What is Heat transfer coefficient: Definition and 54 Discussions

The heat transfer coefficient or film coefficient, or film effectiveness, in thermodynamics and in mechanics is the proportionality constant between the heat flux and the thermodynamic driving force for the flow of heat (i.e., the temperature difference, ΔT):
The overall heat transfer rate for combined modes is usually expressed in terms of an overall conductance or heat transfer coefficient, U. In that case, the heat transfer rate is:








{\displaystyle {\dot {Q}}=hA(T_{2}-T_{1})}


{\displaystyle A}
: surface area where the heat transfer takes place, m2



{\displaystyle T_{2}}
: temperature of the surrounding fluid, K



{\displaystyle T_{1}}
: temperature of the solid surface, K.The general definition of the heat transfer coefficient is:




{\displaystyle h={\frac {q}{\Delta T}}}

q: heat flux, W/m2; i.e., thermal power per unit area, q = d


{\displaystyle {\dot {Q}}}
h: heat transfer coefficient, W/(m2•K)
ΔT: difference in temperature between the solid surface and surrounding fluid area, KIt is used in calculating the heat transfer, typically by convection or phase transition between a fluid and a solid. The heat transfer coefficient has SI units in watts per squared meter kelvin: W/(m2K).
The heat transfer coefficient is the reciprocal of thermal insulance. This is used for building materials (R-value) and for clothing insulation.
There are numerous methods for calculating the heat transfer coefficient in different heat transfer modes, different fluids, flow regimes, and under different thermohydraulic conditions. Often it can be estimated by dividing the thermal conductivity of the convection fluid by a length scale. The heat transfer coefficient is often calculated from the Nusselt number (a dimensionless number). There are also online calculators available specifically for Heat-transfer fluid applications. Experimental assessment of the heat transfer coefficient poses some challenges especially when small fluxes are to be measured (e.g.







{\displaystyle <0.2{\rm {W/cm^{2}}}}

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  1. M

    A Practical use of an overall heat transfer coefficient?

    Say I have a real counter flow heat exchanger using air and water. I run a test so I know every parameter; mass flow rate of both fluids, surface area, and in and out temps. This is great. Now I can calculate the heat transfer rate, my log mean temperature difference, and overall heat...
  2. B

    I Time for a cold volume of air to reach a higher air temperature

    I have a cube with a volume of 1000m3 at an initial temp of 290K. The bottom side (10m by 10m) is open to the ambient air. I put this cube into a huge fridge and cool the whole volume by 5K. I close the open side by placing a cover on it. This cube has now got a volume of air at a temperature of...
  3. bardia sepehrnia

    Engineering Average heat transfer coefficient (forced convection)

    So firstly, I don't understand if the mass flow rate is for steam or for water. If it is for water, I know I can find the heat transfer rate using equation:Q=mcdeltaT. But then I don't know how to find h (the average heat transfer coefficient) because I don't know the surface area (As). I can...
  4. dRic2

    Two-phase flow heat transfer coefficient

    Hi, I'm looking to find a very very basic model to calculate the heat transfer coefficient in a tube with given heat power exchanged ##Q##. The fluid inside the tube starts sub-cooled (##T_{in}## is known) but exits the tube with a quality of steam around 0.15 (pressure is supposed constant)...
  5. fluidistic

    I Heat transfer coefficient and convection

    I would like to fully understand two parameters involved in convection heat transfer systems. I have read the document https://fenicsproject.org/pub/tutorial/sphinx1/._ftut1005.html, and I am interested in the parameters ##r## and ##s## in eq. 69. As far as I understand, when one solves the...
  6. maistral

    Heat Transfer Coefficient in Large Pipe w/Smaller Pipes

    Hello, I have a question with regard to equipment design. How do I calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient for a large pipe who has smaller pipes in it? Say I have water flowing on the large pipe, and inside it there are three pipes with hot acid in them. Assuming they flow concurrently...
  7. G

    Laminar flow in a tube, heat transfer coefficient-sanity check

    Hi there, Hopefully this is a very easy question and you all can just confirm this for me. When calculating heat transfer into a fluid from a heated tube, is it correct to say that the heat transfer coefficient is *not* dependent on the tube diameter? So, if we solve for T_{out}, we get...
  8. T

