What is Fuzzy logic: Definition and 23 Discussions

In logic, fuzzy logic is a form of many-valued logic in which the truth value of variables may be any real number between 0 and 1 both inclusive. It is employed to handle the concept of partial truth, where the truth value may range between completely true and completely false. By contrast, in Boolean logic, the truth values of variables may only be the integer values 0 or 1.
The term fuzzy logic was introduced with the 1965 proposal of fuzzy set theory by Lotfi Zadeh. Fuzzy logic had, however, been studied since the 1920s, as infinite-valued logic—notably by Łukasiewicz and Tarski.Fuzzy logic is based on the observation that people make decisions based on imprecise and non-numerical information. Fuzzy models or sets are mathematical means of representing vagueness and imprecise information (hence the term fuzzy). These models have the capability of recognising, representing, manipulating, interpreting, and utilising data and information that are vague and lack certainty.Fuzzy logic has been applied to many fields, from control theory to artificial intelligence.

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  1. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci What I am supposed to write in this question about fuzzy logic?

    There are 2 questions commonly asked(rarely though) in my exams. 1) Explain about mamdani fuzzy inference method with example. 2) explain fuzzy inference with suitable example. Now I am self studying. I have 4 books with me, but none of them have this content. IDK why tho..There are other...
  2. shivajikobardan

    MHB What I am supposed to write in this question about fuzzy logic?

    There are 2 questions commonly asked(rarely though) in my exams. 1) Explain about mamdani fuzzy inference method with example. 2) explain fuzzy inference with suitable example. Now I am self studying. I have 4 books with me, but none of them have this content. IDK why tho..There are other...
  3. Elias_HH

    How to draw the transfer behavior of a fuzzy controller

    Hey Guys, i try to solve the question mentioned above. But I'm hones...i have no idea to solv this. I need a kind advice. I tryed to find help in the internet but it's impossible. You can see the hole exercise in the figure.
  4. nomadreid

    I Are existence proofs outlawed in multi-valued logics?

    First, is my assumption that all consistent multi-valued logics obey the principle of explosion from a false proposition correct? If so, how would one prove that? (I assume it is, because if not, then by the definition of intuitionist logic by Wolfram Mathworld...
  5. S

    I Is the holographic principle based on fuzzy logic?

    Physicist Craig Hogan has proposed that the universe is based on holographic principle. To prove that the universe is a "hologram" he (and other physicists) have designed an experiment named "The Holometer" to measure quantum fluctuations that would become fuzzy at Planck scale...
  6. A

    Can a Transfer Function be Used with a Fuzzy Controller for a Prosthetic Hand?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm working on designing a fuzzy controller, okay so i have a transfer function of a prosthetic hand (23s^2+ 12s+.. / 10s^3 + s^2 + ...) per say, so i have 3 outputs and 2 inputs. How can I use only the transfer function and use it with a fuzzy controller?
  7. nomadreid

    I Many-valued inference possible: extant?

    Would it be possible to have a type of implication relation that weakens the truth value in a many-valued logic? For instance, a first attempt: (1) define ⇒k, 0<k<1, ⇒1 ≡ ordinary ⇒ , so that, if the V(.) is the valuation (the assignment of truth value), then A⇒kB gives V(B) = k*V(A). (2)...
  8. Abdul Wali

    How to choose the sampling time for the delay unit

    hi, i am designing a fuzzy logic controller, i need to use a delay block for the change in error signal now i don't know that based on what factors should i choose the sampling time for this unit
  9. Auto-Didact

    A Undecidability and multivalent logic

    Are undecidable statements, such as the provability of the continuum hypothesis, natural examples of statements that require a multivalent logic in order for them to be adequately described and/or even properly understood? (NB: by properly I am taking this to mean that undecidable matters such...
  10. Auto-Didact

    I Possibility Theory: Simplifying Uncertainty and Human Reasoning

    Anyone familiar with possibility theory and possibilistic analysis? I came across it during my own research on expert human reasoning/decision making. Here is a brief description of possibility theory from a recent article behind a paywall. As I see it, possibility theory offers a novel way...
  11. B

    Fuzzy logic control vs PID [Resume]?

    I have found this topic but I am not allowed to answer. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/fuzzy-logic-control-vs-pid.667717/ I have the same concern that the fuzzy is basically similar to a proportional control. In the thread I liked above, there is also this link...
  12. nomadreid

    Fuzzy logic and the Liar paradox

    I have once again (this time in http://www.economist.com/node/2099851) come across the argument that a fuzzy logic solves the liar paradox by assigning the liar sentence a truth value N, other than T or F, with [[A]] = N ⇒[[~A]] = N. However, I don't see that this gets around the essential...
  13. M

    How to tune the PID parameters using Fuzzy Logic?

    I previously used the Ziegler method to tune the parameters of my PID controller to control my robot's position. I then implemented fuzzy logic for self-tuning the parameters. I have two inputs to the fuzzy logic controller; one is the position error and the error rate. I know that my problem...
  14. M

    Trying to explain fuzzy logic to a friend.

    Hi, I'm trying to come up with a way to explain fuzzy logic to a friend of mine. After reading this paper: http://www.polytech.univ-savoie.fr/fileadmin/polytech_autres_sites/sites/listic/busefal/Papers/67.zip/67_02.pdf He is adamant that Fuzzy Logic determines the chance that a bit in a...
  15. I_am_learning

    What are the differences between fuzzy logic control and PID control?

    I am trying to begin with fuzzy logic, but this initial question is preventing me from moving any forward. It appears that fuzzy logic control is just an improvement over bang-bang control system. Like instead of doing bang-up , bang-down it does bang-up-hard, bang-up-small bang-down-small etc...
  16. T

    Signal follower robot with obstacle avoidance and fuzzy logic

    I have problem in building my mini-project as stated in the topic.I am actually confused how the robot will follow a signal like micro wave or radio wave, this kind of wave just spreads and the robot will get confused where to go.I just want opinion what shall i do that the robot will come to...
  17. L

    Fuzzy logic can be emulated with standard logic

    fuzzy logic can be emulated with "standard logic" if fuzzy logic can be emulated with "standard logic" then how can it be fundamentally different? shouldnt any newly proposed logic system, by definition, be impossible to model with another logic system? If you can emulate it then its not...
  18. N

    Can Fuzzy Logic Effectively Control Air Flow?

    i want application on fuzzy logic, from internet easy to understand
  19. J

    Is Fuzzy Logic a Pseudoscience or a Valid Mathematical Branch?

    When I first heard about the fuzzy logic, some guys told me that it would replace all "classical mathematics", being superior to it, but scientists are unfortunately reluctant to accept it yet. I immediately concluded, that fuzzy logic would be pseudo science. I later learned, that fuzzy...
  20. P

    Fuzzy Logic Simplified: Understanding the Basics

    Can someone please give an idiots definition of fuzzy logic?
  21. C

    Unknown symbol in a fuzzy logic equation

    Hi people I study on image processing and fuzzy logic. When I working on histogram normalization, I saw an equation which includes a symbol 'U' letter. On the bottom of the 'U' (m=1) and on the top of the 'U' (K) is written. And i want to learn what its (U) mean. Thanks in advance...
  22. Q

    Fuzzy Logic: Exploring Benefits, Uses, and Criticisms

    What is fuzzy logic? Why would we want to make logic fuzzy? Applications-uses? Criticisms? Basically any thioughts on the subject - kindly post here :smile:
  23. C

    What is the consistency of deductive logic and how does it affect other systems?

    I don't really know a lot about computers, so maybe I should just say this... What is fuzzy logic and what are some of its applications?