What is Oop: Definition and 18 Discussions

Alley Oop is a syndicated comic strip created December 5, 1932, by American cartoonist V. T. Hamlin, who wrote and drew the strip through four decades for Newspaper Enterprise Association. Hamlin introduced a cast of colorful characters and his storylines entertained with a combination of adventure, fantasy, and humor. Alley Oop, the strip's title character, is a sturdy citizen in the prehistoric kingdom of Moo. He rides his pet dinosaur Dinny, carries a stone axe, and wears only a fur loincloth.
Alley Oop's name was most likely derived from the French phrase allez, hop!. In the 1933 press release that accompanied the launching of the strip with its new distributor NEA, Hamlin was quoted as saying "I really can't recall just how I struck upon the name 'Alley Oop', although it might be from the fact that the name is a French term used by tumblers. Alley Oop really is a roughhouse tumbler." The name of Alley's girlfriend, Ooola, was a play on a different French phrase, "Ooo-la-la."

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  1. I

    Looking for programming exercises for OOP in Python

    Hello I learned object oriented programming in Python from a book. But it does not have any programming exercises. I do not learn very much unless I do some programming exercises. It helps to hone the skills. So, I am looking for some exercises if OOP Python is taught in universities. Usually...
  2. N

    Mathematics Based OOP Project Ideas

    Hello all, I am currently taking the first of a two semester sequence of C++ courses and I am taking the course as an Honors option and thus I will be writing an extra program to fulfill the requirements. A little about my experience, I am currently taking Calc 3 and an intro to proves...
  3. S

    Is the use of null an anti-pattern?

    I remember a while back someone told me that there exist programmers who don't believe in null. I thought that was a crazy idea. Until recently, as I've gotten better at OOP and have figure out that if my object has a property that is allowed to be set to null, it usually means that I am not...
  4. pairofstrings

    Software for embedded systems in OOPs

    Hello. If Linux is completely written in C(?) then I need a strong reason to opt for OOPs for Embedded Systems software. Can anybody tell me a situation or a circumstance that would make me use Object Oriented Programming principles to write software for Embedded Systems? Thanks.
  5. C

    Comp Sci Book Database Implementation C++

    I began by creating 2 classes. A book class and a course class that contains any necessary info about the book and course respectively class bookClass{ private: string theISBN; string thebookName; string thebookAuthor; double thebookCost; int...
  6. S

    Object-Oriented Implementation of Python ATM Script: Where Did I Go Wrong?

    hello everyone, I am a new member of this forum I found really good topics and good community that helps with many scientific fields. So I have this long text-based user interface for banking system written in python functions , but needs to be written using object oriented programming. I had...
  7. F

    Struggling understanding what OOP is about

    Hello Forum, I understand that Java is an example of a computer language based on object oriented programming. I have read about objects, classes, etc. and I think I get those ideas. The other type of programming, opposite to OOP, is procedural programming: the computer simply receives a...
  8. D

    Comp Sci [JAVA GUI] Counting the trajectory of a projectile not shown

    Hello PFers, I'm trying to make a program in java which process user's position, initial velocity of the projectile and the elevation of the projectile and show the trajectory in GUI. The language is in java. The problem is, the trajectory won't show. It is supposed to show the player's...
  9. N

    Java Understanding basics of computer programming

    I am having some issues understanding the fundamentals of Java and OOP. In simplest terms possible with an example can you explain to me what an Object, Class and Method are? I am confused on what these actually are. Thank you
  10. trollcast

    Looking for a Book to Learn Java and OOP?

    I'm currently trying to learn java and I've managed to pick up most of the basics from tutorials and stuff on the internet (loops, conditionals, defining functions etc.). However none of them provide a good explanation of OOP and how to use it in java, except for a very trivial example like...
  11. F

    MHB OOP vs functional programming paradigm

    I was reading wikipedia about the short comings of the object oriented programing paradigm and a prof atCarnegie Mellon University states ""This semester Dan Licata and I are co-teaching a new course on functional programming for first-year prospective CS majors... Object-oriented programming...
  12. T

    Anyone know of a good OOP plotter for C++

    I'm interested in a lot of science involving ODEs, PDEs, and discrete functions of up to 4 dimensions (one of time). Can anyone suggest a library that would be capable of plotting even a subset of that?
  13. Saladsamurai

    How to Create a Deck of Cards in OOP Without Dynamic Memory Allocation?

    I decided I would try to create a relatively simple class in order to gain some more experience with thinking in an OOP mindset. But some things are hanging me up. I want to create a class of objects that represent a deck of cards. The number of cards should be able to change depending on...
  14. PainterGuy

    Object oriented programming (oop)

    hello, i have tried to read wikipedia and wisegeek articles on _objected oritented programming_ but didn't learn a bit. I'm simply trying to learn the basics and know almost nothing abt programming so far. can u give me some basic understanding of this oop, please? wut r these objects? i...
  15. R

    OOP: When & Whether to Construct a New Class?

    Hi I have a question, how does one know when and/or whether to construct a new class or not? What are some indications that one should create a class to bunch all the functions/variables together? Thanks.
  16. F

    C# C# OOP: Static Instance Explained

    I have a question about instatiating a class as static and what that implies. Going through an old project of mine I noticed I did the following: public static Queue messageBuffer = new Queue(); how does that static instance of the Queue behave compared to one declared without the...
  17. B

    Redundant rambling on about OOP

    I've been thinking about object oriented programming. It's not new to me, but I've been thinking about it, especially since now I am doing more projects with many different objects to keep track of. It seems to me that with object oriented programming, you have to know what are essentially...
  18. A

    Good online explanation of OOP?

    Hey guys Does anyone know of an excellent online source that can explain the basics of OOP? I grew up not using OOP, just using the normal style of programming (and its' name escapes me now). You know, just line by line, ahh, yes, sequential. I understand the very extreme basics, like...