What is Toppling: Definition and 32 Discussions

Topple is a game by American developer Chris DeLeon and published by ngmoco for the iOS platform. It is available for download on the iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store or iTunes. A sequel entitled Topple 2 was released on March 8, 2009.

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  1. R

    I How Toppling works for a polygon shaped body already in motion, No Ex. Force applied

    How does a polygon shaped body's toppling shifts from one edge to next adjacent edge when the object is already in motion without any sliding and no external force is applied ? Explain it with the case of hexagon or octagon both ways, with and without including CoM.
  2. Spector989

    Solving Question through Inertial Frame: Challenges & Workings

    So i solved this question through non inertial frame but how do i solve this through inertial frame , when i used to solve only translation question when i observed through non inertial frame the main difference was in inertial frame Fnet = 0 and in non inertial frame Fnet -ma =0 (ma being...
  3. D

    Frame on castors toppling over

    Hello all, I'm trying to calculate how much force is required to topple over a frame with a conveyor attached to it. I have attached a screenshot of the assembly. I have the centre of gravity as seen on the screenshot. The two lines to the pivot points show the angle. These are 16 degrees (line...
  4. SilverSoldier

    Toppling an Object over a Table

    Here is a diagram of the situation. I first marked the forces acting on the system. I understand that for this rod to topple over, there must be a net moment about point ##A##. But how exactly should I approach this problem? Isn't it so, that irrespective of the velocity given to the block...
  5. ?

    Solving Toppling Hemisphere Problem with Momentum & Angular Momentum

    I emphasise again that this is a problem I created myself to better my understanding of moments of inertia and angular momentum. My latest approach: The method of successive approximations - Separate the hemisphere into a part with positive horizontal velocity and a part with negative...
  6. ?

    I Toppling a Hemisphere: Solving for Kinetic Energy in a Delicate Collision

    Hello, So I've been toying with the following problem and I'd really appreciate some feedback and advice. The problem statement (as unambiguous as I can make it): A solid hemisphere is placed on a horizontal ledge so that its center is directly above the edge, fixed there by a delicate thread...
  7. IgnacioPR

    I Some questions about toppling of a set of two cylinders

    Dear colleagues of Physics Forum: I am trying to estimate the inclination (angle) at which the figure presented with the enclosed photo, composed by two cylinders of different densities (ρ1=2650 kg/m3 and ρ2=7000 kg/m3), will topple, when progressively inclined from a horizontal position. Let's...
  8. moriheru

    CIE A'level question on toppling of connected solids

    α 1. Homework Statement The problem my question is about is 4. (iii). Second image First image is markscheme Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution The CIE markscheme has h= 0.944 as the least possible value for h. They find this value for h by setting up an equation for the centre...
  9. S

    Calculate Max Lever Length for Toppling Block

    Moderator note: Thread moved from technical forum so formatting template is missing Hi, I have a block with a specified weight and a lever with a force at the other end. I was hoping someone could tell me what formula i need to work out the maximum length of lever before the block falls over.
  10. N

    Rod is toppling. Find reaction force as a function of theta

    Homework Statement Rod of length b and mass m topples from vertical position at theta = 0. Calculate the reaction force f as a function of theta. What is the minimal and maximal values of f for theta between 0 and pi Homework Equations Third law?[/B]The Attempt at a Solution I never really...
  11. V

    Understanding Forces on a Toppling Bicycle Wheel

    Homework Statement A stationary bicycle wheel is placed on its rim on rough ground. It topples over. Sketch a free body diagram for the wheel when it is at an arbitrary angle to the vertical and label the forces. Explain qualitatively what happens to the direction and magnitude of each of the...
  12. B

    Toppling Effect: What's the Best Procedure?

    Hello, I uploaded an image of the question so it becomes clear my main doubt is which procedure should I follow 1) total object weight*PERP. Distance to toppling point=Moment of cylinder+moment of cone 2) moment of cylinder ≥ moment of cone I tried doing method two since they asked for least...
  13. B

    Calculating Box Stability: An Energy Approach

    Ok I know this should be easy but it's been a few years since my physics lessons at college and I'm stumped. I work in packaging. I'm working on a tool that will tell me if a box will fall over when it is subjected to an edge drop test. That means that a block is placed under one edge of a box...
  14. Satvik Pandey

    What Angle Causes a Block to Topple on an Inclined Plane?