    Explain what is meant by an 'overall heat transfer coefficient

    Homework Statement (I) Explain what is meant by an 'overall heat transfer coefficient'. (II) Explain what is meant by fouling and what its effect will be on the value of the overall heat transfer coefficient. 
 Homework Equations None provided. The Attempt at a Solution (I) The overall heat...
  9. Conductivity

    Logical explanations of factors, Heat transfer coefficient

    I would really like a logical explanation for some of the factors that affect convective heat transfer coefficient. I have only found mathematical one. For example: 1) Properties of the fluid: 1)Velocity: My professor said that the lower the velocity the more time the fluid gets to interact...
  10. Ravi Singh choudhary

    H (heat transfer coefficient) problem

    I have a cuboid shaped box. It is being used as a chilling tank in my refrigeration system based on Evan Perkins cycle. For heat load calculation I tried to calculate the heat leakage in the sysyem. So I considered conduction and natural convection. I am in preliminary stage, so no use of...
  11. andrejen88

    Overall heat transfer coefficient for water cooling

    Hi all! I'm analyzing a fermenter and the water cooling system that cools it down. In analyzing this I've found kW and kWh required to cool down the fermenter using Q = dt*cp*m However when I try to find the overall heat transfer coefficient U using the data, I find that it varies with...
  12. M

    Heat Transfer Coefficient -Air Flow onto perpendicular plane

    Hi All, I have a situation were I need to evaluate the heat transfer coefficient of a horizontal surface. The surface has tubes within although I first used "flow across a bank of tubes", this has been untrue due to the air flow coming from above the surface flowing vertically (and...
  13. D

    Convective heat transfer coefficients of fuel oil?

    I'm setting up a thermal resistance network to determine the heat loss through the insulated wall of a heated fuel/crude oil tank but i can't seem to find values for the convective heat transfer coefficient of the fuel oil (kerosene) or the crude oil at elevated temperatures. I have only found...
  14. E

    Overall heat transfer coefficient for free convection exchanger

    I am trying to design a heat exchanger for a stratified hot water tank which means that the heat transfer on that side of the exchanger will be totally dependent on free convection. I plan on using a shell and tube set-up but I have no idea on how to calculate the required mass flow rate from...
  15. MexChemE

    Heat and mass transfer -- Boundary conditions & balance terms

    Hello, PF! Recently, while reading chapter 10 (microscopic energy balances) of the second edition of BSL, I found a minor discrepancy which is confusing me, especially when considering the mathematical analogies of heat and mass transfer. In section 10.1, the authors introduce Newton's law of...
  16. B

    Effect of air on condensing steam heat tranfer coefficient

    I am working on a model for predicting cooling in a system that evacuates a vessel and cools by evaporation of water and the water vapor is condensed in a tube and shell heat exchanger. My concern is the prediction of the steam side heat transfer coefficient as the air is removed from the...
  17. S

    Convective heat transfer coefficient issue

    I am working on the simulation of a heater in ANSYS. I'll explain the geometry: - Top plate - Ceramic Porcelain material - 2.65in x 4.8in x 0.06in - carries a small heater (2in x 0.125in x 0.01in) on top of it which generates 18W of heat. - Bottom heater - 5.8in x 3.65in x 0.03in - Stainless...
  18. M

    How much heat is transferred by a waterfall in a swimming pool?

    Hello, I have a swimming pool with a waterfall feature. I need to know how much does the waterfall contributes to cooling the pool. I tried to use Newton's law of cooling, but I have a problem with the Heat Transfer Coefficient in this case. Following are the Givens: Waterfall Width= 5m...
  19. L

    Convective heat transfer coefficient in channel

    Hi, I need to measure heat transfer coefficient in the block channel. However, the block is not general block. Inside block, there is trapezoid object. So, water flow rate in the first is low speed because big square. Then the square size will decrease then the speed is high. Do you know how...
  20. A

    Overall Heat transfer coefficient for a radiator

    Hello all. I need to design a radiator for 43kw heat dissipation. I have used the LMTD method for finding out the contact surface area of the radiator. But I have a small problem. I cannot find the area unless i know the overall heat transfer coefficient. Can somebody please give an estimate of...
  21. M

    Convective heat transfer coefficient

    Not sure if I'm getting this right, my answer seems very small, can anyone advise? Question- butanol at a temperature of 28oC is pumped at a velocity of 14ms-1 through a 100mm diameter tube kept at a wall temp of 90oC. The properties of butanol are below. Determine the convective heat...
  22. P

