What is Impulse momentum: Definition and 35 Discussions

In classical mechanics, impulse (symbolized by J or Imp) is the integral of a force, F, over the time interval, t, for which it acts. Since force is a vector quantity, impulse is also a vector quantity. Impulse applied to an object produces an equivalent vector change in its linear momentum, also in the resultant direction. The SI unit of impulse is the newton second (N⋅s), and the dimensionally equivalent unit of momentum is the kilogram meter per second (kg⋅m/s). The corresponding English engineering unit is the pound-second (lbf⋅s), and in the British Gravitational System, the unit is the slug-foot per second (slug⋅ft/s).
A resultant force causes acceleration and a change in the velocity of the body for as long as it acts. A resultant force applied over a longer time therefore produces a bigger change in linear momentum than the same force applied briefly: the change in momentum is equal to the product of the average force and duration. Conversely, a small force applied for a long time produces the same change in momentum—the same impulse—as a larger force applied briefly.










{\displaystyle J=F_{\text{average}}(t_{2}-t_{1})}
The impulse is the integral of the resultant force (F) with respect to time:





{\displaystyle J=\int F\,\mathrm {d} t}

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  1. P

    Potential Energy - 2D inelastic collision - ballistic pendulum

    I really can't find anything in my textbook about how PE relates to 2D collisions, but here is what I do know... ΔPE = mgΔh And I know that since it is a completely inelastic equation kinetic energy is not conserved but momentum is conserved. The change in kinetic energy should be equal to the...
  2. V

    B Collision time interval of a gas molecule with wall of container

    I have been trying to make sense of the derivation of pressure under Kinetic Theory of Gases chapter, but it's not making sense to me when the impulse momentum equation is used for the collision between a gas molecule and the wall of the container. The book says that for the elastic collision...
  3. D

    Getting wrong answer in an (angular) impulse momentum problem

    I have tried this same approach three times and I got the same answer. I can't figure out what's wrong. Btw answer is 12mu/(3+cos2α) And yes, sorry for my shitty handwriting. If you can't understand the reasoning behind any step then please let me know.
  4. just NOTHING

    B Question in the momemtum-impulse theorem derivation

    when the net force is constant then Q1. rate of change of momentum (dp/dt) is zero or constant Q2. assuming dp/dt is constant we replaced it with ----> p2-p1(total change in momentum ) ? how?
  5. T

    Conserving Momentum in Emptying a Freight Car

    $$\overrightarrow{p_i}=\overrightarrow{0},~\overrightarrow{p_f}=m_c\overrightarrow{v_f}$$ $$\overrightarrow{p_f}-\overrightarrow{p_i}=\int\limits_{t_i}^{t_f}\overrightarrow{F}dt$$ $$t_i=0,~t_f=\frac{m_s}{b}$$ $$m_c\overrightarrow{v_f}=\overrightarrow{F}\frac{m_s}{b}\Rightarrow...
  6. T

    Understanding Acceleration and Center of Mass in Shock Absorption

    I don't attempt solving a problem until I fully understand it, conceptually. After the hit (when maximum velocity is reached) the person starts losing momentum, having a constant upwards acceleration. The forces acting on the person are gravity and the normal to the ground. $$N - mg = ma$$...
  7. cheapstrike

    What are the effects of impulse and kinetic energy on two identical spheres?

    Homework Statement Two identical spheres A and B are kept on a smooth surface. They are given the same impulse I. The lines of action of impulses pass through the center of A and away from the center of B. Then: (A) linear kinetic energy of B will be less than that of A. (B) B will have...
  8. Ashleykins

    Solving Equation for Homework: What Equation to Use?

    Homework Statement You are observing a baseball in space, with mass m = 0.144 kg. It is moving past your spacecraft with speed v = 8 m/sec, to the north. Your Acme Tractor Beam can exert 1.2 Newtons of pull force on that baseball. CALCULATE: How long will it take your Acme Tractor Beam to...
  9. D

    Length covered by block after collision

    Homework Statement Board ##A## is placed on board ##B## as shown. Both boards slide, without moving w.r.t each other, along a frictionless horizontal surface at a speed of ##6 \text{m/s}##. Board ##B## hits a resulting board ##C##, "head-on". After the collision, board ##B## and ##C## stick...
  10. P

    Fluid mechanics - impact of jet question

    Consider a case- Force excerted on a stationary flat plate held normal to the jet. The Jet strikes on plate (see fig.) Which is smooth hence the exit velococity of jet = entering velocity of jet. According to theory. The fore is applied on plate due to change in momentum of jet. But my doubt...
  11. S

    Need Help with Physics Homework? Let's Work Together!

