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  1. kstorm19

    Solving a circuit using both the mesh and node analysis

    Homework Statement The problem asks to solve for i1, i2, and i3 using the mesh method in the following circuit: I will also include the link, because I noticed I am having trouble attaching the image to the post: I would also like to confirm the answer by solving...
  2. V

    Circuit with two voltage sources, finding voltage at nodes

    Okay, so why is it that Vc assumed to be 12v - 0.7v (D1), how about contribution from the 9v battery?? Why is this not affecting the voltage at node C? Why Vc isn't 9v - 0.7v (D2) = 8.3v?
  3. Cocoleia

    Node voltage with opamp

    Homework Statement I am wondering if in this circuit Vb will be 0V? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have found all the other ones, but I am unsure if Vb will be 0 or not, and if it is then what is the logic behind it?
  4. MarcusAu314

    Nodal analysis, choosing reference node confusion

    I know that when we have to identify the nodes for solving a circuit with nodal analysis we always have to designate a reference node (which will be the ground node) as a reference for measuring the others' voltages. However I was practicing this and I found this example on...
  5. MarcusAu314

    Nodal analysis, choosing number of nodes confusion

    Good evening people. Recently I started taking the "electric network analysis" course in my school. We already saw the mesh analysis method for solving circuits. Now we are seeing the node analysis method. I understand that the first step for this method is finding the number of nodes (and one...