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An axial compressor is a gas compressor that can continuously pressurize gases. It is a rotating, airfoil-based compressor in which the gas or working fluid principally flows parallel to the axis of rotation, or axially. This differs from other rotating compressors such as centrifugal compressor, axi-centrifugal compressors and mixed-flow compressors where the fluid flow will include a "radial component" through the compressor. The energy level of the fluid increases as it flows through the compressor due to the action of the rotor blades which exert a torque on the fluid. The stationary blades slow the fluid, converting the circumferential component of flow into pressure. Compressors are typically driven by an electric motor or a steam or a gas turbine.Axial flow compressors produce a continuous flow of compressed gas, and have the benefits of high efficiency and large mass flow rate, particularly in relation to their size and cross-section. They do, however, require several rows of airfoils to achieve a large pressure rise, making them complex and expensive relative to other designs (e.g. centrifugal compressors).
Axial compressors are integral to the design of large gas turbines such as jet engines, high speed ship engines, and small scale power stations. They are also used in industrial applications such as large volume air separation plants, blast furnace air, fluid catalytic cracking air, and propane dehydrogenation. Due to high performance, high reliability and flexible operation during the flight envelope, they are also used in aerospace rocket engines, as fuel pumps and in other critical high volume applications.

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  1. A

    How to obtain Axial Load Capacity from Tapered Roller Bearings Catalog

    Hello there, I'm trying to select a tapered roller bearing (TRB) for my actuator, I know the peak axial force that is going to come. I have some radial load as well. I want to select the TRB based on the axial load, but all the bearing catalogs or most of them give Dynamic and static Load...
  2. Hoon Sol

    A Does the invariable plane of the Solar system have axial precession?

    As the title asks, does the invariable plane of the Solar system have axial precession? And if so, how much and at what rate? I have tried to find an answer to these questions for a while now, but still haven't found any. I recently asked on reddit too, which pointed me to some speculation...
  3. AhmedAB

    I am trying to design an axial turbine for my project

    TL;DR Summary: I have a problem designing an axial turbine, there is a lot I don't understand hey, how are you all doing, I am a chemical engineering student working on designing a geothermal power plant, weirdly I have been told that I must design an n-pentane turbine for our Plant, it's so...
  4. V

    Automotive Calculating radial and axial loads for a tapered roller bearing

    Hi I'm analyzing a tapered roller bearing as part of a differential. I know the shaft is providing input torque of 333.5 N-m @ 4000RPM, and I know the bore size of the bearing, 30mm. I need to find the radial and axial forces given that torque, so I can move on to finding C10, L10, rated load...
  5. FEAnalyst

    Corrugated tube (bellow) under axial load

    Hi, I'm trying to verify the results of a finite element analysis of a corrugated tube (bellow) subjected to axial load. Here are my analytical calculations based on Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain (originally the formulas are from the article "On the Theory of Thin Elastic Toroidal...
  6. A

    Engineering Why are the radial and the axial stress in a rotating thin ring null?

    Greetings, while studying the stress in the rotating thing ring and find out the last equation that says I would like to understand why? Thank you!
  7. M

    Why do I have a bending moment and an axial displacement here?

    Hello, I have an flexure where the force is applied asymmetrical, I just can't visualize why their should be a bending moment instead of an bending force? How can I distinguish those? Thanks!
  8. angweieng

    A What are Z+, Z-, N+, and N- in the Axial Charge Definition?

