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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Aug13-14 11:01 PM
jim hardy
1,039 237,369
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 61,869
You're just one click away from posting your homework help request! Click here to post.
May17-14 06:51 PM
0 2,682
I would like to know if a free copy is available somewhere. I would also be interested in a free PE exam for...
Aug11-05 02:04 PM
4 8,357
hai.. i want to know why is energy signal having a finite energy value and 'zero value of power' similarly...
Mar3-09 11:48 PM
3 8,340
Hi, I'm stuck on this progress checker question. ive come up with the answer of 6,041875 Nmm or 6,042 NM but this is...
Jun2-11 09:36 AM
10 8,252
Before you start going through equations and trying to solve this I just need a simple question answered about this...
Jan25-05 10:31 AM
3 8,246
Hi, I'm trying to work out how to calculate the forces acting on a vessel containing a vacuum. The vessel is not...
Apr12-08 05:43 PM
4 8,241 That is the image...
Aug22-07 07:47 AM
1 8,237
I am trying to design and build a small scale desktop water tunnel so I can observe the fluid dynamics of airplane...
Sep1-10 11:19 AM
13 8,237
HI all, I am interested in designing a tapered bearing. Can any one please let me know the parameters to be...
Jan8-08 10:21 PM
2 8,230
Hi, I'm sorry if there have been loads of posts about this, but I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm...
Jul6-09 05:14 PM
1 8,227
Imagine a pipe of d=50mm with water flowing through. The pipe's diameter is reduced along a small section to 40, and...
May12-07 11:47 AM
Mech. Engineer
1 8,226
It's been a while since I've had to do these calculations.. I'm looking for the flow rate at the wall of a 3.175 mm...
Sep3-10 10:12 AM
1 8,225
I have come to understand the meaning of the terms "am" and "fm" as different kinds of radio emissions. Sadly, I have...
Jul15-05 03:01 PM
51 8,207
Hello, I harvest lake weeds and I'm looking for an easier way to remove the aquatic weeds from the water after they...
Apr25-08 08:44 PM
40 8,199
I'm a Canadian student that is going into engineering next year, and I don't know what type of engineering I should go...
Nov26-03 04:14 PM
8 8,194
Woo, my first thread. Are S-N curves and Goodman diagrams valid for von mises stresses? I'd look it up but I...
Apr3-09 06:04 PM
0 8,158
Hi, I am a PhD student in math and in my current research I'm faced with the problem of analyzing the rigidity of a...
Oct22-09 10:07 AM
35 8,152
he-he I know it is quite a silly calculator, but it can be useful: Wavelength and frequency calculator
May11-07 11:30 AM
0 8,149
Newly devised automobile batteries are sealed. When lead storage batteries discharge, they produce hydrogen. Do you...
Feb25-05 09:39 PM
0 8,127
Basic electricity is often explained using the so called water/electricity analogy. This works, but I've never...
Sep29-10 06:37 PM
17 8,120
Hi Im trying to revise up on half suspension systems and I found this useful link. Their are 4 equations but I was...
Jun23-11 03:20 PM
6 8,116
I'm not sure the formula to use to calculate the deflection of a beam. Here's the information I have got. Steel...
Jan9-05 12:06 PM
8 8,095
Hey guys, does anyone uses or knows about a software package that allows me to do gradation charts? (a gradation chart...
Jul25-07 01:13 PM
5 8,086
Okay, so I'm not really in High School (second year of college), but this is still a High School level problem....
Feb28-11 02:53 PM
4 8,078
Does anyone have any advice on civil engineering as a career? What are the good/bad sides of the profession? Any...
Sep16-09 09:30 AM
20 8,072
I'm considering building a little solar-powered garage ventilation system. My garage faces SSW and gets very hot on a...
Jun1-08 01:37 PM
B. Elliott
7 8,033
Just saw the Mythbuster's ep where they build a fresnel type reflector that focusses the sun's rays. There's a guy...
Aug28-05 12:34 PM
33 8,023
Hi there, I plan to build a ROV, and am currently looking at different methods of propulsion. I do not wish to use...
Aug11-10 02:17 AM
ROV freek
9 8,016
For a given spatial volume and amount of material, what practical structural design conserves temperature best?
Sep6-09 10:53 AM
25 8,005
Here’s a list of Hydro Electric and Power Plant companies that are public, please feel free to add to the list: ...
Feb4-11 03:28 AM
jonathan cole
0 8,002
Hello all, I am a physics major working on my mechanical eng. minor. This is not homework. This is a real design. I...
Jun29-09 01:40 PM
3 8,001
For our balsa wood bridge, 1/8 in square, would a bridge that crosses catilever and arch styles together work well?...
Mar10-05 10:44 AM
2 7,979
Hi guys, Im doing a group project on a conversion of a small motorcycle engine(suzuki dr125s) so that it can run on...
Dec2-07 04:25 PM
1 7,966
Hi, I am in the process of designing a bunkbed for a caravan as my 2nd year mech eng design project. I have come...
Nov13-06 03:26 PM
3 7,964
I thought today would be a good time to give NASA some thanks for all the Spinoffs That Rock!, being it's the last...
Jul10-11 09:52 PM
16 7,957
Could not find a thread on this particular topic, but I want to verify my thoughts. I emailed my local Green Party...
Jan30-07 06:08 PM
14 7,938
For an experiment we are doing, we need to be able to accurately detect people inside a car moving at high speed. Any...
Mar18-10 01:45 PM
dr dodge
24 7,934
Ok, read the solar tower stuff in a couple threads here, and the complexity of pumping water to great heights in terms...
Mar16-04 09:09 AM
4 7,929
hello. i am wondering if it is possible to charge lipo battery packs with a li-ion charger. for example what i...
May27-11 04:42 PM
6 7,920
Hello i am trying to convert the strain gauge readings i took in a lab from an I beam that was subjected to torsion. ...
Mar3-10 06:32 PM
0 7,915
A pulse jet has only one moving part. Nice. But what if it didn't need any moving parts? Stupid idea, right? Check...
Jul13-10 08:42 AM
15 7,879

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