What is Marketing: Definition and 25 Discussions

Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product, service, or good.It is one of the primary components of business management and commerce. Marketers can direct their product to other businesses (B2B marketing) or directly to consumers (B2C marketing). Regardless of who is being marketed to, several factors apply, including the perspective the marketers will use. Known as market orientations, they determine how marketers will approach the planning stage of marketing.The marketing mix, which outlines the specifics of the product and how it will be sold, is affected by the environment surrounding the product, the results of marketing research and market research, and the characteristics of the product's target market. Once these factors are determined, marketers must then decide what methods will be used to promote the product, including use of coupons and other price inducements.The term marketing, what is commonly known as attracting customers, incorporates knowledge gained by studying the management of exchange relationships and is the business process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers' needs and wants.

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  1. scottdave

    Marketing and science don't always mix

    Do you think Coke was thinking science when naming this "Energy drink" ?? Do they know how much energy zero calories represents?
  2. T

    Job Skills Google AdWords/Digital Marketing Certification

    Hi, I'm at the final exam part of the Google AdWords certification. I am going to take the final exam tomorrow morning. https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage/certification This certification should look great on my Resume to get an entry level marketing specialist/SEO job. I never...
  3. M

    Opportunities For Freshers

    Where are Internship opportunities for freshers for MBA, digital marketing training and web development.
  4. Drakkith

    News New FTC Homeopathy Marketing Claims Policy

    FTC Issues Enforcement Policy Statement Regarding Marketing Claims for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Drugs The U.S. FTC (Federal Trade Commission) dealt a possibly big blow to homeopathic companies a few days ago. After spending the last year or so reviewing their policies regarding homeopathic...
  5. S

    I Help with marketing campaign

    Hey everyone! I need some help for a work related problem. I am working on a advertising campaign, and I need to optimize my distribution of flyers to reach a specific target of people. Flyers will be distributed randomly in mailboxes by the postal service. I have a list of neighborhood, along...
  6. A

    What electives would be most beneficial?

    I recently changed my major to physics from business. I would be going into my senior year as a business student had I stayed, so I have all my core requirements done. While I'm catching up on some maths, I'll need to fill my schedule with electives to remain a full-time student. What courses...
  7. A

    Programs Changing my major from marketing to physics

    I'm currently in my junior year of college at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (yes, the one without the football program) majoring in marketing. I decided on marketing because it was easy, and I just wanted to get through school. Having been in business courses for around 3 years now, I...
  8. F

    Marketing Research (Cost, Revenue, Etc.)

    Homework Statement A local grocery store has agreed to sell your homemade bread. You will use the following information along with some ideas from Chapter 3 to decide how many loaves should be manufactured each week and what price should be charged. After tracking weekly sales at several...
  9. M

    Personal identity within marketing and advertising

    Hello everyone, I'm currently writing my dissertation based around the question of whether photo editing within the spheres of fashion and beauty media and advertising rids the subjects of their identity - I have looked at numerous books about personal identity, such as Paul Ricoeur's Oneself...
  10. Greg Bernhardt

    News Johnson & Johnson to pay $2 billion for false marketing

    Pretty disgusting! I hate how cynical I've become. It's hard to trust anything these days. http://money.cnn.com/2013/11/04/news/companies/johnson-and-johnson-settlement/ Furthermore I just read this story...
  11. rootX

    Biggest Marketing Campaigns (Ads) Failures

    I never seen any marketing campaign going as bad as this http://arcticready.com/social/gallery?sort_by=value&sort_order=DESC&page=1 :rofl:
  12. J

    Don't be Half Generous: Stop Frustration with Marketing Restrictions

    There is a common practice among marketers that I find aggravating. They offer you a coupon, a discount, a rebate or whatever, but with restrictions on it. As a result you find that you cannot use whatever it was that they used to entice you. From this inability to use comes frustration and...
  13. A

    Good Marketing or wasting energy

    I just opened a box of Corn Flakes, the huge box, and it was basically half full. So the other half of the box was just wasted space. Just think of how many products are shipped in containers that are cleverly designed by marketing people simply to convince us we are getting more product...
  14. M

    Is Marketing Useful for Engineers?

    I was thinking of taking a marketing as a technical elective (just for fun since it seems interesting)...but is market useful for engineers? Anyone actually have to use marketing skills in their jobs/careers?
  15. S

    Engineering Careers that combine marketing and engineering/computer science

    I'm interested in both marketing (creativity, communication, persuasion) and engineering/computer science (theory and its application to develop new technologies). What are some careers that combine the two?
  16. D

    Probabilities of this marketing department information

    Homework Statement The marketing department of a magazine collects the following information for a group of randomly selected subscribers. Of households that subscribe to at least one of their three magazines: 25 subscribe to teen world only 19 to star watch only 15 to fashionz only 41...
  17. M

    Game Theory: Uses & Applications for Marketing Explained

    hi nerds!i was wondering if somebody would kindly explain to me what game theory is and its applications and uses! i guess it is related to marketing. please give me informations and details. i tried googling and wiki but they diidnt help.
  18. U

    Marketing vs Finance: Help Me Decide My Future

    Marketing vs. Finance **HELP** I'm am currently pusuing Psychology in college but I'm not really getting much support because supposedly psychology won't provide for me very well economically. I believe i have a passion for psy but I'm currently not doing very well because i would prefer not to...
  19. R

    Through the miracle of marketing

    I'm rather amused to find that the product behind "HeadOn! Apply directly to the forehead!" is actually homeopathic candle wax. For those who've never seen it, this product is a purported headache medicine, the advertisements for which are intentionally aggravating. A phrase is repeated a dozen...
  20. J

    Marketing: how many brands are there?

    Marketing: how many "brands" are there? The word "brand" is used so often in so many fields of interest, I would like to know exactly how many "brands" you think there are on the planet. I am using the noun form of the word "brand", as opposed to 'branding' an object. Let's begin first with...
  21. Q

    Some more advertisements (related to marketing and advertising)

    Why are advertisements important to the economy? Why are there advertisements on TV? Why are there different advertisements relating to difference target audiences in different channels? When was advertising on TV first made? Is there anything that effects the frequency of advertisements on...
  22. A

    Humber Marketing Tests New Sales Strategy: Stratified Sampling

    The marketing manager of humber marketing tests new sales strategy by randomly selecting 250 consumers with a gross income less than $50000, and 250 consumers with a gross income more than 50000. this type of samping is an example of: a) cluster sampling b) convenience sampling c)...
  23. N

    GhostSurf just marketing fluff?

    ... and others like it. Does any PF member have experience with this (that they'd be willing to share)? The write-ups and reviews lead me to think it could be a nice thing ... for someone like me who really, really likes their privacy. But is it just marketing fluff? Could I do the same...
  24. Tsu

    Marketing Ploys: 'All Natural - No Chemicals' - A False Claim?

    Doesn't it just crack you up when a company will advertise their products touting "ALL NATURAL - NO CHEMIALS!" To me, this just flies in the face of reason. Let's see - Foxglove is all natural but it can kill you! And show me a flower that is NOT made of chemicals and I'll show you empty...