LHC quiz

Think You Know about the LHC?

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News of the LHC progress has dazzled scientists and hobbyists alike. It’s now time to show just how much you know about the operation.

1. What year was construction first started?


2. What was the initial energy level for the first research?


3. How many LHC experiments are there?


4. Scientists have to cool the LHC’s magnets down to


5. Each proton goes around the 27km ring over


6. There is even an LHC


7. In 2008 repairs were need to the tune of


8. How many miles is the accelerator tunnel?


9. What experiment is studying a “fluid” form of matter called quark–gluon plasma?


10. What experiment is researching antimatter?


11. How many collisions are made per second for run 2?


12. On June 3rd 2015 the LHC reached what energy level


13. Which detector is this?



Please share your results



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  1. J
    jerromyjon says:

    6/13, mostly guessing. I divided 300,000 by 27 to get 11,000 times a second (close to light speed) and of course the picture looks like a "compact" muon solenoid…

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