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It’s Elemental! The Periodic Table Quiz

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The periodic table is something we all are made aware of early in schooling, but have you really looked at it closely and learned about it’s lessor known facts? Let’s find out!

Did you know?

There are many periodic tables with structures different than that of the standard form we use today. Within 100 years of the creation of Mendeleev’s table in 1869 it has been calculated that atleast 700 other periodic table versions were introduced.

1. How many elements appear in nature?


2. What was the first element to be made artificially?


3. The lightest of all metals is


4. The Periodic Table Of Elements Was Inspired By What?


5. Which is not a noble gas?


6. How many elements make up the Actinide series


7. What block are hydrogen and helium in?


8. The original periodic table was first proposed by Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in


9. Which is the the rarest element on earth


10. The only letter not in the periodic table is the letter


11. The country Argentina is named after the element


12. Although there is helium on Earth, it was first discovered by observing




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  1. DrDu
    DrDu says:

    I am not so sure about whether Np or Fr is more rare in nature. Np is produced by neutron capture by Uranium. The neutrons stem from spontaneous fission of Uranium. With this hindsight, also the answer "90" in question 1 is more convention than fact.

  2. PAllen
    PAllen says:

    There is also a question of what is meant by 'nature' (per the question of how many elements exist in nature). 1) Smartass observatIon: People are part of nature.2) Wouldn't a supernova temporarily produce elements even beyond what people have created (possibly reaching a theorized island of [relative] stability)? Any any given moment (spatial hypersurface) in the universe, I would presume far more than 90 elements exist (without recourse to assumptions about intelligent aliens).

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