    Hi, my name is Jaylen but I prefer Jas (don't ask how I got Jaylen from Jas lmfao). I am an honors physics student who sometimes needs help. I don't want you to out right give me the answer, I'd prefer if you'd give me the formula,let me solve then I can come back with an answer and you my...
  12. R

    Physics impulse momentum problem

    Homework Statement A 60.0 gram tennis ball is served at 45.0 m/s and is returned with an average force of 100 N over 50 ms. Find the speed with which the ball is returned. Assume the ball is still moving at 45.0 m/s when it is returned. Homework Equations Impulse = Average Force * time...
  13. M

    Solve Impulse Momentum Homework Equation

    Homework Statement https://scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/l/t1.0-9/10155336_1407954212814131_2465716609293795371_n.jpg Homework Equations ∫Fdt = mvf-mvi The Attempt at a Solution I have tried integrating kxcdt from 0 - .01 and haven't had any luck. I am not quite...
  14. M

    Solving for Final Velocity Using Impulse Momentum Theorem - Homework Help"

    Homework Statement https://scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t1.0-9/10167935_1403417599934459_6123061969742894932_n.jpg Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I used ∫Fdt = m(vf-vo) and came up with -.822 m/s for the final velocity... I have been reworking this...
  15. F

    How Does Angus Macbangus's Head-butt Physics Work?

    1. Problem statement and all known variables The world champion head butter Angus Macbangus can accelerate himself from rest to head-butting speed of 8.5m/s. Since the upper body is involved in a properly executed head-butt, the effective mass of the head is 24kg. (Label the direction the head...
  16. F

    Is there an error in the answer for Impulse Momentum Linear Homework?

    Homework Statement Hi guys, just want to check is there any problem with the answer for part c and d of the question? I would really appreciate if you can help me double check, thank you.
  17. F

    Impulse Momentum Method for Rotational

    Homework Statement I have abit of problem understanding this 2 question, I would appreciate if someone can guide me along. For diagram 1 (Left) I interpret the condition as: At 0sec, initial velocity is 0, At 5sec final velocity is unknown. For diagram 2 (Right) I interpret the...
  18. F

    Impulse Momentum Method for Rotational

    Homework Statement For impulse momentum, I know that collision between two object, impulse = 0. Can somebody explain to me how come for this question the impulse is 0 "shaft A engaged to shaft b" has the same meaning as collision? And I assume that it is right for me to add shaft A and shaft...
  19. F

    Impulse momentum method for linear motion

    Homework Statement I was told by a friend that M1+I1-2=M2 is actually FT=mVf-mVi. So using FT=mVf-mVi to solve the following question... The Attempt at a Solution FT=mVf-mVi (F)(0.15)=800(0)-800(5000/3.6) F=-7407.4N Ans is 7407.4N positive. Can I ask did I get my sign wrong?
  20. H

    Impulse Momentum Theorem + Egg Drop?

    Impulse Momentum Theorem + Egg Drop?? I have to explain how the impulse momentum theorem relates to my egg drop. My egg was padded with a styrofoam cup and tissues and a plastic bag parachute. Honestly, I don't understand the impulse momentum theorem and I am in need of help! I have fall times...
  21. S

    Finding Displacement Using Impulse Momentum: A Problem with Monkeys and a Pulley

    I am having a really hard time with dynamics of rigid bodies, but i think doing this problem will clear up some confusion i have. Homework Statement A massless rope hanging over a frictionless pulley of mass M supports two monkeys (one of mass M, the other of mass 2M). The system is released...
  22. QuarkCharmer

    Impulse Momentum (et al.) test

    Homework Statement I took a test today and I am pretty sure I got everything right except for this one problem that was on there which I am unsure of. If I remember correctly, it went like this: It said there was a particle of mass 2 kg moving with a speed of 5 m/s to the right. Then there...
  23. E

