What is Sat physics: Definition and 31 Discussions

SAT Subject Tests were 20 multiple-choice standardized tests given by the College Board on individual subjects, typically taken to improve a student's credentials for college admissions in the United States. On January 19, 2021, the College Board discontinued Subject Tests. This was effective immediately in the United States, and the tests were to be phased out by the following summer for international students.

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  1. Fabrizio Vassallo

    Meaning of a phrase in a kinematics problem

    1. Problem statement: "An object is thrown horizontally with an initial speed of 10 m/s. How far will it drop in 4 seconds?" Homework Equations Δx = v0x.t Δy = v0y.t + 1/2(-g)t2 The Attempt at a Solution [/B] When I first read it, I thought that 'how far' means Δx, since when someone says...
  2. YMMMA

    SAT physics question -- Flag on a bicycle being ridden in the wind....

    Homework Statement A girl is riding a bicycle at 15 miles per hour due north. A steady wind is blowing at 15 miles per hour from the east. A flag mounted on the bicycle will be stretched out toward the (A) west (B) south (C) southwest (D) southeast (E) northeast Homework Equations Vector...
  3. YMMMA

    Preparing for the SAT Physics and Math Tests: Tips and Resources

    Hey guys, I am Yasmeen, a12th grader.I am taking my #SAT physics and maths1 test next month. Hope To find the help in here..
  4. M

    Classical What Textbooks are best for self-study for SAT Physics Test

    I am planning on taking SAT Subject test in Physics in few months, but I don't know which textbook is best to study all physics concepts that will be tested. I have a basic knowledge of algebra and almost none of calculus, as they didn't teach them back in high school, but I really want to...
  5. Robert100

    Intro Physics What's best SAT Physics prep book?

    What do you think is the best SAT physics prep book? Years ago many people seemed to prefer Princeton Review, but the reviews for the last couple years seem to indicate that the Barron's guide is better? There's also the Kaplan SAT practice guide. Any suggestions as to which is best?
  6. **Mariam**

    Exploring Factors Affecting Electric Shock While Exiting a Car

    Homework Statement 1)a student decides to investigate the electric shock she received when she gets out of her car. Which of the following factors least likely to have a significant effect on the size of the shock? A. The material of her clothe B. The distance she slides across the seat when...
  7. I

    Testing Is 3000 solved problems in physics good for studying SAT physics?

    I'm studying for the SAT physics subject test right now, and I need a good source of practice problems (the princetonreview book I have only has 2 practice tests and 10 questions for each chapter). Does the schaum's outline 3000 solved physics problem book has problems that are of similar...
  8. D

    Best Physics Textbooks for SAT II Self-Study?

    Any recommendations for a physics textbook that I can use to self-study? The book doesn't have to be geared specifically toward self-study; it should just be clear and comprehensive enough for the SAT II. (Note my physics class is only mostly conceptual. Also, is College Physics: A Strategic...
  9. G

    Best Written High School Physics Text Books (SAT)

    Advanced Physics (Advanced Science) by Steve Adams & Jonathan Allday from OUP Oxford: and Physics (Collins Advanced Science) 3rd Edition by Kenneth Dobson from Collins Educational: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0007267495/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Does anyone know any of these books? I find them very...
  10. D

    Testing Anyone Gave SAT II - Physics Recently ?

    Hi I want to know that is the level of questions in SAT II ( and also SAT I) same as of the level of practice questions on SAT website? Thanks in advance :)
  11. C

    Testing What are some common concerns about the SAT Subject test for Physics?

    SAT Subject test - Physics ?? HI everyone I heard about SAT test few months ago. I looked at the subject which included a lot of ENGLISH. Unfortunately i am not really good in English so i considered Subject test. But i have few questions about it. First, What is its use. I mean, will...
  12. S

    Solving SAT Physics: Momentum of Block Starting from Rest at 5s

    Homework Statement If the block starts from rest, its momentum at 5 seconds is... Homework Equations p=mv F=ma v=at The Attempt at a Solution When I thought about it, I was thinking about p=mv, and I had to substitute v to get a desirable answer. So I did p=m(at). However I only...
  13. B

    Testing Preparing for the SAT Physics Subject Test: What to Expect and How to Study

    so i am going to be taking the physics subject test soon and i want to know what sort of stuff i should expect from it. Its been 1 year since i took physics and I've forgotten a lot of stuff we did in the later portion of the class. right now i am taking physics AP and we have only gotten...
  14. C

    Physics Importance of SAT Physics Test Score in College Admission Process

    I am looking to get an 800 on my upcoming SAT Subject Test for Physics. I know you all aren't admissions officers, but how much do you believe a high score weighs into the overall admission process?
  15. B

    SAT Physics Help: Understanding Thermal & Electric Forces

    right now, I am trying to read a chapter on thermal physics and electric forces. I am trying to do the practice questions, but I can't seem to understand them. Can someone please do these few questions and explain them as well? thanks! 1) During each cycle, a heat engine absorbs 400 J of heat...
  16. A

    Testing Self-Studying for SAT II Physics: Is It Possible?

