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    I How to compute second-order variation of an action?

    Starting with the action for a free scalar field $$S[\phi]=\frac{1}{2}\int\;d^{4}x\left(\partial_{\mu}\phi(x)\partial^{\mu}\phi(x)-m^{2}\phi^{2}(x)\right)=\int\;d^{4}x\mathcal{L}$$ Naively, if I expand this to second-order, I get $$S[\phi+\delta\phi]=S[\phi]+\int\;d^{4}x\frac{\delta...
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    Hamiltonian in terms of creation/annihilation operators

    Homework Statement Consider the free real scalar field \phi(x) satisfying the Klein-Gordon equation, write the Hamiltonian in terms of the creation/annihilation operators. Homework Equations Possibly the definition of the free real scalar field in terms of creation/annihilation operators...
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    I Understanding the scalar field quantization

    I am getting started with QFT and I'm having a hard time to understand the quantization procedure for the simples field: the scalar, massless and real Klein-Gordon field. The approach I'm currently studying is that by Matthew Schwartz. In his QFT book he first solves the classical KG equation...
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    Klein-Gordon Hamiltonian commutator

    Homework Statement Consider the quantum mechanical Hamiltonian ##H##. Using the commutation relations of the fields and conjugate momenta , show that if ##F## is a polynomial of the fields##\Phi## and ##\Pi## then ##[H,F]-i \partial_0 F## Homework Equations For KG we have: ##H=\frac{1}{2} \int...
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    Yukawa potential and the Klein Gordon

    Homework Statement a)Show that the yukawa potential is a valid static-field euation b)Show this solution also works Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Part (a) Using the relation given, I got LHS = \frac{e^{-\mu r}}{r} \left[ (m^2 - \mu^2) - \frac{2\mu}{r} - \frac{2}{r^2}...
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    Computation of propagation amplitudes for KG field

    Note: I'm posting this in the Quantum Physics forum since it doesn't really apply to HEP or particle physics (just scalar QFT). Hopefully this is the right forum. In Peskin and Schroeder, one reaches the following equation for the spacetime Klein-Gordon field: $$\phi(x,t)=\int...