What is Shear flow: Definition and 26 Discussions

The term shear flow is used in solid mechanics as well as in fluid dynamics. The expression shear flow is used to indicate:

a shear stress over a distance in a thin-walled structure (in solid mechanics);
the flow induced by a force (in a fluid).

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  1. N

    Mechanics of materials - shear flow in built up members

    Hello! I am new to mechanics of materials and I am very confused about the problem below. So the shear formula is: tau = VQ/It From the book (Hibbeler) I understand that Q is "y'A', where A' is the cross-sectional area of the segment that is connected to the beam at the juncture where the...
  2. NSNS

    Calculating Shear Stress from Shear Flow for Scientists

    how to calculate shear stress using shear flow
  3. A

    Election of cut placement for Shear flow -- Hibbeler's example

    Hello. I am reading Hibbeler's Mechanics of Materials (ninth edition). Example 7.5 computes shear flow at a segment where there are nails attached to different boards. He chooses a cut like the one shown here: And gets (by symmetry between C and C') the shear flow q computing the first moment...
  4. A

    Shear flow in thin-walled members -- Hibbeler confusion

    Hello: I was reading about thin-walled members under shear force, specifically example 7-7 of Hibbeler's Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials. First, the fourth Edition: As you can see above. He starts by computing the moment of inertia on the first equation by subtracting a rectangle...
  5. tracker890 Source h

    Asymmetric beam torsion balance with shear flow

    Dear Everyone: Q: Please help me to understand why the torque of external load to the centroid is different from the torque of internal shear flow to the centroid in the asymmetric beam? Attached please refer to the following link for more details. Question version Original version Thank you...
  6. Kushwoho44

    Principal Stresses in a Shear Flow

    Hi, I was thinking about principal stresses and unfortunately this is a bit of a dark spot for me in my education. I understand principal stresses as the stresses that are present when the co-ordinate system is oriented such that there are no shear stresses, and only normal stresses. As such...
  7. F

    Question about shear flow / stress

    Homework Statement For QB , why shouldn't the QB = red part only ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Is there anything wrong with the solution given ? Since When we 'cut ' the boards , the b is the red part which in contact with the other board , right ? [/B]
  8. F

    Is the Shear Flow Direction Incorrect in Preventing Beam Twisting?

    In the figure , we can notice that the moment due to Pe is counterclokwise , but moment due to shear flow is also counterclockwise , How can the Pe prevent the twisting of the beam ? Or is the direction of the shear flow wrong ? Should it flow from the below to the top ?
  9. F

    Calculating Shear Flow in a Hollow Beam: Understanding Mistakes in Dimensioning

    Homework Statement for shear flow at D , the Q = Ay , i tried another method , i gt 30000 , instead of 29750, why the ans is different from 29750? why can't i use this method( i break the shaded area into 3 parts ( as shown in figure) Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Q = Ay =...
  10. F

    Shear flow in thin wall members

    Homework Statement In the notes , I don't understand that flange is thin , and the top and bottom surface are free of stress , can someone help to explain please? Secondly , why the q' is assumed to be q ' throughout the flange is assumed to be 0 ? why are they stress free ? We could see that...
  11. P

    What is the shear flow equation for the lower horizontal bar in a hat section?

    Homework Statement I've a problem with defining x function for the lower horizontal bar on the left hand side. Is it shear flow for this part = Vx/Iy * 3 * s^2 * 0.5 (after integration) ? Or should I take whole x part on which is acting force Vx? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  12. P

    Visualization of Fiber orientation in simple shear flow

    I need help on where i can find the numerical study and a MATLAB code on how to visualize the distribution function and orientation tensor of fibers in simple shear flow for different closures as it is shown in Fig.1 and Fig.2 of the following paper...
  13. Z

    Shear Flow Box Beam (Close to the answer)

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The moment and shear flow equations Solved with Matlab The Attempt at a Solution I am getting real close to the answer but something is off and I can't figure it out. The full code (Matlab) deg = pi/180; G = 4.e6...
  14. S

