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  1. A

    Comp Sci Do-while loop-> exit not working (making a crossword puzzle)

    Hello! My homework is making a crossword. I write a code like this: do{ //code printf("Please enter the coordinate and the word: \n"); scanf(" %c%d %s",&row2,&column2,word2); if(row2=='E' && word2=="xit") exit(0); //code }while(count2!=10); But this is...
  2. toforfiltum

    Program to display letter combinations on phone keypad

    Homework Statement On a phone keypad, many of the numbers have letters associated with them. For instance, the letters A, B, and C are associated with the number 2. Write a program that accepts a number as input and prints all of the possible letter combinations associated with that number. For...
  3. sukalp

    C/++/# Tutorial of C++

    is there any tutorial which covers stack and queue in c++. i am not able to understand it is getting difficult for me .
  4. Domenico94

    C/++/# C++ and c debugging?

    How hard is c++ debugging compared to c? What do you think o f the sentence: "It s easier to shoot your foot in c. In c++ it s harder, but when you do, you blow away your whole leg"? Is it really hard( considering the fact code isn t "context free" and it may vary from compiler to compiler, it s...