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    Comp Sci Modeling the queues at a college restaurant

    So far, I have implemented the code below, using Java Priority Queues and Maps. I tried to identify each customer by the time they came in (ranging from 360 and onwards) and their grades. However, this is my first time using priority queues and maps, and I am not very sure if I'm doing things...
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    Data structures and algorithms: Priority queue as Binary Tree

    Homework Statement Explain and compare two efficient implementations of a priority queue using binary tree. Ilustrate this on an example of ascending priority queue that is created when elements 15, 38, 45, 21, 8, 55,20 are inserted and the two largest elements are deleted. Homework Equations...
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    Real life queue - how to model?

    People queuing to pick up photos at an event. They have a bar-coded docket. By scanning the docket, printing is initiated on one of eight printers. Each printer takes 40 seconds to print a photo - the software chooses the least heavily loaded print queue - or uses a round-robin approach if print...