    How to calculate Shear Flow distribution through an Annulus

    Homework Statement My problem is how to calculate the Shear Flow Distribution through this open cross-section. The section has a uniform thickness of 2mm and all other dimensions are on the attached picture. There is also a 100 kN downwards force applied. Homework Equations q(s) =...
  15. I

    Shear flow along a triangular member

    Homework Statement Homework Equations qs1(0)=qs3(5) qs2(0)=qs1(5) qs3(0)=qs2(6) Vy=0 q(s)=-Vy/Iyy*Q(s) Where Q(s)=y*A Where y=y coordinate of centroid and A=Area The Attempt at a Solution To be honest I'm not sure how to separate the q(0) term, nor do I know what the...
  16. A

    How Do You Calculate Shear Flow in a Beam with Longitudinal Bolts?

    Im having difficulty figuring this question as their are not enough notes or guides on longitudinal shear on bolts. Shear flow(q/s) = VQ/I Yc = 100 I = 3.65 X 10^8 MM^4 Q = Ax Y' Q = 150 X 25 X 87.5 = 3281250 As analysing shear in the longitudinal which means taken consideration of...
  17. I

    Shear Flow Against a Wall (Fluid Mechanics)

    Homework Statement Assume a shear flow against a wall, given by U= Uo (2y/ax - y^2/((ax)^2) where a is a constant. Derive the velocity component V (x; y) assuming incompressibility. Homework Equations Haven't been able to find any in my course notes. The Attempt at a Solution...
  18. K

    Fluid mechanics: defition of shear flow [rate of deformation tensor]

    fluid mechanics: defition of "shear flow" [rate of deformation tensor] I'm studying old undergraduate chemical engineering notes for an exam in grad school. Can't recall what this really means, can anyone explain to me what "off-diagonal elements" means and why the trig function velocities...
  19. A

    Noise generated from turbulent shear flow

    Hi guys, its been awhile since i have been back. Right now, i am involved in some research on aeroacoustics and i have been trying to get some of the basic fundamentals on aerodynamic generation of sounds. Unfortunately most of the online literature do not give much details on the physics of...
  20. P

    Understanding Shear Flow for Engineering Applications

    Homework Statement what is shear flow and how can you use it for?
  21. O

    Drawing Shear Flow: Find Shear Center of Cross Section

    I need to find the shear center of the following cross section, but to do so i need to be able to draw the shear flow. Does anyone know how you would draw it for this case and why? It seems to be pretty easy until you get a complex cross section like this. See cross section here...
  22. P

    Solve Shear Flow Problem: Find Correct Area

    Homework Statement The correct answer is circled. [PLAIN]http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/976/94926993.jpg The attempt at a solution I used the equation q = \frac{VQ}{I} But for Q = Ay, what is the area? My area was 80 x 20 = 1600 mm^2. However, this gave me the wrong answer.
  23. L

    How do I determine the distribution of shear flow along a bent metal?

    Question We have a bent piece of metal subjected to a shear V; we're to sketch the distribution of shear flow along the leg AB. (see attached) What I've Done So Far I've tried to determine the second moment of inertia but have failed to produce the same results given in the hints...
  24. L

    Calculating Deflection and Shear Flow in Riveted Beams

    Homework Statement A beam loaded by a central point load deflects a quantity, e.g. d. If an identical beam is laid on top of the first beam and the same loading is applied the deflection drops to d/2. In this loading situation the ends of the beam are not aligned. When the beams are joined...
  25. Saladsamurai

    Understanding Shear Flow Problems: Finding A' in q=QV/I Formula | Help Needed!

    PLEASE! Shear Flow HELP We are doing shear flow problems and my instructor has been unable to explain the topic in a general enough way to apply effectively to all problems. Our (my class) difficulty is understanding in the formula q=QV/I where the variable Q=yA' what to use for A'. It...
  26. G

    What is Shear Flow? Does it Impact Viscosity?

    What is shear flow? Hat this flow viscosity? .... Thank you