    Cross Post from Classical Physics: Calculus in Impulse Momentum Theorem

    Hi, This is my first post. Sorry for the mistakes it certainly contains. I have two questions. First, is there a tutorial for using embedded LaTex? I found some general tutorials on LaTex, but I couldn't get some of the commands listed in that tutorial to work in the embedded LaTex code...
  24. E

    Calculus in Impulse Momentum Theorem

    Hi, This is my first post. Sorry for the mistakes it certainly contains. I have two questions. First, is there a tutorial for using embedded LaTex? I found some general tutorials on LaTex, but I couldn't get some of the commands listed in that tutorial to work in the embedded LaTex code...
  25. L

    What is the Linear Impulse of a Potato with Changing Speed?

    Homework Statement A 0.30 kg potato speed changes from 6.0 m/s to 2.0 m/s. What is the linear impulse of the potato Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution mv(final) - mv(initial) .3 * 2-.3 * 6 = This gives me the change but after that I am lost... any help?
  26. G

    Impulse momentum theory, a ball strikes a wall dunno if i got it right?

    Homework Statement a ball w/ mass of .15kg and a velocity of 5m/s strikes a wall and bounces right back with v=3m/s. ball is in contact with wall for 0.1 sec, how much force did the wall exert on the ball? Homework Equations Ft=mvf-mvi F=? t=0.1 m=.15 vf=3m/s vi=5 The Attempt at...
  27. Q

    Confused about the difference between impulse momentum and kinetic energy

    Homework Statement 1 mass M1 of 1 kg moves frictionless at V1 1 meter per second to the right. It fuses with mass M2 of 2 kg and together they keep moving frictionless to the right. What is the speed V2 of the fused objects? Homework Equations Impulse mass * Velocity Kinetic energy...
  28. M

    Impulse Momentum: Comparing Forces

    [b]1. 2) A car is moving at 60.0 m/s and crashes into a wall. The messenger is not wearing his seat belt. a. What is the average force acting on the passenger of 70 kg if he is brought to rest by a collision with the windshield and dashboard that lasts 3.5 ms. b. Compare this value of the...
  29. A

    Impulse momentum and morequestion

    Homework Statement A block of mass 200g is suspended through a vertical spring.The spring is stretched by 1cm when the block is in equilibrium.A particle of mass 120g is dropped on the block from a height of 45cm.The particle sticks to the block after the impact.Find the max extension of the...
  30. P

    Impulse momentum theorum with a spring

    Homework Statement A 700 g air-track glider collides with a spring at one end of the track. The figure shows the glider's velocity and the force exerted on the glider by the spring. How long is the glider in contact with the spring? Homework Equations F(t_1-t_2)=mv_2-mv_1 The Attempt at...
  31. L

    Impulse Momentum Theorem for Calculating Fall Height

    Impulse Momentum Theorem! Homework Statement A student (m = 63 kg) falls freely from rest and strikes the ground. During the collision with the ground, he comes to rest in a time of 0.0180 s. The average force exerted on him by the ground is +16000. N, where the upward direction is taken to...
  32. J

    Calculating Stopping Time and Distance Using Impulse Momentum Theorem

    I have a question I am looking for an asnwer: Using the impulse momentum theorum, describe how it is possible to drop an egg from a 2 story high building and not have the egg break.
  33. S

    Impulse Momentum Theorem and space probe

    Hi, I'm kinda lost on these 2 problems. A space probe is traveling in outer space with a momentum that has a magnitude of 7.15 x 107 kg·m/s. A retrorocket is fired to slow down the probe. It applies a force to the probe that has a magnitude of 1.81 x 106 N and a direction opposite to the...
  34. C

    Work energy method and impulse momentum method

    we have two concepts 1)if force is applied for a distance x(i.e work) it increases the kinetic energy of a mass 2)if force is applied for a time t(i.e impulse) it increases the momentum of the mass why there are two concepts. Are the above two same?
  35. P

    How Do You Calculate Final Velocity and Change in Momentum for a Moving Body?

    hi guys I am a college junior...taking physics for the first time in my life...its fun...but still tuff...just can i get help with these couple questions..i mean it would be very gracious of any of u to help me out...i know I am new and all, but this place...i was just browsing around and it...