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  1. A

    Need Help Pursuing Career in Robotics

    Hello Everyone, I posted in Physics Forums back in 2011 trying to figure out what undergraduate Major to choose based off my interests. I had received very positive feedback then and am seeking more advice now that I am further along in my career. I am a recent undergrad graduate with a major...
  2. estv

    Python Interactive Website to Learn Python for EE Student

    Hi, I'm trying to learn python for electrical engineering application. Is there any interactive website to learn this, especially the one with interactive compiler or result animation? Maybe equipped with microcontroller simulator, LED, and actuator? (if is it possible) So far, I've tried...
  3. DeldotB

    Derivation of "arcsin" phase shift formula

    Homework Statement Good Day, On an oscilloscope, when two incoming signals are out of phase, in an XY setting, an ellipse appears on the oscilloscope screen. The phase shift between the two incoming signals can be found by the formula: sin^{-1}((Y_{max})/(Y_{int})) where Y max is the...
  4. M

    Considering electrical eng after a computer eng degree...

    Hi, I'm already a computer engineer and i'm considering doing a bachelors in electrical engineering. I currently work in the information technology field and i'm kinda not satisfied with the prospects of a career in the IT area, getting a bachelors in electrical engineering should be easy...
  5. G

    EE Online Education

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of transferring from a community college to a 4 year university.. I worked full time, have a family and not young. My State University offers an online EE Program that from some teachers appears to be recognized in the country.. Even though I want to finish...
  6. D

    Car amplifier mod

    Hello, I am new to this site as well as to electrical theory. I recently took a second semester physics course and stumbled upon a great deal of curiosity in the electricity and magnetism portion of the class. I am taking a few courses pertaining to electricity&magnetism as well as engineering...
  7. 2

    What subjects to focus on as an EE interested in Aerospace?

    Hello, I am currently pursuing my BS in EE. I am interested in avionics and would like to eventually work in the aerospace industry. What sort of topics should I focus on? I did an initial search on the forums and people have noted that these subjects are relevant: - Control Systems -...
  8. cde010

    Engineering Help Enter the Engineering Field

    I got a BS in Electrical Engineering back in 2007. I've held a bunch of cools jobs since then but nothing in the Engineering field. Now, I'm ready to hop in but I have ZERO experience. What can I do??
  9. UrsaMinor

    I am thinking of opting Electrical engineering for physics

    I am getting an integrated MTech degree in Electrical engineering I have always been interested in Physics, but I opted EE. I mean it is the time of admissions and I am talking about the choices i have. I chose integrated msc over mtech. I want to know if I can pursue research in Physics after...
  10. R

    Best way to improve knowledge of electronics/circuit theory?

    Hi guys, I recently finished my Physics undergraduate degree, and will be starting my first job in September. My employers have asked me to improve my knowledge of electronics before I begin work. I would like to improve my ability to analyse and understand circuits, and also learn more about...
  11. rrlamichhane

    Most promising and emerging current ECE research-topics?

    I'm more looking for fields in hardware side (Electrical Engineering) than software (Computer Engineering) here. I know to some extent but wanted everyone to share their knowledge on this. Here's the few that I think will massively effect the world of technology in the near future (Pardon my...
  12. Amy1127

    Programs What are my chances of getting into UCSD as an engineering major

    Hello everyone! I'm currently in community college and I'm wondering if anyone knew what my chances were of getting into UCSD and an electrical or chemical engineering major. Upon transferring I would be missing one Physics class (or I would be taking it the summer prior to my first fall...
  13. Ani

    Programs EE Undergrad Considering Minor/Major Physics (?)

    I'm about to start my EE Undergrad at the University of Washington. I'm planning my future concentration to be in robotic-prosthesis. I'm considering either majoring or minoring in Physics and I'm wondering if this is worth it. Although, I love Physics, I don't know if it's worth my time (or if...
  14. roms05

    Parallel Plate Capacitor with variable Dielectric (water)

    Hi everyone. I have a problem with my device. It consists of a parallel plate capacitor with plates made of galvanized iron. Each plate's area is 1mx1inch. It's connected to a bleeder resistor and basically, the circuit is just a simple RC circuit. The source I'm using is a constant 5V DC...
  15. G

    How to tell a wire is plugged in?

