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  1. T

    Mean Rating Temperature for insulation in ASHRAE

    Hello, Can someone please tell me what the mean rating temperature in the tables provided in ASHRAE fundamentals, ASHRAE standard 90.1&90.2 for chilled water insulation indicates.
  2. Assim

    I Cooling down hot water

    I have a project which i need to cool down certain quantity of hot water. I need to cool down water of around 25 litres at 50 Degree celcius to 30 Degree celcius, Static water, not flowing. (or incoming 50 Degrees - Outgoing 30 Degrees with approx 1.5 gallons per minute flow rate) time...
  3. David Gin

    Compressor Water Cooled Chiller Thermal Calculations

    Hi All, Is there a list of thermodynamics equations regarding the chiller process from condenser, evaporator, compressor to the regulator. Say I have chiller load at 90%, what set of equations could I use to determine the supply temperature of chill water and condenser supply temperature to...