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rotating room

How to Zip Through a Rotating Tunnel Without Bumping Into the Walls

Preface While browsing through unanswered posts in the Classical Physics Workshop, I came across a gem at the link shown below.  For the reader's convenience,…

Basic Kinematics in Classical Mechanics

There is an interesting thing in teaching of Classical Mechanics. Several theorems which presented below form a core part of kinematics for all Russian…

Presenting a Rare Kinematic Formula

Here we present some useful kinematic fact which is uncommon for textbooks in mechanics. Consider a convex rigid body (RB) rolling without slipping…

What is relativistic mass and why it is not used much?

It happens that the term relativistic mass is used, in particular in introductory text on special relativity. It should be noted that whether or not to…
kinematic errors

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Kinematics

  Kinematics is the subset of dynamics that only concerns itself with time, displacement, velocity and acceleration. A problem is…