What is Smps: Definition and 22 Discussions

The SMP F4 Championship (also known as the F4 NEZ Championship by SMP Racing) is a racing series regulated according to FIA Formula 4 regulations. It is based in the FIA's North European Zone and the Netherlands, and is only open to drivers from these countries. The inaugural season was the 2015 SMP F4 Championship.
Since 2019 season SMP Formula 4 Championship lost the FIA certification. The series is relocated to Russia as support series for Russian Circuit Racing Series. The drivers competes for Cup of Russian Automobile Federation.

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  1. abdulbadii

    Failed function within SMPS giving weak current

    What is the very common culprit component and what is its function within SMPS having weak current, far weaker than its rating while its voltage is always perfect?
  2. H

    What's the normal low-load working temperature for an SMPS transformer?

    Hi! I have question about high frequency transformers inside switch mode power supplies (SMPS). Is it normal for them to become hot under no load or low load? For example if power supply is rated for 144A at 13.8V and I only pull from it 2A at 9.6V, it normal that transformer becomes about 50C...
  3. Wrichik Basu

    Finding the fault in the SMPS in our PC

    The SMPS in our PC went out a few months back. I confirmed that the device was not working by shorting the green and anyone black wires on the 24-pin motherboard connector. This was doubly confirmed by the mechanic who came to install a new SMPS. I was checking online for procedures to detect...
  4. G

    Revolutionizing SMPS Efficiency with Innovative Pulsed Operation Technique

    Hi, I was thinking about smps power supplies and for the record I have built a few myself, so normally in a more powerful smps you want to implement a PFC stage for both "grid health" and efficiency, although I assume usual linear supplies with a mains transformer and a bridge rectifier with...
  5. Salvador

    SMPS transformer core getting hot advice

    I had a bit of rattle about this here before but I hope you folks ain't fed up with me yet.:) So after some trial and error I've built a working smps for my amplifier , it's pretty high power ,when testing dummy loads i got up to 2KW , since I don't need more for my project I never went further...
  6. T

    Understanding operation of specific SMPS example (is it a flyback?)

    I don't have much spear time at the moment, but I came across a SMPS diagram in this thread: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/quick-question-about-inverter-tx-order-wrt-mains.870309/ And I was trying to figure it out, and I don't want to forget about it before I do. So I was wondering if...
  7. Salvador

    Few smps and/or amplifier questions

    Hi folks , maybe you can help me out , so I've built a powerful smps with two separate transformers and secondaries being driven by one common two IGBT half bridge topology. I have also put 4x500w rms amplifier channels into the box , they are not kit's they are basically discrete component made...
  8. Salvador

    DC voltage startup surge in my SMPS

    I recently built a rather crude SMPS using two very powerful IGBT's and a SG3525 and IR2110 driving circuitry. It's a half bridge and even though it's unregulated the output voltage is quite stable , dropping only few volts as the power output goes up to 1KW and some more volts after that.but...
  9. Salvador

    SMPS float capacitor question

    Hi, I am building this smps (schematic attached ) I have a question, since it's a half bridge topology the other end of the transformer primary is attached to half the mains rectified (capacitor middle) via a capacitor , but here's the question , the transformer primary is attached via a...
  10. T

    Boost DC-DC converter basics

    Homework Statement I have recently learned about the boost SMPS and and have built a circuit to investigate the waveforms and levels for Vout, [L] and [C] for different mark space ratios. the circuit consists of a 95uH inducotr, diode, 47uF cap, 70 Ohm load, a FET who's gate is controlled...
  11. L

    Grounding SMPS Power Supply: R, C, & Shock Risk

    Assuming a 2 pin connector for an SMPS power supply, what is the role of the R and C that are connected to Case ground. Usually R is in Megaohms and C around 0.1uF,2KV. IS there a risk of shock when the case is touched?
  12. F

    Powering Digital Circuitry From SMPS

    I was thinking of powering a microcontroller directly from a buck-boost converter, but after doing a few calculations I ran into the following problems: Ringing when switching on/off Current rise time You can get the ringing down with a snubber. The current rise time however is a big...
  13. S

    High frequency noise in smps transformer

    I have assembeled one smps circuit for 25volts, 40 amps. Circuit gives unwanted high feaquency noise at part load. It is silent at no load. What could be the problem. I am not electronic engineer, Electronics is my hobby. Any body can help me.
  14. N

    Question on the switching loss of inductive load in SMPS.

    Homework Statement Hi everyone, I have a question on the SMPS. I am studying the switching loss due to the switching action using a mosfet, it was clear in the resistive load part, the amount of loss is the integration of the changing voltage and current through the switch. However...
  15. N

    Understanding SMPS and Its Components: Key Switching, Inductors, and More

    Hello everyone, I am here again to ask something, though maybe silly to be raised, to obtain a clearer picture of why exactly we are implementing the SMPS in the way we are doing. Let me list them to save your time in reading: Don't bother to answer them all, it would be my honor to have...
  16. E

    SMPS & ferrites statistical reports

    i'm looking for two reports with headings approx. as below (1) world market and trends in Switch Mode Power Supplies, SMPS (2) world market and trends in ferrite cores the material should be free of cost thanks
  17. R

    Understanding SMPS Parameters: Burst Duty, Frequency & More

    Hi, I am doing an application regarding SMPS. In the project i encounter the terms "Burst duty, burst frequency, Timing/phase shift and timing/ dead time". Can anyone explaine me about those parameters and how they are important in SMPS working.
  18. R

    Regulated vs Unregulated regrading to SMPS

    Hi, Can anyone explaine me what is the basic difference between the mentioned question and how it differs on the parameters like output voltage, output current, burst duty, frequency, duty cycle, burst frequency, Timing/phase shift and timing/ dead time. I don't have any idea about...
  19. V

    Why am I hearing audible noise from my SMPS?

    Hello, I'm a newbie for this forum, and I don't have much practical experience on SMPS too. I found this forum when I'm searching for my solution from internet. My Circuit: I'm using a simple buck converter: Vin: 24V Vout:3.3V Iout: 1.5A (dynamic load) The loading is running in PWM...
  20. E

    Troubleshooting Audio Noise in SMPS at 50KHz: Tips and Solutions

    I have a problem with my switch mode power supply, smps. It creates audio sound when I power it up, especially at minimum load. As I increase the load then sound disappears and in some designs it is still there. I don't know what to do. It is a bottleneck for me. Anyone who knows what to do...
  21. Shahil

    Analogue Electronics: SMPS

    Hey guys ... I have inserted a picture of the question as it was easier to scan than to re-write :P It's based on Switching Mode Power Supplies. Homework Statement Check the picture or the upload on photobucket http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k320/shahilj/Q3.jpg" [Broken] ... It is...
  22. M

    Make a SMPS Power Supply - Get Help Now!

    i need help in making of smps power supply...i have the circuit of smps circuit...how can i practically implement this circuit...please help...