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  1. V

    Automotive How to calculate brake power in IC engines?

    Can somebody explain how to calculate brake power in IC engines ?
  2. LippyKa16

    Engineering A car on a hill - power of motor problem

    Homework Statement A car is travelling up a slope. Given that a(t) is constant at 1m/s^2, find the expression of motor power in time. Assuming that the maximum power of the car is 215kW, for how long can the car maintain such an acceleration? Mass of car (m) = 2000 kg The hill has a constant...
  3. H

    Enqiry about an electrical motor's power

    Any clue to to show that it is 10kW? Please tell me where i went wrong and thank you. I tried and i just couldnt figure it out.
  4. S

    Automotive Motor selection

    i need to select the motor for a roller of Diameter 300mm , length 1350mm having inertia 3.95 KG.M ,Which needs to accelerate from 0 to 600MPM at 20 sec . Assuming existing web tension acting on the roller 20 N/M. THANK YOU
  5. T

    Measuring the Power Output of a Generator

    Hey folks, I built a generator for fun and I would like to find out how much power it is producing when I use it. I have a way of measuring mechanical power in but I am not quite sure on how to measure electrical power out. I'm thinking I could use some LEDs to create a load (or maybe...
  6. Jhon Paul

    High Current low Voltage

    I have to configure a power system for a furnace which demands very high current of the order of 50KAmps with low voltage of the order of 100 volts. Can anyone help me to get insight into how to configure the power system in boarder way. I am planning to use a transformer with thyristors .
  7. T

    Compressing a gas above compressor's discharge pressure

    A 2 stage compressor has a final delivery/discharge pressure of 250 bar. hydrogen is been compressed and stored in vessels. The pressure in the storage vessel reaches the delivery pressure(i.e.250 bar) and the compressor is still running ( vessel has a safety pressure of 450 bar) and the...
  8. P

    How do I design a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator?

    Hi, I'm trying to do a very simple analysis on Simulink where I am applying a speed to a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator with a purely resistive load. I'm not familiar with PMSGs so the results I'm getting don't really make any sense to me. Could any one go through some simple design...
  9. G

    Evaluate Fourier series coefficients and power of a signal

    Homework Statement Derive the expression for coefficients of Fourier series in exponential form for the sequence of rectangular pulses (with amplitude A, period T and duration θ) shown in this image: Derive the expression for signal power depending on the coefficients of Fourier series...
  10. Erik Bethke

    Robot Design Heuristics

    Hello all, I am designing a lay-person-facing simulation that includes robots performing a broad array of tasks. I do not want to create magical can-do-anything robots that collapse all work to be performed to a simple abstraction. Rather, I would like to have relatively dedicated and...
  11. S

    How to calculate the wattage needed

    I have a project in which a client is wanting an outside glass deck floor to be heated to keep from freezing. Below the floor is ambient temperatures. The glass is 1.25 ( 3 layers of 3/8" with a /060 inter-layer between each lite of glass) thick each panel is 30" x 60". I don't want to...
  12. CasVS

    Deciding on battery for Robot

    Hi All! I am a Dutch university student and I have an assignment to make a Search & Rescue Robot. Because we have to work with a budget, we have decided to make our own batteries (using AA penlights). Now while calculating the required capacity of the battery pack, I encountered some...
  13. S

    Automotive Calculating engine parameters from power requirement

    Hi, I've defined engine power requirements based on driving dynamics, but am not sure how to extend this to engine parameters. From design requirements, I've fixed my gear ratios, and hence can determine how much power and torque is required from the engine at a particular speed. I want to then...
  14. S

    Efficiency of a synchronous machine.

    Homework Statement The armature resistance per phase is given as 24.7ohms. Delta configured machine. Open circuit voltage is 220v, short circuit current is 1.1A at 3000rpm. Rpm is dropped to 1500rpm and no load line voltage is 100. Find power and efficiency if an inductive load of 1.4H is...
  15. S

    Power output of automobile at different engine rpm

    I figure my 2.4 liter Volvo will burn about a liter of gasoline over an hour of idling (source: Natural Resources Canada). Since a liter of gasoline contains roughly 33.8 million joules (~9.4 kilowatt-hours) of energy, I figure that that means my car idles at a power output of around 9.4...
  16. P

    Will house burn down enclosing camera in foam ball?

    Homework Statement This is not exactly homework, but is homework level so this is probably the best place to ask rather than the more learned sections. However, I'm prepared to defer to your better judgement. I want to put a web camera inside a foam ball. The camera is a retail product so...
  17. K

    Required current rating of 3-phase power system

    My background is mechanical engineering so not great with the electrical side. I plan on buying a air-preheater (resistive wire heated) which has a power rating of 30kW, supplied by 3-phase. I need to determine whether my 3-phase supply (415V 32A) has a max current that can cope with this. My...
  18. R.C

    Power Generation (Optimization) in a Car Engine

    **Long Post** 1. Homework Statement The Mazda MX5 (2001-2005) comes with two engine sizes, 1.6 litre and 1.8 litre which are rated as 110 bhp and 146 bhp respectively at 6,500 rpm. You are required to choose one of the two engine sizes and analyse the system with a view to improving the power...
  19. U

    Is Ohm's Law applicable for only DC or for both?

    Is ohm's law (V=IR) works for both AC and DC. PLz explain in details Also let me know which formula is right for power calculation for AC and DC circuits. (P=VI or P=VICos)
  20. H

    Measuring power output by modified prony brake

    Hi guys I have problem, basically I want to measure the power output from a water wheel. so basically I measured the power output by connecting the pulley that attach on the shaft of the water wheel. then this pulley is connected to other pulley which sit on the shaft of the DC motor. this DC...
  21. P

    Torque and power of electric motor

    Hallo Currently I am engaged with my Company's Project and it is about Electric motor as my Knowledge is not that good about Electric motors, I need your help. I want to move 80 kgs of Weight with the speed of 80 km/h with a motor and a 260 mm pulley. The motor is standing vertically and the...