What is Air compression: Definition and 19 Discussions

Compressed-air energy storage (CAES) is a way to store energy for later use using compressed air. At a utility scale, energy generated during periods of low demand can be released during peak load periods.The first utility scale CAES project has been built in Huntorf, Germany, being still operational. While the Huntorf CAES plant was initially developed as a load balancer for fossil fuel-generated electricity, the global shift towards renewable energy has led to a renewed interest in CAES systems, to help highly intermittent energy sources like photovoltaics and wind satisfy fluctuating electricity demands.One ongoing challenge in large scale CAES design is the management of thermal energy since the compression of air leads to an unwanted temperature increase that not only reduces operational efficiency but can also lead to damage. The main difference between various CAES architectures lies in thermal engineering. On the other hand, small-scale systems have long been used as propulsion of mine locomotives. Compared to traditional batteries, CAES systems can store energy for longer periods of time and have less upkeep.

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  1. I

    I Compressed air Pushing a Column of Water

    Greeting, I have been noodling on this problem for a bit and was hoping to have some input from this form. what volume of compressed air, at 200 PSI, will it take to push lets say 30 gallons of water 8 feet up a 3/4" pipe at a minimum of 8 gpm with a minimum pressure of 8psi at the top if...
  2. Ameen1985

    Isothermal and adiabatic air compression -- different expressions

    Hi all, For an Isothermal compression process of air in a vessel with constant volume, I found the following expressions and and The first two give the same result, meanwhile the third gives another solution and I don't know why. For adiabatic compression I found these two expression which...
  3. mastermechanic

    A Non-quasi-static Air Compression Calculation

    Hello Everyone, As some of you know, there are airsoft guns which work with a spring and piston mechanism. An electric motor drives a semicircle gear and that gear drives a rack gear connected to piston. When the gear compresses the spring and reaches semicircle’s free end the piston...
  4. S

    What are the Benefits of Pursuing a P.hD. in Data Mining at a Top Institute?

    Hi, My Name is Umair Shafique and nickname is Sunny. I did my Masters in IT specialization in Data Mining and wanted to pursue P.hD. from a well-known institute.
  5. MatNX

    What would happen if a Pokéball expelled 999.8kgs of air in 1 second?

    If we were to suppose the pokéball gets rid of the pokémons mass by expelling it as air, what would happen? Imagine we had a pokémon weighing 999.9kgs, being a perfect sphere and having a diameter of 10cms. (Cosmovum). If the Pokéball takes 1 sec to capture or to release a pokémon, and it...
  6. W

    Capture and re-use the heat generated from Air Compression

    I am trying to fill pipes with a volume of 556 cuft to 15,000 psi. I want to capture and re-use the heat generated from the compression process and re-use it. Is this amount of compression and heat exchanging possible with current technology
  7. A

    Automotive Air compression firing mechanism

    Hello, I am high school student working on a project to design an air cylinder, which would fire seed pellets from the drone at specific time intervals with sufficient pressure to embed them into the soft soil. I looked up on the Internet about airguns and other stuff but couldn't find...
  8. S

    Self-cleaning solar panel in a desert

    I am making a self cooling & self cleaning solar. I have already finished the cooling part by attaching fins from the back of the solar. Now, I am going to clean the solar using compressed air system. I am going to attach a 35 in tube from one of the sides of the solar and has a diameter of...
  9. marcophys

    Calc L/min air compression to different pressures & temps in my compressor

    I have acquired a new compressor rated at 540 L/min @ 7 bar 150L tank I decided to test this at 23 degC, timing compression at 2 bar intervals (0-2, 2-4 etc.) I was surprised to find that it maintained 34 seconds at each interval up to 8 bar (but this could be poor experimental...
  10. J

    Pressure required for air flow through nozzle

    I need to know the maximum compression speed that can be applied to a rectangular bladder which has a open air port that will avoid rupturing the bladder. The bladder is 40" wide, 100" long, and 10" tall. The compression equipment is a large metal panel that is larger than the surface area of...
  11. T

    Compressed Air Reverse Thruster

    Hello everyone, I'm attempting to determine the impulse that can be generated by expelling compressed air from a pressure vessel stored aboard a moving craft through nozzles in the nose of the craft. The vessel has a forward momentum of roughly 2,000,000 Ns. EDIT: For semantics sake, consider...
  12. M

    Building an air cannon that shoots a wad of paper

    We are building an air cannon that shoots a wad of paper. I know the volume of the tank, the pressure of the tank, the size of the barrel, and the weight of the object. I need to know how to solve for initial velocity given this information. I will use the Vi to find the estimated distance...
  13. R

    Hovercraft/Fan/Air compression

    Hi I'm working on a project where I would need to lift about 400 pounds about 1 inch off the ground and keep the momentum in order to manually move it. I thought about using four fans with a skit on each corner facing downward to allow for upward movement, but I'm not sure how much power I would...
  14. H

    Air Compression Shoes: A New Idea

    I had an idea for a type of shoe similar yet different from air Nike, and I would appreciate some comments. A hind foot air chamber would be compressed upon a runners foot strike ( with a force up to three times body weight). The air would be pushed through a one way valve into a rigid mid...
  15. T

    How Far Can a Piston Fall Down a 100-Foot Cylinder?

    Homework Statement How far will a piston fall down a vertical cylinder 100 feet in length? If the cylinder is 10" in diameter, the piston is 100lbs, the cylinder has a bottom and is capable of fluid isolation, filled with ambient air at 80 degrees F, at sea level, the cylinder has friction free...
  16. T

    Air compression via acceleration?

    When we are sitting in our cars, and the car begins accelerating we are "pushed back" due to acceleration. Or if you have a ball in an empty vehicle, when it starts accelerating, the ball will roll to the back of the car. I was wondering, is this also true in air? If there is an...
  17. M

    Calculate power in air compression.

    Homework Statement In an air compressor air flows steadily at a rate of 15 kg per minute. The air enters the compressor at 5 m/s with a pressure of 1 bar and a specific volume of 0.5 m3/kg. The air leaves the compressor at 7.5 m/s with a pressure of 7 bar and a specific volume of 0.15...
  18. T

    Air Compression vs Water Depth

    Hey ya, Well, I have been having a difficult time finding the answer to this question, probably because I don't know the specific terminology. So here I am. I did not know exactly which forum category to put this in so... I am building a small diving bell with a remote controlled camer...
  19. L

    High voltage spark and air compression

    Honestly I do not think automotive techs would know the answer to this question so being said from a physics stand point about the relationship between the high voltage spark on a spark plug and compression in a engine. I have had experiances where there was spark on the plugs but the engine...