gambini and Jorge Pullin I just recently became really interested in quantum gravity. I'm studying...
Sep19-11 02:15 PM
0 1,768
After reading the introduction of Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics, I found out about Whittaker's history of...
Sep4-11 11:53 PM
4 8,697
Hey there, Does anyone know a book that consequently uses coordinate-free expressions to develop general...
Sep17-11 02:55 PM
65 10,297
I never used either of these texts when I first learnt thermo, but I've heard good reviews about both of them. They...
Sep20-11 12:11 PM
0 1,651
I am looking for a textbook that gives a good description of the cosmic rays hitting the Earth. Do you have any...
Sep10-11 01:12 PM
3 2,283
I'm a Grade 11 student preparing for the IIT-JEE. Can anyone suggest me good reference books for PHYSICS? I looked up...
Sep20-11 02:08 AM
9 4,813
Hi, I am trying to learn maths at home and was wondering if anyone knew of any series(or group of books that you...
Sep8-11 11:14 PM
11 4,884
Where I can read about Bohmian interpretation of QM? I need a good , solid book.
Sep13-11 10:15 AM
2 2,750
Hey all. I was hoping that Mathwonk might be able to comment on these. I found these SMSG preliminary texts via...
Sep2-11 06:19 PM
1 2,171
Hi, I am a grade 11 student preparing for the IIT-JEE. I would like to know about some good books on...
Sep5-11 12:43 PM
Philip Wood
13 5,754
I'm looking for something like a books filled with theorems not typically covered in textbooks. For example Viete's...
Sep3-11 09:43 AM
1 1,664
Is there any important reason to buy the newest edition? Or is it just a business scheme? For example the...
Sep2-11 09:47 AM
6 6,115
Hi every one, can somebody recommend me good calculus textbook for self teaching. I am currently reviewing pre...
Sep4-11 10:00 PM
3 2,697
Hello, I tried to read Feynman's book: Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals but it is so difficult. Is it a really...
Sep4-11 02:54 PM
2 3,422
which could be the best textbook of physics for competitive exams i mean for medical and engineering entrances. Is...
Sep3-11 08:02 AM
kapil phyreak
0 1,816
I am currently studying Vladimir A. Zorich's Mathematical Analysis 1 book. Can anyone suggest me a complementary...
Sep9-11 04:00 PM
4 3,317
Can you tell me books of math problems solved? or pages (universities etc) where they solved exercises of books...
Sep5-11 02:04 PM
0 1,527
I found between my family's books (cousins mostly) 4 books for fluid mechanics, and since next semester i ll be taking...
Sep5-11 02:04 PM
0 2,002
What are the classics in the area of (classical) statistical mechanics / kinetic theory? Is there anything as...
Sep20-11 02:41 PM
2 3,109
Can anyone recommend a good text to learn the maths behind fractal geometry? I've written a simple program to generate...
Sep6-11 06:35 AM
0 1,531
Like one which covers all the problems in the original book? So far i only come across one which is for 6th ed, or a...
Sep7-11 01:54 AM
0 2,665
I'm just starting my first semester of Calculus and am wondering why there are so many versions of this book. I've...
Sep8-11 10:03 AM
4 2,987
well, i know there must be a different between them with the word "EXTENDED" here is my problem, my class required...
Sep7-11 10:25 PM
2 3,451
I'm looking for a very brief (1-2 pg) summary of the realism/anti-realism debate in the philosophy of science which...
Sep8-11 01:43 PM
0 1,747
I am going to start my third year of a theoretical physics degree but have always had an interest in pure mathematics...
Sep8-11 04:37 PM
0 2,220
Hi, i am self studying quantum mechanics. I completed reading of "Quantum Physics_Eisberg, Resnick" and "Introduction...
Sep25-11 10:09 AM
4 2,801
I am going through the Edexcel GCE Physics book myself, and I want to ask whether the HSW sections will be tested or...
Sep11-11 03:35 PM
1 3,052
guys i have a humble request i really need a very good to understand network theory more specifically i need a...
Sep13-11 04:01 AM
3 5,983
Hi guys. I have reached semester of my bachelors degree and I am not too thrilled with my timetable. I already...
Sep14-11 06:18 PM
3 2,976
I've been looking for a good QM book for a while, and I'm considering purchasing Morrison's book. I've already...
Sep14-11 06:05 AM
0 1,073
I have a fairly specific question regarding two quantum mechanics textbooks. I am taking a third year quantum...
Sep14-11 11:01 PM
0 1,871
You can read my review at Amazon What follows is a copy: I have the second (2009) printing of volume I, and the...
Sep16-11 05:08 PM
Jimmy Snyder
0 1,808
Hello, I would like to know about a good introductory book on mathematical logic. It should start from set theory ,...
Sep21-11 02:10 AM
1 2,451
Does anyone know what the Asian characters on this book mean? Why are they there?
Sep17-11 06:29 PM
Jimmy Snyder
1 2,600
I want to get the fully understanding in general relativity and quantum mechanic in the level that I can master it and...
Sep18-11 10:16 AM
4 3,007

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