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False Physics Major Dichotomy: Theorist or Experimentalist?

Many physics majors believe that pursuing a Ph.D. in physics requires they make a choice between theory and experiment. Due to my weaknesses in math,…
physics doctoral

How to Get a Postdoctoral Physics Position

  If you intend to pursue an academic/research career, chances are, you will need postdoctoral experience. This is typically a 2…
physics jobs

How to Get a Physics Job!

  In the previous chapter, we have reached the point where you have finished with your thesis defense, and also thesis submission…
thesis defense

Your Physics Thesis Defense Guide

  At this point, you have completed writing your thesis, your adviser has approved of it, and you have distributed it to all the…
doctoral thesis

How to Write Your Doctoral Thesis/Dissertation As a Physics Major

  At this stage, you have performed your doctoral research work, maybe even have published (or about to publish) a paper or two,…
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How to Publish in a Physics Journal (Addendum)

 When I first wrote this part of the series, I wasn't quite sure if I should include this. for most people submitting to most of the physics…
oral presentation

How to Succeed at Oral Presentations As a Physics Major

  I mentioned earlier that there are two ways for physicists to communicate their work. The first is via publications in peer-reviewed…
physics journals

How to Publish in a Physics Journal As a Physics Major

  At this stage, you are well into your Ph.D. research work, and depending on what area of physics you are in, you may already start…
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Research Work and The Lab Book As a Physics Major

  Now, where were we? Oh yes! You have now started with your actual research work. You and your adviser have agreed on at least the…
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How to Initiate Research Work As a Physics Major

  It has been a while since the last installment of this series, so let’s recap on where you are right now. You should already…