    Heat transfer coefficient and ζ

    How do I find the heat transfer coefficient for a meteorite? The meteorite is made of carboneus chondrite, but approximations with heat transfer coefficients for regular stones or rocky materials would be just as fine. Furthermore, how would I calculate the energy required to vaporize 1 g of...
  23. T

    Heat Transfer question, estimation of coefficients

    Hi, I've recently been given a series of questions on heat transfer to do and have done most of them with general ease, but this one question I've been stuck on for ages and i can't seem to figure out: "A double pipe heat exchanger is made up from a length of 25mm i.d. steel pipe of 2.5mm...
  24. SalfordPhysics

    Thermal Conductivity of Steel experiment

    1) PROBLEM: Task is to find the thermal conductivity of steel experimentally. I have conducted relevant experiments and I am trying to solve for the thermal conductivity (k) itself. My final however is ten times too large in size, and I am having trouble identifying where the error is coming...
  25. M

    Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient

    How can we calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient experimentally for a system?
  26. LaReina

    Question about Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient?

    Homework Statement The cross section of a wall is shown in the figure below. To reduce the heat flow, an air gap (still air) of 6cm is created between the brick wall layers of 14cm thick, each. The thermal conductivities of the brick wall and the still air are: Kair = 0.032 W/m.K and Kbrick =...
  27. T

    What factors affect the heat transfer coefficient?

    1. Homework Statement and the attempt at the solution Alright, here is a picture of the problem along with my solution: My solutions gives the correct answer but the only part I don't understand is why the heat transfer coefficients are the same. If the two rods are made of different...
  28. S

    Heat Transfer Coefficient to Air Flow Rate

    Hey all, I'm trying to simulate a simple chip-heatsink situation in SolidWorks using their thermal modeling suite. I have found an ideal set of parametric values for the chip to work at a reasonable temperature, but I need to figure out what the convection coefficient means in terms of air flow...
  29. R

    Overal heat transfer coefficient: Refrigeration Heat Exchanger

    Hi There Does anyone out there know a good estimate or any real values for the total heat transfer area for the hot and cold sides of a domestic refrigeration system? i.e. the sum of the areas of the evaporator and the condenser. For the Evaporator: QL=UL.AL.(TL-T1) AL=heat transfer...
  30. A

    Heat transfer coefficient of cylinder in free air?

    let say a cylinder(steel) is 6 cm diameter and length of 3.5 cm length. and is heated to 1000 degree c. in a room of free air and room temperature of 20. will convective heat transfer dominate? it radiation is negligible? what would the convective heat transfer be? what power(watt)...
  31. A

    Typical value free air convection heat transfer coefficient

    whats would be typical value for free air convection heat transfer coefficient at high temperature of 1000 degree c? let say i have a vertical cylinder of diameter 5 cm and 3 cm high. and i heat it to 1000 degree c. the room temperature is 20c . what would the convection heat transfer...
  32. T

    Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (Exhaust Gas to Refrigerant)

    Hi there, I am doing a project modelling and simulating a gas engine waste heat recovery system using an organic rankine cycle. As part of this project I would like to size the surface area of a heat exchanger (if only roughly). I have found the appropriate formula using Q = U.A.LMTD and...
  33. L

    Evaluating heat transfer coefficient for a cylinder

    I'm doing a steady-state thermal analysis for a cylinder geometry. Inside the cylinder is a heat source and this heat is going to water channel (modelled with FLUID116 elements) and the air. For air convection I have to define a heat transfer coefficient which is dependent on the flow of air...
  34. 5

    Finding the Overall heat transfer coefficient

    Homework Statement We are having a fictive, non existing heat exchanger with the following parameters: Outer tube diameters: 20 & 12 mm Wall thickness inner tube: 1mm, outer tube; 2 mm flow area hot side: 0.0226m2, cold side; 0.0272 m2 The heatexchanger is going to cool some hot...
  35. Z

    Calculation of the heat transfer coefficient while evaporation

    Hi, I would like to know if somebody has the formulas to find the heat transfer coefficient while the nucleate boiling and the film boiling, for a plate heat exchanger... I really look forward reading someone. Thanks
  36. T

    Solving Heat Transfer Coefficient Error: Lab Report Analysis

    Homework Statement This is a lab report that I'm working on. I'm almost done, except for the last part which consists of finding the error in the result for our heat transfer coefficient h using Newton's law of cooling. I've tried this in different ways but I can't seem to get it right. We...
  37. T

