What is Changing majors: Definition and 15 Discussions

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  1. LilyWillows

    Physics Employability with a degree in theoretical physics vs physics

    Hi! I'm currently in my second year of a five year integrated masters degree in physics. When applying, I chose to study just plain physics as I didn't really know what I wanted to do and I didn't want to limit my options. However, for the past year and a half, and honestly before that too, I've...
  2. L

    Schools Did I make the wrong choice? - Grad School Advice

    My undergraduate degrees are in math and physics, but I decided to apply for graduate school in engineering (specifically environmental engineering). I was lucky enough to be accepted to almost all of the programs I applied to, but I only received one research position offer (that would pay for...
  3. N

    Programs Switching Fields: Should I finish the major or just switch?

    I'm a sophomore math and physics double major, and I'm losing interest in physics. I still love math (like seriously love), but I honestly don't see myself working in a physics lab or anything. A lot of the modern physics stuff really does not appeal to me at all. I currently plan on switching...
  4. M

    Programs Changing Majors Late, Taking Awhile to Finish

    Hello Physics Forums, I have been a member here for some time, and though I keep up with many of the forum discussions, I have never posted anything until now. So here's my deal. My first two years of college were spent at a community college planning to be an economics major. By the time I...
  5. A

    Best introduction to upper-level physics courses?

    I'm about to enter college as an Electrical Engineering student, but I am considering changing my major to physics. Before I commit, however, I would like to take an advanced physics course (QM, Classical Mechanics II, Thermodynamics, etc.) so that I can get a feel for the mathematical rigor of...
  6. Lagraaaange

    Schools Apply to Graduate school this year or wait until graduation?

    Ideally I'd like to apply to graduate school for physics (leaning towards Astrophysics or Condensed matter); however, I don't think my course work or research is sufficient. I'm already using an extra year to complete the degree (I changed to physics the end of my Sophomore year) and wouldn't...
  7. A

    Programs Changing my major from marketing to physics

    I'm currently in my junior year of college at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (yes, the one without the football program) majoring in marketing. I decided on marketing because it was easy, and I just wanted to get through school. Having been in business courses for around 3 years now, I...
  8. W

    Programs Should I continue pursuing my Mechanical Engineering Degree?

    I have recently transferred to UCSD from a community college, but I am not sure if I should continue my degree. Before I ask what I really want to know, let me explain my where I am at in school and life right now. I hope you enjoy reading :) but if you are willing, I am very interested in...
  9. N

    Do somthing you love or you're good at?

    To start off, I am a freshman majoring in physics and I am a girl. Over the past few months in college, I am beginning to feel like I don't fit in. Because I am not as smart as others, I am questioning if I still want to major in physics. To be honest, I am very good in biology and understand it...
  10. A

    Programs Changing majors from Physics to Mathematics or CS?

    Hello, I'm in need of some advice.. I'm currently majoring in physics, but I've been thinking about changing my major. I'm in physics 1, and struggling because I have a bad professor who can't seem to teach the class.. I originally wanted to go to grad school to continue my studies as an...
  11. N

    Programs Changing Majors With Low GPA

    Hi, I am a sophomore who was majoring in accounting. I really did not like it and ended up doing poorly. But I did enjoy the math side. I did well in calculus and statistics. I did a bit of research into the required courses and job prospects for an Applied Mathematics major and it sounds good...
  12. N

    Programs Considering changing majors from physics to computer science

    I'm majoring in physics right now, but I'm considering switching to computer science. I'm currently enrolled in electromagnetism. Since the class started I noticed something about myself: I'm not enjoying a second of it. I can't stand doing the homework, I'm disinterested in the course...
  13. M

    Programs Computer engineering major considering changing majors

    im pretty conflicted. I'm in a funny situation. I am majoring in computer engineering purely or mostly out of passion (it would be a nice fall back career if worst came to worst). I am fiannacially stable and don't really plan on working in the computer engineering field. I am actaully a...
  14. J

    Schools Changing Majors Graduating 8 years after High School

    Please tell me I'm not alone on this. :frown: I went into the Air Force for one year to pay for college, took Socials for one year, I just got an AS in EET, now I want an EE. The previous three years feel like a mistake being that I know that a BSEET will be worth less than a BSEE, not to...
  15. F

    Advice for an NYU Junior Changing Majors to Neuroscience

    Hi all, I'm hoping that I can get some advice on my current situation. I'm a junior at NYU, and I've just recently switched my major to Neuroscience. After undergrad, I want to get a PhD in neural science and my long term goal (as of right now) is to do research in neural coding and neural...