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    Toppling Formula

    Moderator note: Thread moved from technical forum so formatting template is missing Hi, I have a block with a specified weight and a lever with a force at the other end. I was hoping someone could tell me what formula i need to work out the maximum length of lever before the block falls over.
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    Toppling effect

    Hello, I uploaded an image of the question so it becomes clear my main doubt is which procedure should I follow 1) total object weight*PERP. Distance to toppling point=Moment of cylinder+moment of cone 2) moment of cylinder ≥ moment of cone I tried doing method two since they asked for least...
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    Box stability calculation

    Ok I know this should be easy but it's been a few years since my physics lessons at college and I'm stumped. I work in packaging. I'm working on a tool that will tell me if a box will fall over when it is subjected to an edge drop test. That means that a block is placed under one edge of a box...