    Hi all, I was trying to understand an equation where: axial charge, ##G_A=g^P_A(Z_+-Z_-)+ g^N_A(N_+-N_-)## What is the meaning of ##Z_+## , ##Z_-##, ##N_+## and ##N_-##? From the article I read, axial charge will be zero when the nuclei has zero spin. What if I have Germanium 73 which has...
  9. berserkhealr

    Need help with Axial flux generator

    I am sure axial are used in wind turbines so i will use it as my example. Say you are using the wind turbine to generate power but its getting to windy and you want to slow down the turbine to bring it to a stop. What i want to know is ... If you can cut off the power that's been generated...
  10. M

    Engineering Axial Flow Turbine Design Question

    Hi, I was attempting the following turbo machinery problem and am getting quite stuck on the first part of the question. The question is: A design of an axial flow gas turbine stage is conducted for the following parameters at the mean radius: Stage inlet stagnation conditions: ## p_{01} ##...
  11. Andrea Vironda

    Sensor for detecting piston axial position

    Hi, I have a steel piston running below a 3-4 mm thick steel wall. I'd need to know the piston position below the wall without drilling the wall. I'm thinking to an inductive sensor but I think it will not work because it will detect all the time something in front of him (the fixed wall)...
  12. L

    Dipole and Quadrupole moments and axial symmetry

    Hello, I would like to find a mathematical demonstration of this problem. While I have always used it, I could never prove it. Given a charge or current distribution with axial symmetry the electric and magnetic dipole moment are null: (electric dipole moment) (magnetic dipole moment)and...
  13. T

    Understanding Axial Loading On a Member

    Hello all I was hoping someone could explain Axial Forces with respect to the diagram below. I know that Axial forces relate to compression or tension and if the forces go through the centriod then it is said to be concentric or if it is not going through the centriod then its said to be...
  14. RicardoMP

    A Vector and Axial vector currents in QFT

    I'm currently working out quantities that include the vector and axialvector currents ##j^\mu_B(x)=\bar{\psi}(x)\Gamma^\mu_{B,0}\psi(x)## where B stands for V (vector) or A (axialvector). The gamma in the middle is a product of gamma matrices and the psi's are dirac spinors. Therefore on the...
  15. T

    Understanding the concept of Axial Loading/Force

    Hello all I was wondering if some could help me understand the concept of Axial Loading/Force. From research Axial loading can be defined as a load that passes through the centre of gravity of a members cross section, this causes either compression or tension. The bit I don't fully understand...
  16. R

    Time-dependent axial deformation

    This is highly speculative, and I very much doubt that it is actually correct. If anybody knows of a correct equation for time-dependent axial deformation, or at least how to go about deriving a more correct equation, I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
  17. T

    Maximum pull-off load, axial load and radial load of two strapped pipes

    Imagine the following scenario. A pipe is strapped to a larger "host" pipe using a steel strap and a spacer block as shown in the image below. If anyone could have a look at my calculations to confirm they are correct that would be brilliant! Variables Assuming the following general values I...
  18. N

    How to calculate the axial components for a helix?

    I attempted to use the relation that B = gradient crossed with A; however, I'm strguggling with how to setup the question. I think that alternatively the problem can be solved using the Poisson equation that A(r) = (mu/4pi)integral{(J(r)/r}dtau; however, here to I am struggling with the setup.
  19. O

    Bending a beam from straight to an arc with axial force

    Hi, If I have a straight beam and I start to push its ends towards each other with force F, the beam will obviously bend into an arc. What is the height/amplitude at the center of the arc when the beam length is l and the beam ends have been displaced by d. How much force (P) the center part...
  20. jedishrfu

    Computer Axial Lithography: Just Awesome

    In this video, CAL is shown printing the Thinker in minutes all at once: not layer by layer as is done with many of today's 3D printers.
  21. T

    Axial Transformation of a pion

    Homework Statement I'm considering a non-linear chiral theory where the Lagrangian is in terms of the field #\Sigma = e^{\frac{2i\pi}{f}}# where #\pi# is my pion matrix containing pion, kaon, and #\eta#. I need to calculate the transformation of #\pi# up to order #\pi^2# under an axial...
  22. E

    How to calculate the required length of an axial pump piston

    Based on other parameters how do you calculate the required length of a piston inside the cylinder block of an axial piston pump? What are the relevant equations? I've found many for the required diameter but not the length.
  23. A

