grab bag science quiz

Grab Bag Science Quiz

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Time to test your science knowledge with a fun 10 question quiz with random questions across all sciences. Difficulty is easy to medium. As always, post your score in the comment thread. Enjoy!

1. What element is missing?



2. Who’s missing in this 1927 Solvay Conference photo

 solvay conference


3. Where is the Discovery space shuttle?


4. What is the distance from the earth to the moon?


5. Who invented the number zero?


6. What is this zoomed in object?



7. What is the only planet to spin clockwise?


8. Which of these fruit is not a berry?


9. Six elements account for 99 percent of the mass of the human body: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium…


10. This is a picture of which scientist?

alexander fleming


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