1. Michael Price

    A Gauge breaking and Faddeev-Popov ghost particles

    Summary: In QFT, if we add a gauge breaking term to the Lagrangian, do we still need to introduce Faddeev-Popov ghost particles? Ghosts seems to be introduced to maintain gauge invariance. But suppose we have eliminated the gauge invariance, from the start, by explicitly introducing a gauge...
  2. Ghost

    I'm Mike and I'm new! Here's some info about me.

    I am fascinated by quantum physics but, I can't do the math to save my life. I teach psychology for Grambling State University. I am putting together a research grant with the NSF for a Social Science experiment. The work I am doing now is in the paranormal - or better put, prediction of...
  3. jedishrfu

    Ghosts vs Science

    This video gets into the phenomena in nature that can create the imagined appearance of ghostly events: And in the end there is no evidence for Ghosts.
  4. RaulTheUCSCSlug

    What is a ghost?

    The website on the main page on the lower right will tell you the staff that is on, and some of the members, along with that it tells you how many guests and how many "ghosts" are these just random computers that have left Physics Forums open in another tab? (Something I have been guilty of many...
  5. Vinay080

    Scientific evidence to prove that ghosts don't exist?

    Definition 1: Ghosts are the "creatures" which might be made of particles as we are, but unseen (with the use of photons). Premise 1: We are made of particles or atoms which enable us to think and make us what we are (human creatures). Premise 2: Their might exist creatures which are made...