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Electrical Engineering

- Uses of electricity and the equipment for power generation. Circuits, Fiber, Signals & Systems, Semiconductor Devices...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Mar26-08 12:32 PM
0 30,460
I came across another good search engine today looking for a datasheet, so I thought I'd try starting this thread for...
Dec3-13 12:53 AM
27 56,876
ansoft, maxwell Sticky Thread Pinned: Maxwell 3D (ANSOFT) ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Dear all, I'm a new user and I like to exchange information about the use of this tool. From my point of view tool...
Jul5-14 05:32 AM
193 90,811
I've occasionally been asked by some of the students I've mentored or TA'd over the years, "What's in your toolbox? ...
Jul13-14 10:34 PM
63 79,989
Even as a kid, I saw beauty in old devices. That made me want to understand how they worked. I had lots of old...
Jul21-14 12:14 AM
21 6,236
Hello, I haven't learned anything about micro controllers yet but I wanted to get a head start since I hear that...
Jul21-14 08:30 AM
21 7,371
What is the role of the oxide in MOSFETs?
Feb27-07 01:42 PM
1 1,087
I'm quite confused by mesh analysis. I understand that the idea is basically to apply KVL to each mesh. For example,...
Feb27-07 02:54 PM
2 2,280
Hi! I've got another diode OR gate problem. When the voltage at the input A is 5V and it's 4.6V at the input B, does...
Feb27-07 03:06 PM
4 1,652
Can anyone here help me find a data sheet for a Mitsubishi M54929? It is a 16 pin DIP phase locked loop IC.
Feb28-07 09:21 AM
4 1,673
Hi everyone, I am recently starting a new project on designing a 2.4GHz microstrip bandpass filter, but there are so...
Feb28-07 10:09 AM
1 7,966
I know the output voltage for a difference amp is (R2/R1)(V2-V1) but how do you find the output voltage when you...
Feb28-07 10:22 AM
2 3,741
I'm at a loss as to how there is an output voltage for this circuit when I think the diode is facing in the wrong...
Mar1-07 05:22 AM
2 1,503
i am taking a +/-5 voltage signal is supposed coming from a torque sensor. this is supposed to be equal to 100 N*m. ...
Mar1-07 09:29 AM
3 4,905
The ASME design competition is to design a human powered still... basically to use human power to boil water. We have...
Mar1-07 10:11 PM
6 5,985
I have to utilize a Curve Tracing machine on a 5V Zener Diode for a lab. The curve tracer shows voltage vs. current....
Mar1-07 11:28 PM
11 15,133
He insists they are synonymous. I said I didn't agree. I told him that impedance is specifically the ratio of...
Mar2-07 01:37 AM
9 2,078
Hello everyone I am new on these forums and wanted to ask if anyone knew anything about 3023 batteries. I have a...
Mar2-07 02:26 AM
1 2,839
Hi. Does anyone know how the CPU (model is CPU315-2DP) of a Siemens Simatic 300 station communicates with a...
Mar2-07 06:02 AM
0 2,545
Just started studying course of ESC-101 Introduction to ELectronics....but did not do well in first mid...
Mar3-07 02:14 PM
5 2,010
Okay, I have been looking the web over for some toroidal (doughnut) electromagnets for a project I am working on. Any...
Mar3-07 06:03 PM
10 6,356
Hi, dear all: I am a newbie in EE, now I am studying some courses related to IC fabrication and MEMS. I have...
Mar4-07 05:21 AM
4 1,674
I cannot understand why the following bits are equivalent: LDAA 0,X INCX ;and LDAA 1,X+ The 1 is throwing...
Mar4-07 10:48 PM
2 1,060
I don't know when does a capacitors and the transistors switch and turn the other off considering the voltage across...
Mar5-07 02:36 AM
2 11,022
Hi, I just start my 1st year college. In mechatonics major. Still newbie.... I want to ask for help... I am going to...
Mar5-07 11:59 AM
1 1,915
Can someone help me to design the multirange ohm meter using permenant magnetic moving coil movement....
Mar5-07 10:07 PM
4 6,379
Hello, I am currently using a 555 timer to check the period of a square wave input: The timer is triggered off the...
Mar6-07 02:10 AM
2 1,374
Hi all. I recently read an article by a MIT prof. about RLC etc ckts in which he has given a spark plug example. I...
Mar6-07 09:30 AM
5 2,275
Hi. Firstly I realise this may be classified as a homework question, so please move it if necessary. Problem For...
Mar6-07 09:59 AM
4 20,265
I need tips on improving my resume. I know this forum is not for this type of question but I really want...
Mar6-07 02:01 PM
6 2,860
question withdrawn
Mar6-07 11:22 PM
0 1,998
I'm a mechanical engineer getting confused with electrical engineering... I've made an electrical generator by...
Mar7-07 02:17 AM
6 1,629
I'm thinking about buying a few DIP microcontrollers just for fooling around's sake. I think I'll be able to figure...
Mar7-07 03:31 AM
3 2,107
Hey guys Im doing a small signals and noise course this year as part of physics and im trying to wrap my head...
Mar7-07 07:53 AM
6 2,388
Can someone please explain why ideal voltage/current sources are short circuit for voltage source and open circuit for...
Mar7-07 11:59 AM
3 7,857
Hi, Suppose I have an amplifier with feedback, how would I measure the input and output resistances (using...
Mar8-07 09:20 AM
3 2,237
I wonder why they have so many different sizes for a 1.5V battery? Is it because some sizes are better in terms of...
Mar8-07 12:51 PM
2 6,179
anyone help me out with this probelem?
Mar8-07 02:00 PM
13 3,628
Hello All, I was just reading an article on Wikipedia about Hartley Oscillators and they mention this at the bottom...
Mar8-07 02:04 PM
6 3,684
Could anyone suggest what size and best type of bridge rectifier to use with this motor,Thrige Titan 10 HP, 7.5...
Mar9-07 03:30 PM
6 3,614
I'M required to design an electronic system to be used to count objects in a packaging process as they pass on a...
Mar9-07 03:46 PM
2 1,001
I have no clue on this one either help me out a bit
Mar10-07 12:36 PM
2 2,219
I'm currently enrolled in a lab class about circuits. we are doing diodes, transistors, op-amps these days. the...
Mar10-07 05:41 PM
11 2,577
I am constructing a full-wave bridge with the following: - four D1N4148 - Function generator (50Hz with 10 Vpp) -...
Mar11-07 05:32 PM
15 7,172
Hello All, I was talking to one of my EE friends and they were telling me about this thing called a ring oscillator...
Mar12-07 08:32 AM
9 5,236
I need to find a reference for carrier lifetimes and carrier mobilities as a function of doping densities in a p-n...
Mar12-07 02:47 PM
1 1,250

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