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Computer Language Primer - Part 1

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So I Am Your Intro Physics Instructor

I posted this elsewhere (on my personal blog), and someone mentioned…

Reflections on Product Quality

On Hardware Quality It is impossible to test quality into…

How to Self-Study Algebra. Part II: Abstract Algebra

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Problems with Self-Studying

For several years already I have been trying to help people who…

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Resources for High School Math at Home

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How to Self Study Analysis. Part I: Intro Analysis

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So You Want to Go Back to School

Motivations for creating the series I came to Physics Forums…

How to Self-Study Calculus

  We often get questions here from people self-studying…
physics course

Your Curriculum Vitae

    I am going to backtrack a little bit…
physics doctoral

Postdoctoral Physics Position

    If you intend to pursue an academic/research…
physics jobs

Getting a Physics Job!

    In the previous chapter, we have reached…
thesis defense

Your Physics Thesis Defense

    At this point, you have completed writing…
doctoral thesis

Writing Your Doctoral Thesis/Desertation

    At this stage, you have performed your…
oral presentation2

Oral Presentations - Addendum

I'll try not to make a habit out of this, but I believe there's…
physics journals2

Publishing in a Physics Journal (Addendum)

  When I first wrote this part of the series, I…