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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,638
Hi, I want to know that which one is more elastic: steel or rubber. and why?
Sep5-09 08:20 PM
1 1,479
i have some specimens that i need to examine for a project and this involves trying to understand the microstructure...
Sep3-09 09:33 PM
1 2,275
I'm super confused about this problem. I don't even know where to start. It seems very simple, but I just can't figure...
Sep3-09 09:20 PM
6 2,568
Specifically, does the efficiency increase if the difference in size between the particles that it is permitting and...
Sep1-09 01:09 AM
0 1,599
if i shoot the fluid from a gun will it be rigid enough in flight to do sustainable damage? also if i fire a small...
Aug31-09 12:21 PM
0 1,075
Hi, please i'll like to get help with the appropriate range of solution heat treatment temperature during the...
Aug28-09 10:12 AM
2 2,196
:smile:the nanoparticle is WC with a diameter less than 100nm, the metal layer is pure Cobalt and it should be less...
Aug28-09 07:01 AM
0 1,864
Hi all, I work in the "product assurance" department for an automotive company, and we have encountered what looks...
Aug28-09 03:16 AM
2 1,825
hello everyone, this is my first post. Right now I am trying to figure out which equations to use to solve the...
Aug27-09 07:15 AM
5 2,179
What are the casual factors of corrosion failure?
Aug26-09 03:44 PM
2 1,324
in chemistry we studied that polyethene used extensively in polyethene bags in our country is a type of a...
Aug26-09 03:38 PM
1 1,697
Hello, I'm a 2nd year student, and I'm trying to get to know COMSOL. I'm starting off by solving simple problems with...
Aug26-09 07:29 AM
4 10,181
what is the obvios differences between p-type substrate of having Miller index of (100) and (111), beside (111) plane...
Aug26-09 05:07 AM
2 2,578
Please inform me of a method and equation to calculate the evaporation rate of water out the vent of a storage tank. ...
Aug25-09 07:11 PM
0 3,315
I am trying to produce a thin film of VO2 using reactive ion sputtering and am having some issues. The main one is...
Aug25-09 01:21 PM
4 4,980
what does In/Zn = 1 at.% mean? is it atoms of In/ atoms Zn?(doping purposes)
Aug25-09 08:12 AM
3 1,293
Does anyone have any experience with liner material for application on pipework with internal corrosion/erosion in a...
Aug25-09 08:05 AM
1 1,701
Hi! I want to characterize microfluidic device with nanochannels and i choosed to use current monitoring. The...
Aug24-09 08:51 AM
0 980
I am supposed to measure the thermal conductivity of thin film. I have the strip on the film as shown below ...
Aug24-09 05:39 AM
0 1,867
Hi all, Currently, my school wants to buy a water electrolysis machine to produce H2. From my point of view it is...
Aug23-09 10:49 AM
1 5,168
I'm trying to work out how much energy from sunlight will be absorbed (converted to heat energy) by a silicone...
Aug22-09 05:42 AM
0 2,215
I'm trying to find the activity coefficients of benzene and water in the liquid phase, they are in a solution of...
Aug21-09 01:40 PM
0 4,391
Hello everyone, I am torn amongst a few choices on a PhD. Also, I lack knowledge in nanotechnology and engineering...
Aug21-09 07:51 AM
0 1,311
Hey guys, we have ordered some spring rings made out of Inconel 718. For some reason the company didn't finish the...
Aug20-09 02:36 PM
3 4,423
hi there, im completely stuck on this question and was wondering if anyone could help me out here; ''a metal wire...
Aug19-09 06:52 PM
2 4,497
I have a project to measure young modulus by measuring the deflection of a beam under point mass. I have derived the...
Aug19-09 06:53 AM
1 1,694
This is my first post. I have a paper due on microshear banding in polymers. I have found lots of papers on the...
Aug18-09 12:05 PM
1 1,661
Hi, Would somebody know if it is possible to bond pvdf piezoelectric material on glasse or teflon without making it...
Aug18-09 12:02 PM
1 2,391
Hey there, I've been having some issues with residual colloidal silica on a metallography sample (mounted in...
Aug18-09 11:55 AM
1 1,662
at 20 degree celcius, the solubility of a solid substance x in water is 42g/L. There are 3 solutions containing x kept...
Aug18-09 11:53 AM
1 2,350
Hey! I am trying to find some figures on the environmental conditions a turbine blade in a Jet Engine would have to...
Aug17-09 03:46 PM
37 29,901
This cute mechanical engineer mentioned in a message that he had designed some manifolds, so that's why I'm asking...
Aug17-09 04:48 AM
15 7,208
why is the 0.2%proof stress particularly useful for aluminium and how to calculate it?
Aug16-09 10:53 AM
2 4,129
I am having difficult finding the meaning of the term 'fracture strength'. Wikipedia indicates it means the flexural...
Aug12-09 10:26 AM
1 18,520
Dear all, I have a quite easy plan: W want to evaporate a gold circuit on a Brass plate. Between this copper and...
Aug8-09 03:11 PM
6 3,170
I don't know if the answers by me are correct or not to these questions. Can someone please check them and give me...
Aug6-09 08:52 PM
4 9,268
I have had a try at this question but don't think the answer was enough. Can someone please check it and give me the...
Aug5-09 07:25 PM
3 3,437
A question has been puzzling me: why does a steel specimen feel warmer after it is fractured via applied tensile...
Aug5-09 04:33 PM
3 2,199
How are atoms inside a steel arranged? Ussually we can get the data about the mass share of different elements of...
Jul31-09 08:00 AM
4 2,747
Hey guys, I'm a new member on the forum and I have just finished school and joined electrical engineering this...
Jul29-09 11:13 AM
5 2,306

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