    Estimate heat transfer coefficient

    i prepared a setup wherein i heat a nichrome wire with 3 volts battery, measure its power, the temperature of the nichrome and the temperature of air.. by using the formula ΔT=PRsurf where ΔT=Tnichrome - Tair P=VI Rsurf=1/hA, R is, basically, the thermal resistance to heat...
  38. R

    Value of Heat transfer coefficient

    I have a circular cross-section of steel, around which I have air of constant temperature flowing. I want to calculate the heat flux, but I don't have the value of heat transfer coefficient,h (W/m^2.K) between steel and this air at 350C. Please suggest how to get the value for h. I am neglecting...
  39. U

    Heat transfer coefficient of water and air with tank problem

    Hi all :) I'm trying to figure out how much heat I can save from covering a tank which is open (uncovered). The tank is rectangular made of steel and is filled with water, heated to 50C, and is not insulated with any material. The outside temp and humidity is assumed to be 25C and 60%...
  40. morrobay

    Heat Transfer Coefficient and decreasin area

    Homework Statement The application of the Heat Transfer Coefficient in the case where the surface area of heat flow is decreasing Homework Equations h = q/A * delta T h = cal/sec/M2 ( C ) q= cal/sec A= M2 delta T (C).The Attempt at a Solution If the surface area, A, is decreasing, then is...
  41. morrobay

    Heat Transfer Coefficient for Phase Change

    Homework Statement One liter of water at 30 C (30000 calories ) A 100 gram sphere of ice at 0 C in center of water volume . The ice will absorb 80000 calories melting, and final water temperature = 22000 cal/1100g = 20 C. Assume mixing and uniform water temp during melting and water vessel...
  42. morrobay

    Heat Transfer Coefficient for Ice Melting Time

    Homework Statement One liter of water at 30 C ( 30000 calories ) 100 gram (100 cc ) sphere of ice at 0 C is in center of water volume. The ice will absorb 8000 cal melting and final water temp = 22000 cal/ 1100 g = 20 C Assuming mixing and uniform water temp during melting ,and vessel is...
  43. B

    Reynold's Number related to heat transfer coefficient

    Hi, I am in a Heat Transfer class at school and my professor has set an interesting challenge before me. It is not a homework problem or anything, just a side project he challenged us to look into relating to external flow. The question is as follows: In fluid (e.g air, water) flow over a...
  44. D

    InFinding heat transfer coefficient experimentally

    I'm working on a project where I have to construct a cubic box, then find the heat transfer coefficient through the box. I will be placing various object in the box to run tests on how they change the eat transfer coefficient. If I want to use the equation: Q=h*A*delta-T, how do I find Q, the...
  45. D

    Finding heat transfer coefficient experimentally

    I'm working on a project where I have to construct a cubic box, then find the heat transfer coefficient through the box. I will be placing various object in the box to run tests on how they change the eat transfer coefficient. If I want to use the equation: Q=h*A*delta-T, how do I find Q, the...
  46. L

    Interface heat transfer coefficient

    hi, Is somebody here a casting simulation engineer. I am in the processs of learning, the complete process of modelling it and am stuck with Interface heat transfer coefficient between the mold and the casting. I am using procast inverse method, but am having difficulty finding the solutions...
  47. K

    Evaporation and heat transfer coefficient

    Hai I have a problem with heat transfer coefficient estimation. Please help Here is the problem: Two experimental scenarios are compared. Case 1: I have a well defined rectangular area in a silicon wafer. Water is completely spread over it. The mass of water is known. Air is blown over...
  48. M

    Is the overall heat transfer coefficient constant for a certain heat exchanger?

    Hi guys. Without going into too much detail. Basically I have a counter-flow heat exchanger problem where I need to find one of the outlets temps only given the inlet temps of each fluid. I have no idea how to do it though as I'm not given a value for over heat transfer coefficient (U) or...
  49. C

    Find the convective heat transfer coefficient

    Ok it's my first time here and I was hoping to get some help on some questions I have been given. I am a first year chem eng and I'm finding the work pretty hard so any help at all will be useful, thanks. I need to find the convective heat transfer coefficient, h for petrol using this...
  50. S

    What is heat transfer coefficient

    What is "heat transfer coefficient" What is heat transfer coefficient? and where can i find a table listing it?