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abacus introduction

An Introduction to the Traditional Abacus of China and Japan

Introduction Abacuses are commonly seen in ancient civilizations around the world as the convenient tool to do simple calculations. In this article, we…

Lessons From the Bizzaro Universe

The terms Bizarro and Bizarro World originated in Superman comics, where strangely imperfect versions of Superman, other action characters, and even Earth…

Assessing the Physics in Edmond Hamilton's "The Second Satellite"

This article won't contain much about physics that typical readers of this site don't already know. However,  deconstructing improper physics in literature…

Read About History's First Science Experiments

In this Insight I'm going to talk about two of the first science experiments in recorded history. One was allegedly performed by the Prophet Elijah in…

Roger Babson's Anti-Gravity Contest

In the early 20th century, an eccentric businessman named Roger Babson declared gravity to be mankind's greatest threat. He devoted part of his fortune…