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  1. Prabs3257

    Change in the time period of a pendulum

    I tried taking log and then diffrentiate the standard equation for time period of a pendulum but i am not getting the correct answer
  2. silverfury

    Is There a Trick to Simplify Taylor Series Expansion?

    I tried diffrentiating upto certain higher orders but didn’t find any way.. is there a trick or a transformation involved to make this task less hectic? Pls help
  3. Abhishek11235

    Is Every Differential 1-Form on a Line the Differential of Some Function?

    Homework Statement This problem is from V.I Arnold's book Mathematics of Classical Mechanics. Q) Show that every differential 1-form on line is differential of some function Homework Equations The differential of any function is $$df_{x}(\psi): TM_{x} \rightarrow R$$ The Attempt at a Solution...
  4. Eveflutter

    Math modelling diffrential equation question?

    So there's this question I've to do. I got through until a certain point and now I'm stuck. >-> 1&2The question: The rate of deterioration of a product in a container is proportional to the amount of product present. At time t, the amount of product is x. (i) State the diffrential equation...
  5. mertcan

    A Möbius band diffrential geometry

    hi, Initially, I know how to take surface integral of möbius band via given parameterization, but I really wonder how these parameters are created. How can we derive these parameters ?? What is the logic of deriving such a good parameters?? Could you give some proofs??
  6. B

    Diffrential equations, integration factor with two vars

    1. I need to find a condition that the equation will have a integration factor from the shape K(x*y). (K-integration factor sign) 2.the eq from the shape M(x,y)dx+N(x,y)dy=0 ,not have to be exact!3. i tried to open from the basics. d(k(x*y)M(x,y))/dy=d((k(x*y)N(x,y))/dx. and i used the fact...
  7. B

    Help Differential Equations types

    Homework Statement Good day all, My professor gave my class a packet of about 40 differential equations. I for the life of me cannot figure out how t solve these last 4! I also have an exam tomorrow morning, and would like finish these last few. I don't need them solved out, I would just...
  8. C

    Language growth with diffrential equations.

    Homework Statement There are now about 3300 different human "language families" in the whole world. Assume that all these are derived from a single original language, and that a language family develops into 1.58 language families every 5860 years. About how long ago was the single original...
  9. A

    Help with solution of legendre's diffrential equation.

    hi. Is there something wrong in using the Frobenius method for regular singular point while solving Legendre's differential equation (expanding about x=0)? Though the solution of Legendre Differential Equation here- http://mathworld.wolfram.com/LegendreDifferentialEquation.html uses the...
  10. J

    Can't figure out how to solve a diffrential equation

    Hey Not done this in ages and just can't figure it out, i need to solve the equation; \frac{dv}{dt}=-\alpha v+\lambda F Where alpha,lambda and F are constants. I'm so used to solving differential equations numerically i think I have forgotten how to do it analytically:P My first attempt...
  11. I

    Diffrential equation subject qs

    Hello, I managed to solve the differential equation : dx/dt= 0.1 (x-250) with the information when t=0 x=1000 and dx/dt= 75, I also found "C" and got ln lx-250l = 0.1t + ln750 However, I am having trouble obtaining the expression for x in terms of t I got x= e^0.1t +1000 which...
  12. S

    How Do You Solve This Differential Equation: \( x^3 \frac{dy}{dx} = y \)?

    Homework Statement hey, it's been on my wish list for some time, i have decided to teach my self diffrential equal, rather than waiting to be taught at school, after having some exposure through vibrations and circuits. so i got a book and i started to learn, the question came to be...
  13. T

    Solving a system of 2 diffrential equations with 3 unknowns.

    Homework Statement r''-(theta')^2=-g reads: second derivative of r minus the first derivative of theta squared equals negative g 2(r')theta'+(r)theta''=0 reads: 2 times the first derivative of r times the first derivative of theta plus r times the second derivative of theta. both r and...
  14. R

    Scalar Product of a diffrential.

    Hey, in my textbook they keep doing this and I can't follow for example r.\ddot{}r = 1/2 \ddot{}r^{}^2{} and r.\dot{}r = 1/2 \dot{}r^2{}. Can anyone explain this to me? I know I should probably know it. P.S Can't quite get the dot product to look right apologies.
  15. S

    Still stuck on diffrential equations

    Homework Statement let x + y = u and y = uv Expand dx and dy in terms of du and dv Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i got this answer: dy = udv + vdu and dx = du - udv - vdu is this correct?
  16. S

    How to Solve a Differential Equation with Nonlinear Terms?

    solve the diffrential equation: xy' = x(e^(-y/x)) + y answer: y = xln|lncx| problem: i don't get it can anyone explain
  17. J

    How to solve second-order matrix diffrential equation?

    hi all this is the general problem X\ddot{}+AX\dot{}+BX=0 let A, B,X be 2*2 matrices its application is in vibrations. any opinion will be great I can solve the first-order but ...
  18. J

    Diffrential calculus; distance problem

    Homework Statement Two cars approach an intersection at the same time. The red car is 300m east of the intersection and traveling at a speed of 60km/h. The blue car is 450m north of the intersection and traveling at a speed of 75km/h. When are the two cars the closest? Homework...
  19. T

    Problem with easy diffrential equation

    Problem with an easy diffrential equation, the problem is explained in the picture ... http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/7341/diffproblemsf9.jpg Kindly TNS