    Homework Statement A block of base ##10cm \times 10cm## and height ##15cm## is kept on an incline plane. The coefficient of friction between them is ##\sqrt { 3 } ##. The inclination of the incline plain is ##\theta##. Find the value of theta for which the block begins to topple. Homework...
  15. D

    Calculating the 'Kicking Out' Force in Toppling Objects

    Hi. I am trying to calculate the 'kicking out' force created when an object topples over. Attached is a picture of what I mean. The body in the picture topples in a clockwise direction as shown, with its initial pivot point at 'a'. The centre of gravity of the body is shown as cg. Now I have...
  16. H

    Optimizing structure for toppling

    Hi! everyone... I'm a building a standing frame for disabled children, the structure in elemental form is shown in picture. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60ALttRvwKmdzRGc0pGWlN5Z3c/edit?usp=sharing link to picture -...
  17. adjacent

    Box Toppling: Causes and Effects

    I don't know if "toppling" is even a word.:rolleyes: This is not a homework,just a question. https://www.physicsforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=68762&stc=1&d=1397811697 If I apply a force at A,the box will topple and fall.(Probably because of friction) If I apply a force at B,the...
  18. T

    Toppling of cylinder containing fluid

    Homework Statement A light cylindrical vessel of radius r is kept on a rough horizontal surface with sufficient friction so that it cannot slide but can topple. It is filled with water up to a height 2h and a small hole of area a is punched in it so that the water coming out of it falls at the...
  19. M

    The Toppling Stack: Finding Equilibrium and Minimum Values

    Homework Statement The Toppling Stack There is a stack of N boxes (rectangular solids) on a level frictionless table. Each box has the same uniform density, has the same mass M, and has the same dimensions L x W x H. The bottom box is pulled with a constant force F parallel to the...
  20. Saitama

    Solve Toppling Problem: Understand Torque Equation

    Homework Statement This is a solved problem I am trying to understand, I have attached the problem. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution In the solution of i), I don't understand why is it ok to apply the torque equation about O. The question does not state that block does...
  21. Z

    Falling (toppling) rigid tower (uniform rod)

    I am working on an animation, which involves a rigid, vertical tower falling (toppling) to the ground, and I am stuck at its core physics. Actually this is the same as the thin uniform rod initially positioned in the vertical direction, with its lower end attached to a frictionless axis...
  22. S

    F = MA Exam 2012 #3 - (Triangle toppling down a plane)

    Homework Statement 3. An equilateral triangle is sitting on an inclined plane. Friction is too high for it to slide under any circumstance, but if the plane is sloped enough it can “topple” down the hill. What angle incline is necessary for it to start toppling? (A) 30 degrees (B) 45 degrees...
  23. B

    Can You Help Me Calculate the Toppling Force for a Horizontal Post?

    I am attempting to design a base to support a post that will be pulled horizontally at its top. A 2D image of the post will be a simple inverted "T" The top of the post will be pulled horizontally by a force of approximatly 900N What I need to do is design a suitable base for this post...
  24. H

    Toppling cylinder angular velocity

    Homework Statement I am approximating an object as a cylinder (h=6, r=1, mass=200lb). The cylinder is in the process of toppling over from a vertical position. I will assume that the cylinder can pivot freely on the bottom surface. At some angle theta, the cylinder will strike an object...
  25. A

    Angular Speed of a Cubical Block Hitting a Ridge

    Toppling based problem... Homework Statement A cubical block of side 'a' is moving with velocity v on a horizontal smooth plane. It hits a ridge on ita way ahead... Find the angular speed of the block after hitting the ridge.. Homework Equations No clue The Attempt at a Solution...
  26. B

    Will the cylinder slide or topple on an inclined plane?

    Greetings. I answer a lot of physics questions on another forum and I came across this one. So it's someone's homework problem, but not mine. :-) But as I looked at it, I realized that it's either very simple and I'm missing something, or it's more subtle and I don't have the tools to solve...
  27. S

    Toppling giving example of a block on horizontal surface?

    Please explain me the toppling giving example of a block on horizontal surface? Is friction necessary? What's its deal with center of gravity?
  28. U

    What Is the Maximum Inclination Angle for Equilibrium of a Cut Square Plate?

    Homework Statement A uniform square metal plate of side 10 cm has a square of side 4cm cut away from one corner. (a) