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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 35,776
I'm unable to understand this generalization of vectors from a quality having a magnitude and direction, to the more...
Jan14-13 10:29 AM
4 1,402
In this video: At the time 2:10, I don't understand why we have to...
Jan14-13 07:15 AM
4 1,089
Perhaps forum members can advance science by solving this optimization problem from The Protein Engineer ...
Jan13-13 04:10 PM
2 861
I don't know if this is the correct section to post this, but does Galois theory has any applications in physics?
Jan13-13 03:47 AM
Jim Kata
2 2,006
Pretty much what the title says. Suppose we have a topological vector space $(X,\tau)$ and $U\subseteq X$ is...
Jan12-13 09:32 AM
5 1,281
Hi all, I have been asked the question by a friend of mine who was working on a computer algorithm where he needed...
Jan11-13 03:01 PM
4 1,280
Hello all, I am new to this forum but am glad I found it, I have a quick question about condition numbers and order...
Jan10-13 06:08 PM
5 1,227
Hello, I was wondering if this problem is one that is solvable, and if so, if I would be able to solve it in a...
Jan9-13 11:31 PM
3 1,104
Hey guys, lurked here a bit, but now I'm in this new math course right. So anyway it seems like a completely new...
Jan9-13 06:59 PM
4 849
Hi guys, first post! I'm doing some side work on coupled oscillating systems, and I've almost found a procedure to...
Jan9-13 03:39 PM
Jack Jenkins
0 917
Hi, Let the linear system Ax=b. I am looking for literature describing how changes on coefficients matrix A affect...
Jan8-13 05:01 PM
0 619
I'm trying to understand the derivation of polynomial regression. Given data points: . So a 2nd degree curve will...
Jan8-13 02:58 PM
10 1,241
I have a question about the proof that I attached... 1) Since R/I is not the zero ring, we know that 1 \not= 0....
Jan7-13 09:01 PM
Number Nine
1 834
I recently got (re)interested in C* algebras. Poking around, I gathered that there is some way of constructing a C*...
Jan7-13 12:17 PM
0 568
Hi I am going through Sheldon Axler - Linear Algebra Done right. The book States the Complex Spectral Theorem as :...
Jan7-13 11:38 AM
4 1,138
No not the trival solution but generally GCD(x,y) = 1 when GCD(A,B)=1 x =...
Jan7-13 12:40 AM
0 1,009
Hello everyone! I'm a 1st grade student in a slovenian high school. Recently, I've became very intrested in numbers...
Jan6-13 09:22 PM
11 2,337
I have some technical questions about spans and bases which my textbook really does not cover very well. I would...
Jan6-13 06:16 PM
2 917
I have no idea what this is! Please can someone explain comparing to a 3x3 matrix?
Jan6-13 05:19 PM
3 1,102
Hello all, I have a question: assume in matrix M(n*n), each element M(i,j) of matrix is computed as M(i&)*M(&j) /...
Jan6-13 01:06 PM
4 997
I am a bit confused about the page that I attached... I don't understand part (ii)... How can you compute XX? So...
Jan6-13 12:07 AM
6 831
Why do we have x-axis perpendicular to y-axis? Why not 45 or something else? Even if we keep any other angle other...
Jan5-13 12:16 PM
9 1,624
I'm trying to compute the complexity of the quadratic program: $$\displaystyle\min_{\mathbf{X}} (\mathbf{X^TQX +C^TX})...
Jan3-13 08:41 PM
3 762
Consider an m x n table containing single digits 0 to 9. So each cell contain the digits 0 to 9. My goal is to make...
Jan3-13 11:01 AM
7 2,234
Hi. Define a linear mapping F: M2-->M2 by F(X)=AX-XA for a matrix A, and find a basis for the nullspace and the...
Jan2-13 11:59 PM
2 916
Hello, I have a simple(or not?) math problem: I have equations of 3 lines in R3 trought the origin: line l1: ...
Jan1-13 08:12 PM
5 1,384
Theorem : if S ={ v1 , .... , vn} spans the V.Space V , L={w1 , .... , wm} is set of linear independent vectors...
Jan1-13 07:55 PM
10 1,549
The logic that odd composite with least difference will be factored easily and large difference would factored hardly...
Jan1-13 09:30 AM
4 1,634
Hello everyone, I found that you're actively discussing math problems here and thought to share my problem with...
Jan1-13 03:33 AM
0 1,006
Suppose that a = aBc where a and c are vectors and B is some matrix that changes as time "continuously" goes on -...
Dec31-12 04:20 AM
0 805
Hey all, I have been playing around with a special type of matrix and am wondering if anyone knows of some literature...
Dec30-12 11:21 PM
4 1,455
Hi All, I have a hard time answering the following. I need some help. Let Z={a,b,c,d,e,f} and let X denote the...
Dec30-12 01:31 PM
1 742
Is there any algorithm to form a magic square of any size with a desired magic sum ? Also can we make a magic square...
Dec30-12 08:09 AM
6 2,108
The book I am going through says this : The below proposition is false for real inner product spaces. As an...
Dec28-12 06:46 PM
3 994
I was looking for a hint on a problem in my professor's notes (class is over and I was just auditing). I want to...
Dec28-12 06:42 AM
12 1,295
Question is : If m,k,n are natural numbers and n>1, prove that we cannot have m(m+1)=kn. My attempt : Using...
Dec27-12 12:16 PM
16 2,982
This may be a very silly question, but still apologies, I read in Sheldon Axler, that the inner product of two...
Dec27-12 07:31 AM
3 855
Hello, I was wondering, why is the vector projection useful in the way that it is presented? Why isnt just the...
Dec27-12 03:30 AM
Stephen Tashi
12 2,204
I've got a general question about Lie algebras, which is basically this: Q: What is there to be said about the Lie...
Dec27-12 01:10 AM
0 758
Video illustration Hello, Me and a friend, David Barrack, are non-mathematicians but we've been having fun...
Dec25-12 11:34 AM
2 2,039

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