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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 31,108
Ok it's my first time here and I was hoping to get some help on some questions I have been given. I am a first year...
Nov16-09 09:26 AM
4 7,282
Ok please can someone help or at least point me in the right direction with this question please? I have air...
Nov15-09 05:28 AM
0 1,225
I have a question about curry sauce. I've had to calculate heat transfer rate which was 109.6KW to heat the sauce to...
Nov14-09 08:05 AM
0 2,286
Any have good results by mixing iron powder and epoxy, purpose is to create an armature for a generator.
Nov13-09 03:54 PM
Bob S
3 2,627
A thermodynamics book defines Poynting effect--mist in equilibrium above a lake has lower temperature. Work is...
Nov13-09 10:47 AM
1 1,968
Hi all, I don't know if some one can give me a hand on this. Imagine a process line at high pressure, let's say...
Nov12-09 10:42 AM
0 1,372
Hello I need your help! Using XRD, I detected single crystals (single peak) on the surface of a bulk specimen. My...
Nov10-09 09:45 PM
0 1,740
Given the mass flow, Cp, temp of the inlet streams of both hot and cold streams. As well as being given the inner...
Nov10-09 10:02 AM
1 2,675
Hello, I am trying to correlate the time required to dry a pipe using dry air to factors such as air flow rate, air...
Nov10-09 09:42 AM
0 2,209
Tell me what your ideas are for this multiple choice question Compared to semiconductors, metals, and ceramics,...
Nov9-09 07:32 AM
1 1,824
Hi everyone, I just joined and was wondering if anyone could help me in finding the cyclic fatigue properties of...
Nov8-09 08:07 AM
1 3,654
hello everyone. a little question...(or mybe two...)... why does vickers and brinell hardness test have the...
Nov4-09 11:20 PM
2 2,865
Is there a website or book that lists hardness values for the following: Polycrystalline Boron Nitride Molybdenum...
Nov4-09 09:56 PM
1 1,475
Dear all, I am trying to solve a simple model with Comsol to find the pressure drop in a rectangular channel W=5mm,...
Nov4-09 10:27 AM
0 5,884
Can anyone help me solve this problem? Im unsure on what to do
Nov2-09 07:10 PM
3 1,985
can anyone also help me solve i know i dot with the normal to get angles but...
Nov2-09 06:59 PM
0 3,446
A beam with dimensions 10x10x50mm is loaded in it's middle with a load F and it's supported by two wedges at either...
Nov2-09 01:03 PM
1 3,429
If the vapour pressure of a component is bigger than the system pressure, does it means it will fully in vapour phase...
Nov2-09 12:41 AM
2 1,612
Hi, I am performiong electromosis into glass channels and I would like to reduce the silanol group conductivity. I...
Nov1-09 04:38 PM
4 2,194
Hi there, We have a plant that manufactures iron furniture. The iron bars come from the provider plant with a cover...
Oct29-09 11:12 AM
2 7,713
If I were to take Polystyrene and a second immiscible polymer like polybutidine, melt them the mix them together, they...
Oct28-09 03:37 PM
0 1,668
The following site contains some links to websites offering audio/video lectures on materials science and engineering...
Oct26-09 09:12 PM
0 14,827
I want to take a liquid metal, Aluminum at 700oC and pour it into a steel mold starting at 20oC. For the purpose of...
Oct25-09 12:54 PM
5 2,697
Hi All, I have a question about the agitator tank. What is the different between dish-bottom, flat-bottom and...
Oct22-09 10:35 PM
1 1,826
i am working with making a rotameter in comsol.i want to make a calibration curve (height of float vs. flow rate). ...
Oct21-09 10:41 PM
1 4,333
which workpiece has a greater spring back effec on bending? ...
Oct21-09 08:50 PM
1 2,497
Hello all, I am doing a research which involves hollow copper conductors. I would like to know about some kind of...
Oct21-09 01:49 PM
17 4,295
Hello. I hope I am posting in the right section, apologies if I am not. I need help with a situation that has...
Oct21-09 08:18 AM
1 1,573
what material can is gas form? or any catalyst will work?
Oct21-09 04:43 AM
0 1,506
Hi everybody, I'm a new user of Comsol Multiphysics and Comsol script. And I'm working on a conduction problem,...
Oct19-09 03:10 PM
2 6,019
Hi all, how can i find the specific heat for combustion gas from methane which burned completely in air.The equation:...
Oct18-09 08:40 AM
0 3,601
Does such a substance exist such that applying a voltage makes the substance reflective? Reminds me of an LCD, but...
Oct17-09 10:31 PM
0 1,359
Hey guys, i'm researching single walled carbon nanotubes and im trying to find out how much approx. Resistance there...
Oct16-09 01:42 AM
1 2,420
A bologna bottle is a glass bottle that is hard enough to pound nails with, but if the inside is scratched the bottle...
Oct15-09 01:40 PM
2 19,886
We are using the MatPIV Matlab toolkit: However, we are having trouble using...
Oct15-09 10:51 AM
1 2,771
I'm looking for the s-n curve for this steel to make an estimate of its fatigue life. I realise it might not be freely...
Oct15-09 04:02 AM
bill nye scienceguy!
0 5,314
How to prepare chemically, i mean liquidly, gallium nitride GaN beside using ammonia which is not pratical? nitrogen...
Oct14-09 11:44 AM
1 1,744
Hi, I need the compressibility of diesel, depending on density, pressure(0-200bar) and temperatur. Do you know where...
Oct14-09 02:11 AM
2 6,776
Hi, I'm preparing a presentation for micro forming, but i'm totally new to this topic. May i know what should i...
Oct12-09 11:15 AM
0 2,681
Hi, I have a super capacitor that is charged at 100,000+V at 0.1uF. Naturally it wants to give of its energy...
Oct11-09 05:31 PM
1 1,467

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