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Learn The Main Conceptual Ideas of Anyon Particles

Every quantum physicist knows that all particles are either bosons or fermions. And the standard textbook argues that this so does not depend on the number…

Struggles with the Continuum: Spacetime Conclusion

 We've been looking at how the continuum nature of spacetime poses problems for our favorite theories of physics --- problems with infinities.…

Struggles with the Continuum: General Relativity

 Combining electromagnetism with relativity and quantum mechanics led to QED. Last time we saw the immense struggles with the continuum this…

LHC Part 4: Searching for New Particles and Decays

 The LHC experiments are in full swing collecting data this year (more information in the forum), and a while ago the collaboration of the…

Struggles with the Continuum – Relativity and Quantum

 In this series, we're looking at mathematical problems that arise in physics due to treating spacetime as a continuum---basically, problems…