    I need to use a sensor to determine if a wire is turned on without using a voltage or current sensor. I've been playing with using a capacitance sensor or sending a small signal
  16. G

    Engineering Engineering as a career

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum with regards to the membership but I've always found it helpful with homework during the school year, so I decided to ask for career guidance. So this is my second summer interning with a construction company building 2 new nuclear reactors, and it's fairly...
  17. A

    Determine resonant frequency of an AC voltage source

    Homework Statement Given a series RLC circuit, with one R, one L, and one C element, and an AC voltage source with variable frequency, find the resonant frequency experimentally given an ammeter and a voltmeter. Homework Equations The current in the circuit when the circuit is in resonance is...
  18. A

    Studying EE keep or not to keep?

    So I am junior EE student and was wondering whether i should keep my upper level courses' textbooks or not. I have my lower level courses' textbooks simply because my brother will be coming in to TAMU in the future, but I'm confused as to what to do with my upper level books (rent or buy). Here...
  19. J

    Soon to be EE student questions

    I am A few months from going to college and I want to ask you guys what to expect and how to prepare.Thank you :)
  20. X

    Schools Dilemma regarding decision between two top universities

    Hello everyone :) For a while now I have been a lurker on this website. I absolutely love the amount answers one can find to their questions. However, at the moment I am facing a great difficulty in deciding which university I should go to. I have been accepted by several top universities...
  21. K

    Required current rating of 3-phase power system

    My background is mechanical engineering so not great with the electrical side. I plan on buying a air-preheater (resistive wire heated) which has a power rating of 30kW, supplied by 3-phase. I need to determine whether my 3-phase supply (415V 32A) has a max current that can cope with this. My...
  22. DrPapper

    Engineering Art of Electronics 3rd Edition

    Has anyone seen the newest edition? Is it much better than the 2nd? I own the 2nd but am interested in the newer one if it's better.
  23. B

    Need help proving an equation for power loss in a dielectric

    Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations [/B] I am trying to prove the equation $$ \frac{\bar{P}}{V}=\frac{1}{2}E_0^2\sigma_{AC} $$ which can be rewritten as $$ \begin{align} \frac{\bar{P}}{V} &= \frac{1}{2}E_0^2\sigma_{AC}\\ &=\frac{1}{2}E_0^2\ \omega\ \epsilon_0\ \epsilon^{''}_r\\...
  24. roms05

    Low Cost Parallel Plate Capacitor

    Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me with my problem. I'm currently working on a low cost parallel plate capacitor. I used a galvanized iron as the plate material since this is a low cost material. The problem is when I measure the voltage across the capacitor, the voltage read peaks at a...
  25. X

    Is electrical engineering just rote memorization? Or am I

    For instance, I was introduced to thevenin and norton theorems about 1-2 weeks ago and it seems like we're expected to rote memorize the algorithms on solving problems. There is no proof/logic explained in different circumstances. For instance, we're told what these theorems are and how they...
  26. G

    Morse Code project

    Homework Statement Hi everyone. I am currently embarking on a Morse Code project which involves building a circuit to display Morse codes, eventually displaying the Morse code with a 7 segment display. I am currently stuck at the first stage as I am not sure of what to do, i.e. what chips to...
  27. G

    Digital Transmission and Twisted Wires

    Homework Statement I am currently embarking on a project where I have to build a communications system which can take in an analog voice signal, translate it into digital signal, and send it across to the receiver where the original voice gets recovered and it can be played back using a...
  28. G

    Frame Synchronisation via Modified Approach to Bit Insertion

    Homework Statement I am currently embarking on a project which requires me to design a system where I can transmit voice over a distance, by inputting an analog voice signal on one end and then recovering the voice which I input on the transmitting end at the receiving end. The general design...
  29. A

    Common emitter amplifier Electronics

    Rb=40 ohms RL=100 ohms Vcc=15V I need help in figuring this problem out, I understand if anyone here doesn't want to give me the answer but I would appreciate if someone would give me a formula in which I could solve the problem myself.
  30. M

    How to become a physicist from an engineer?

    Hi, I am an Electrical Engineer but I want to become a Physicist and do research to develop theoretical models of elementary partials. I have applied in several universities in US for MS and PhD programs but they have rejected me, I believe because of my non physics background. Can someone...