    I want to take SAT II Physics test in November. Problem is that I don't have any prior knowledge of the subject. I'm highly interested in it and have an idea about some topics since I'm also studying Mechanics in Math. I want to know whether it is possible to self-study for the test and score...
  17. A

    Testing Boost Your SAT II Physics Score with Free Online Practice Questions

    Hi everybody I solved today the questions that the college board put in it's free guide pdf. But these questions are very very easy! is this also the level of the real sat II physics test's questions? Is there any free online source to prepare for this test?? Thanks a lot :)
  18. C

    Testing SAT II Physics should I study

    will the SAT Physics test ask me something like "What does the Second Law of Thermodynamics say should happen..."? If so, do I need to memorize all these laws? How can I possibly know them all? Is there a list?
  19. D

    Testing Sat subject tests : Math,physics practice papers ?

    Hey fellas, I'm giving my SAT subject tests in Dec 2008, And I would like to know where I can give practice tests for : Math 1-2, Physics ? Please Help, as I intent to score 800 on all three of them. I presently use Princeton for both math, barrons for physics; but the practice tests are'nt...
  20. L

    Testing Is the SAT II Physics test harder than expected?

    I'm about to take the SAT II physics in Oct. I bought the Kaplan review book for it but found that I have not learned a lot of the things covered in the test, I have only taken first year physics and I am taking AP physics right now. We have not yet covered circuits, magnetic fields, ray optics...
  21. A

    Testing How big is the SAT Physics curve?

    Wow... I felt like I did horribly on my SAT Physics test, but I got an 800! This doesn't really make me happy though, since I know I missed a lot of questions: I'm pretty sure I got every question right EXCEPT for all the optics questions (and maybe one on fractals). I had never seen optics...
  22. O

    How Does Monochromatic Light Create a Bright Fringe in a Double Slit Experiment?

    Homework Statement When monochromatic light passes through a double slit, a bright fringe is formed due to a path difference of A) 1/4 "wavelength symbol" B) 1/2 "wavelength symbol" C) 3/4 "wavelength symbol" D) 7/8 "wavelength symbol" E) 1 "wavelength symbol" please help by starting...
  23. O

    How Does Doubling the Distance Affect Light Intensity?

    [SOLVED] another SAT II Physics question: optics Homework Statement A point source light which has an intensity level of 10 candle power at a distance of 2 m will have an intensity at 4 m of A) .5 cp B) 1 cp C) 2.5 cp D) 5 cp E) 10 cp Homework Equations i don't really know...my book...
  24. O

    Studying for my SAT II Physics

    i'm studying for my SAT II Physics on June 7, 2008. and taking practice tests from REA. i had trouble understanding this question. please help :) it would be VERY appreciated. Homework Statement Two charges are separated by 2 m. The force of attraction between them is 4 N. If the distance...
  25. D

    How Does Projectile Mass Affect Exit Speed in Physics?

    [SOLVED] SAT Subject Test in Physics Homework Statement Assume that every projectile fired from a toy cannon experiences force F along the length of the barrel. If a projectile of mass M leaves the barrel with speed, V, at what speed will a projectile of mass 2M leave the barrel with...
  26. D

    Testing Has anyone taken the SAT physics subject test?

    Has anyone taken the physics test? I have never seen any model questions, but I just need to know whether the IB physics course will be enough to take the SAT physics. Thanks alot:smile:
  27. A

    Should I get a 150 dollar calculator for Physics B AP SAT Subject test?

    I'm not sure of whether or not I should waste 150 dollars to buy one of the most powerful calculators released by TI, the Ti-89 titanium. For all of you who own one or knows someone who does, how is it?? Right now I have a Ti-84, but I don't think it is as efficient as a Ti-89.. And yes, Ti-89s...
  28. M

    SAT Physics and A-Level Physics

    Hi, I am currently studying the Cambridge A-Level and I will also be taking the SAT Physics sometime end of this year. I am not too sure which category these belong to, so hopefully they fit in the K-12 level alright. I currently have two questions which have been bothering me past two days...
  29. N

    SAT II Physics Practice Questions: Force and Energy Concepts

    A proton charge of 1.6 x 10^-19 coulomb moves trhough a vacuum with a speed v of 1 x 10^6 meters per second. It passes through a uniform magnetic field as shown above. If the force exeted on the proton is 8 x 10^-15 Newton, the magnitude of the magnetic force is most nearly. (A) 1.3 x 10^-27...
  30. M

    Anyone writing the physics sat II?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone is doing the physics sat II. I saw the ap thread below, and it got me wondering if there's many other high school students here. So, yes, just out of curiosity, anyone doing sat's / sat II's?
  31. L

    Testing What Topics Are Covered on the SAT Subject Test in Physics?

    hello, has anyone taken the SAT subject test for physics before? i just wanted some insight into what kind of info they covered thank you for any kind of help u can give me take care