Stephen Hawking Quiz: Think You Know Stephen Hawking?

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Stephen Hawking has been a giant in the science world for decades. He has been a accessible figure with his willingness to reach out to the public in various ways. Time to see how much you know about him. There are no prizes so no Goolging! Post your score in the discussion area.

1. He was born the same year


2. Which University did his parents attend


3. His adopted brother’s name was


4. While at university he participated with which team


5. His doctoral thesis was on the topic of


6. What TV show was he not involved in


7. In 1970, Hawking postulated what became known as __________, that the event horizon of a black hole can never get smaller


8. One of the first messages Hawking produced with his speech-generating device was a request for his assistant to help him


9. Hawking’s birthday is the 300th anniversary of the death of


10. What band used Hawking’s computerized voice in one of their songs?


11. In the film “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” a wizard is shown reading


12. Stephen and his daughter Lucy has authored 5 children’s books. Which is not one of them.


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  1. Planobilly says:

    6 out of 12…..I missed the only one I really should have known.Perhaps I am better at science than as a musician….that is a hard pill to swallow…lol Cheers,Billy

  2. Demystifier says:

    [QUOTE="DaveC426913, post: 5628226, member: 15808"]Wow! I am a lucky b*****d!6/12 by pure guesswork.I am off to Vegas, suckers![/QUOTE]You have just wasted your luck on this quiz, so the probability of being a sucker in Vegas has just increased. :-p

  3. Stephanus says:

    I know about "A brief history of time", "My brief history", "The Grand design", "Lou Gehrig disease", "Hawking radiation", but none of them comes out, only guessing in Harry Potter question.1 out of 12.Hm…, :frown:

  4. DaveC426913 says:

    Since each question has 4 options, a random selection will be somewhere near 25% or 3/12.Since actually answering the quiz carries the (very real) possibility of a score lower than that of a random sampling, I choose to go with my best option.So I'm sticking with 3/12.Yay me!

  5. Drakkith says:

    [QUOTE="Greg Bernhardt, post: 5626469, member: 1"]TheAdmin submitted a new PF Insights post[/QUOTE]Greg, I think it's time you started seeing someone about your tendency to refer to yourself by a title. It's just not healthy…

  6. DrClaude says:

    [QUOTE="Bystander, post: 5626498, member: 50"]Five of the dozen?  o:)o:)o:)[/QUOTE]Same here, and I should've gotten six.[SPOILER]That Pink Floyd song just popped in my mind when I saw the answers.[/SPOILER]

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