Inventions and Inventors Quiz

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Time to test your inventions, inventors and patent knowledge. As always there is no prize, so try without Google. Post your score in the comment thread. Good luck!

1. Who invented the motion picture camera?


2. Who invented the steam engine?


3. Who invented the remote control?


4. Who was the first women to take out a patent?


5. Who invented dynamite?


6. Willis Carrier invented the…


7. Enrico Fermi invented the…


8. Peter Goldmark invented the…


9. Which of the following countries has the most patents?


10. What popular toy was originally created to aid in WWII?


11. Where is the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame?


12. As of June 2018, the US Patent Office has issued… patents.


13. This quiz’s header graphic is a schematic of…





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  1. fresh_42
    fresh_42 says:
    Greg Bernhardt

    Something appears to be broken. Anyone not getting a score when you press submit?

    Maybe I'm the one to blame. If so, then I discovered a bug. I think I had been first who entered the quiz, ran shortly over it, and then wanted to know the results without doing the quiz and hit "submit" on an empty list. As a result, the first question had vanished, so I had to refresh to get it back.

    Now I wanted to test it. And each time I hit "submit", this time with a filled out formula, again the first question on the lists vanishes. I stopped the procedure after I "killed" the first 4 questions. So my suspicion is, that something with the submit button is wrong. The underlying code seems to delete the first list entry instead of an evaluation. Perhaps a fix is to remove it and set it again, if that is possible.

    Sorry, uhm no sorry for that: I'm too curious. I continued and "killed" the rest of the questions untile there was an empty sheet. Then I hit "submit" again, and ever since the page has gone in state "loading" – which it can't since all list entries have gone. Funny bug.

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