What is Fittings: Definition and 18 Discussions

A fitting or adapter is used in pipe systems to connect straight sections of pipe or tube, adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes such as regulating (or measuring) fluid flow. These fittings are used in plumbing to manipulate the conveyance of water, gas, or liquid waste in domestic or commercial environments, within a system of pipes or tubes.
Fittings (especially uncommon types) require money, time, materials, and tools to install, and are an important part of piping and plumbing systems. Valves are technically fittings, but are usually discussed separately.

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  1. L

    Difference between Boss seal industrial vs military fittings SAE specs

    Hi - attached is 3 pages from the PARKER o ring guide and I am having trouble with specs in the military straight thread tube fitting chart not fitting the designated o-ring. I can't find a different resource for something in my thread size needed - 5/8-18 Does anyone have an alternative...
  2. S

    Plumbing Soldering brass fittings to copper

    When soldering a brass fitting (e.g. https://www.pexuniverse.com/1-pex-x-3-4-pex-brass-pex-copper-fitting-adapter-lead-free-brass ) to copper (e.g. a 3/4 inch copper coupling) I think there is a danger that copper gets hot enough to melt the solder, but the brass fitting (being more massive)...
  3. Roy S Ramirez

    Depth of NPT Holes: How to Fully Screw in Fittings Roy's Q&A

    Hello everybody! I've notice that when using NPT fittings, the female fittings usually doesn't take all of the male threads: This has never bothered me since these are commercial fittings and the engineers who designed them know what they are doing. But now, I need to make NPT holes in a...
  4. S

    Plumbing How do PVC sewer lines get sloped using 90 degree fittings?

    Diagrams of PVC sewer plumbing show vertical pipes connected to horizontal pipes with fittings that make a 90 degree turn. So how, in practice, do we achieve the recommended minimum 1/4 inch per foot slope for the horizontal pipes? Do we make the horizontal pipe slope by installing the...
  5. Roy S Ramirez

    Maximum Working Pressure in Steel/ Brass Fittings

    Hello everybody! I bought some fittings for a feed system I'm building, and I need to handle pressures between 150 and 200 psi. I noticed some of them have max working pressures of about 1000 or 3000 psi, but others have relatively lower ones (150 psi, see...
  6. E

    AN Standard 37 degree taper fitting

    Does anyone know the reasoning behind the decision to use 37 degrees for the conical taper on an AN fitting? I understand this is a standard dimension for the fittings, but I am hoping to get a little background on how this came to be.
  7. S

    Plumbing Do pipe fittings work with male compression fittings?

    Does an ordinary pipe fitting, such as an elbow work when screwed onto a male compression fitting"? - or won't the connection seal properly? The situation shown in the photo: I need to replace a 1/4 inch copper tube water supply line (to the ice maker on a refrigerator) with a 1/4 inch braided...
  8. physea

    I Maximizing Flow: Understanding the Impact of Fittings on Water Velocity

    Hello! When water flows through fittings like U bends, elbows, etc, is kinetic energy lost and velocity reduced?
  9. Oscar Gonzalez

    How to calculate flow loss between 90 and 45 degree fittings

    Hi everyone. Let me give a little bit of background on the problem I need help understanding. I want to plumb an aquarium that has a sump and move the water from the sump to the main aquarium using a pump and 1" PVC pipe. The total system pipe length is going to be roughly 10 feet total with...
  10. M

    British welding Standard for pipes and fittings

    I am looking all over and can't find the standard for the welding pipe with fittings into '4-'12 pipe array, by standard i mean the welding type, pipe\fitting preparation and any other Info\tips that can help.
  11. G

    Designing Nut and Orifice fittings (brass)

    Hi, I get parts made in China, and I need to make a full CNC drawing. It is a modified 1/4" BSP nut and orifice fitting. I cannot find anywhere how to draw the nut and orifice so they work correctly. This is the part they make the most mistakes with, as the tolerances are small. It is not...
  12. M

    Gas fittings: Chromatograph and Sputtering

    Hello, I'm attempting to restore my Plasma Sciences CrC-150 Sputtering system, and I'm having a terrible time working out the source gas fittings. Each is a brass compression fitting with a roughly 1/4" mean thread diameter. The last time I used this machine, a chemist helped me by...
  13. A

    Mechanical Pump Hose and Hose Fittings for high-vacuum

    Hi, I am trying to create a high-vacuum system using a diffusion pump and a mechanical roughing pump. I need to replace my mech. pump's rubber hose with something that will not leak into the vacuum. Any suggestions on what hose and hose fitting would work best to weld permanently to my base...
  14. A

    Compression Fittings VS. Weld Fittings

    I need to install 4 bar stainless steel piping system (40 meters length, 20 Tee, 40 Elbow) . do you recommend using compression fittings or welded fittings. I know that compression fittings is easy to assemble but they have leakage problems. Butt-Welded fittings on the other hand would...
  15. T

    How can fittings withstand the pressure in a water cutter?

    I've seen some different types of water jet cutters and they are indeed cool :) I read that these operate in areas around 5 000 bars (~70 000 psi) which is so much I can't even grasp it! But what I wonder is what kind of piping and fittings could even withstand this?? A regular house has water...
  16. R

    Swimming pool pressure on bottom drain fittings

    I have a practical question about my new above ground swimming pool that is 48 inches deep and 16 feet by 32 feet in width and length. My question is, there is a bottom main drain that the water travels through to the filter/pump and is returned through the side return piping. My question...
  17. D

    High Pressure Quick Connect Fittings

    Has anyone out there had any successes or failures on high pressure (up to 400 psi) quick connect connectors? I've done the basics McMasterGoogleGlobalSpec search, and have come up with a few different kinds. There is a large variance in price, so I wanted to see what anyone has had...
  18. M

    Equivalent Lengths (Le/D) for Valves and Fittings

    Can anyone recommend any good references for equivalent length data for valves and fittings? All of my fluid mechanics books only have data for fully opened vales, but I'm currently working on a project where I need to know the values for partially closed valves. I tried to do a Google...