    Calculating the velocity and pressure profiles across an axial fan

    Hi, This is my first post on the PhysicsFormus I am trying to design an inlet and outlet for an axial fan and calculate velocity and pressure profiles in the duct. See the sketch attached. The ultimate goal is to carry out a CFD study but I was wondering if there is an analytical solution for...
  24. E

    Selecting an Axial Piston Pump for a 1000m Manned Submersible Application

    So I posted yesterday about appropriate pumps for pumping water out of a ballast tank in a manned submersibles at a depth of 1000m. I decided to switch to an axial piston pump. I got that the require pump head is approx. 410 m and the required power input provided by the pump is approx. 18 000W...
  25. K

    MHB Skew-Symmetric Tensor: Computing [W]e and Axial Vector w

    If W is a skew-symmetric tensor, (i) Write down the most general form of [W]e. (ii) Show that there exist a vector w in R3 such that Wx = w*x for each x in R3. Such a vector w is called the axial vector of W. (iii) Use part (ii) to deduce that x.Wx = 0 for any x in R3. (iv) If W has axial vector...
  26. D

    Calculate Axial Load on Column from Beam Transfer

    Homework Statement How to obtain the axial force from beam transfer to column ? Say that I'm going to design the column at B . how to obtain the axial load ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I think it should be 96.6+148.6=245.2 ? I have read another source , it's stated that the...
  27. S

    Axial loading of a composite beam

    Homework Statement Homework Equations In my attempt at a solution The Attempt at a Solution
  28. F

    Induced voltage in a coil in a three phase permanent magnet axial flux generator

    I am currently designing a three phase permanent magnet axial flux generator, but have a question regarding the voltage induced in the copper coils. Faraday's law defines this voltage as the number of turns in the coil, times the change in flux (external magnetic field times area of coil) over...
  29. Feodalherren

    First natural frequency for bending, axial and torsion modes

    Homework Statement We have a rod of length L fixed to a rigid support. At the end of the rod there is a mass, m. Assume that the rod has no mass. Find the first natural frequency for the bending, axial and torsion modes. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution So I'm reviewing some stuff...
  30. D

    Find Axial Force at X: Structural Analysis Problem

    Homework Statement I have to find axial force at X for the following structure: https://i.imgur.com/8o01fkC.jpg The Attempt at a Solution These are my workings https://imgur.com/JfSfk9Z https://imgur.com/3HuDN4d I didn't work out moments because the question only asks for axial force, is...
  31. U

    Laser Question - Axial Modes & Gain Saturation

    I am studying laser physics at the moment and there is something that confuses me. The laser output consists of the central laser mode and some axial modes due to constructive interference in the optical cavity. At first there is a high enough population inversion and while the laser works this...
  32. marcoravelli

    Can a Custom Radial Fan Lift a Human-Transporting VTOL Drone?

    due to a design issue I'm trying to figur out whether i can get enough thrust to lift a 150-200 kg using some costume made radial fan instead of the usual propellers for a little vtol drone I'm willing to produce. any comment will be much appreciate. Thanks.
  33. P

    Linear force vs Torque vs Axial force

    Is it true that torque and axial force are stronger than linear force? If I hit something with an acute angle and progressively turn it into a lower angle while moving forward,is it applying more force?( for example needle insertion)
  34. Z

    Why does pure axial loading cause shear stress?

    I just found that applying an axial load of magnitude σ on both sides of a ductile rod will produce a max in plane shear stress of magnitude σ/2. Why is this? How can there be shear stress if only a normal force is applied?
  35. W

    Calculating Axial Thrust for a Wheelchair Axle

    I'm in the process of calculating my combined stress on an axle I am designing, I have calculated the bending and torsional stress, however I need to calculate the direct stress in the axle. In order to do this I need to know the axial thrust in my axle, I understand what axial force is but I am...
  36. Rod Alexei

    Change in Axial Obliquity of the Earth's Spin Axis

    What causes the change in the axial tilt of the earth? Why does it change?
  37. gasar8

