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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Mar17-14 06:22 PM
982 197,761
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 50,551
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:47 AM
0 20,439
Hello i would like to know how does average power effect the bandwidth.. thanks..
T 05:02 AM
0 14
I have a motore with a propeller anchored to a load cell to measure the lift produced at varying power inputs. This is...
T 04:53 AM
9 406
I am designing a drone airframe, what is the best, simplest and cheapest material to make a prototype? Is Polyurethane...
T 04:22 AM
2 358
There has been a lot of talk about developing a fifth mode of transport, and most of these involve some sort of tube...
T 02:18 AM
17 2,290
Hello, I'm new to these forums and they seemed like an excellent way to have my questions answered. I'll start by...
Y 09:50 PM
1 333
Hi I am trying to work out the torque required to rotate an object from 0 to 1RPM in 1 second (1 second accelerate to...
Y 09:44 PM
1 164
Hey guy, I would like to ask a few question about force and free body diagram. First question, I conduct a...
Y 09:42 PM
2 128
Hi! Does anyone know where I'd be able to find good notes/ lectures on waterproofing? Specifically for electronic...
Y 09:33 PM
Simon Bridge
8 278
Hello, At my work I'm working with testing the leakage rate of a gas system, and right now im trying to gain some...
Y 07:19 PM
1 155
Hi! I'm stuck on a very basic problem while trying to design a product. Basically, I need to know how to calculate...
Apr22-14 01:09 PM
6 334
I am working on a timelaps project so I need my motor to move very slowley, the motor I am using has a max voltage of...
Apr22-14 12:47 PM
2 161
I want such a setup that when i touch the sensor, a circuit (including batteries) kept at a distance of less than 6 m...
Apr21-14 06:07 AM
3 425
I am planning building a sub. I am tring to find the amount of energy it takes to move it. I think it should be...
Apr20-14 02:32 AM
5 417
i want to produce 1000 K/nm of torque using motors and gear , output rpm needed is 30 and 1000 k/ nm of torque 1)...
Apr17-14 07:26 PM
8 523
I'm studying using the popular Lindenberg book. It suggest I have to memorize about 30 elements and their respective...
Apr17-14 01:11 AM
1 336
I'm not sure if this is the right section... But Assume you have a medium sized box (about as big as a large...
Apr15-14 05:14 PM
6 456
hi,could some one please help me to understand how to find the density of water using a specific gravity bottle?and...
Apr15-14 10:03 AM
1 509
Hi, I'm trying to choose the right motor for a test rig I've built. I have a shaft attached to a cylinder that...
Apr15-14 05:05 AM
8 460
My boss has a boat load of extra PVC piping laying around the shop and I wanted to use it to make a pipe organ. I need...
Apr14-14 03:53 PM
11 612
Hi all, Generally boundary condition (Dirichlet and Neumann) are applied on the Load Vector, in FEM formulation. The...
Apr14-14 12:45 AM
0 291
The project that Im working on. I am aerating a pond with an air stone diffuser. The diffuser requires 2 CFM of air...
Apr11-14 10:13 PM
3 407
I am designing a surgical instrument which will be impacted many times over its life cycle. We are trying to...
Apr10-14 07:24 PM
6 509
Im planning to build a drawer which can be opened using an electric switch. Ive thought of perhaps using a strong...
Apr10-14 11:25 AM
1 425
Hey Guys, I'm not a physics student, not a physics lover but so admire those people that know physics!! Well thats...
Apr10-14 05:57 AM
6 1,201
Hi, I need clarification on the difference in head loss for turbulent flow and laminar flow. I understand how the...
Apr9-14 11:45 PM
2 387
Please excuse me if this isn't a physics question - I'm not sure where it belongs. Felt, such as this:...
Apr9-14 01:08 AM
10 766
Hi all, It is well know that, rectangular or quadrilateral element gives better result over triangular meshes in...
Apr8-14 11:50 AM
16 584
I am working on plans for a portable air motor system, to power a scooter discretely. The motor I have picked out is...
Apr8-14 06:24 AM
9 568
Hello, I want to simulate shocks acting on the "mass spring damper" in motion simulations in SolidWorks....
Apr7-14 04:02 PM
0 347
This is something pretty new, why do you think that nobody take the risk to build it, up to these days? I was looking...
Apr6-14 08:02 AM
7 875
Hey Everyone, I'm in the midst of designing a laser interferometry system to measure flatness and to level a...
Apr5-14 12:09 PM
7 476
How can the neutral axis of a concrete column under biaxial bending be determined. I mean if the load P is given along...
Apr4-14 02:36 PM
4 515
In a V-Belt Drive, it is said that when a New Belt is installed, the Tension Ratio shouldn't exceed 5:1. But isn't...
Apr1-14 09:59 AM
1 661
My company is working on a few concept ideas for our field. Currently we are looking at jump packs concept work. We...
Mar31-14 11:52 PM
14 496
Hey all, I have an interview coming up and I have been asked to consider the following question: "What are the...
Mar31-14 03:16 PM
3 784
While trying to learn kalman filters, I see contradictory info for a simple gyro State Space representation. Please...
Mar31-14 01:08 AM
9 725
Finally finished up the snow load calculator. Moved it to this page: ...
Mar29-14 08:35 PM
12 1,239
struggling to find info on this so figgured i'd as. For two beams attached to each other, one a straight catilever...
Mar29-14 08:28 PM
1 692
I'm creating a computer implementation to solve planar trusses. And I'm not sure how to check if the truss is solvable...
Mar28-14 04:54 PM
1 635
I am learning how to do temperature and pressure conversions for a process technology class. do you have any advice...
Mar28-14 11:39 AM
6 492

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