    Axial Gauge V Rubakov: Find Residual Gauge Transforms for Maxwell Eqns

    V. Rubakov: Classical Theory of Gauge Fields, Problem 4: Find the residual gauge transformations and the general solution of the Maxwell equations in the axial gauge (\vec{\textbf{n}} \cdot \vec{\textbf{A}}=0), where \vec{\textbf{n}} is some fixed unit three-vector, which is constant in...
  38. M

    What is the use of a butterfly valve in axial compressor

    Homework Statement In the image I have included it shows a diagram of the setup we used in a lab and you can see that at the right hand side there is a butterfly valve so I am wandering what would be the use of the valve in this situation. Since its after the compressor I was thinking that its...
  39. M

    Behaviour of an axial flow compressor with a butterfly valve

    Homework Statement I just did a lab experiment that involved recording the heights of manometer tubes placed in different locations along the compressor in order to calculate pressure drops, air mass flow rate, isentropic efficiency. An electric motor provided the power to drive the compressor...
  40. S

    B Understanding Axial and Radial Moments: Definition and Importance

    Hello can someone explain what is axial and radial moments?
  41. O

    Column under a concentric axial load (Buckling)

    Hi everyone, I have a cylindrical column under a concentric axial load. The load which is applied in the column is less than the critical buckling force (according to Euler´s formula). Due to this load, the column suffers a displacement (buckling effect), and I would like to determine which is...
  42. A

    Cogging torque in coreless axial flux PMG (permanent magnet generator)

    Hi to all. I am simulating a "core less axial flux PMG". This PMG has significant cogging torque. I don't know where this torque comes from because this is a core less generator therefor there is no slot in stator ( no reluctance variation).
  43. P

    I Why is the 5 used in the axial Chiral current formulas?

    ...the axial Chiral current formulas use the symbol J^5...i.e.,( "J" with a post script 5. ) What is the reason for the "5" ..??
  44. A

    PFR with axial dispersion - CSTR in series conversion?

    Homework Statement Here is the problem description: Develop an Excel file that given a set of data from an RTD pulse injection will determine the model parameters of the following schematics, and then predict the conversion in a CONTINUOUS reactor with a n-order reaction (where n is not equal...
  45. C

    I Meteor impact and axial tilt, relation to climate

    I have a hypothetical question. If there was a relatively Earth-like planet out there that somehow experienced a rather catastrophic meteor impact large enough to alter its axial tilt close to 0 degrees, would such an event render the planet essentially a desert world? I.e. there are no more...
  46. B

    A SU(2)_V, SU(2)_A transformations

    Within my project thesis I stumbled over the term SU(2)_V, SU(2)_A transformations. Although I know U(1)_V, U(1)_A transformations from the left and right handed quarks( U(1)_V transformations transform left and right handed quarks the same way, while U(1)_A transformations transform them with a...
  47. L

    Fiction hypothetical about axial rotations

    Hello everyone! I am a fiction writer with a hypothetical question. For my work I have a new planet, the same size as Earth, with a moon with just a very slightly longer mean orbit (a few days). I have been reading about tidal locking which ensures that observers on the planet only see the...
  48. S

    Door Hinge axial fatigue testing equipment

    Well some one have any experence related to axial fatigue testing equipment designing? Have to discuss some concepts and need the feedback.
  49. T

    Confused About Forces in Bearings: Getting Reactions in Axial Direction

    I was confused about this example from a book. After putting in some numbers I got the forces circled in green and blue to be negative. Does this mean the directions for the forces shown is incorrect, and so I should switch the directions before calculating the reaction forces in the bearings (x...
  50. M

    A question on thermal stress and axial force in a structure

    hi guys i've really been struggling with this question but I still can't get any glimpse of idea on how to solve the problem, so the conditions are given in the table and what the question is asking for is the axial force acting in each members of the structure. ah, almost forgot to tell you...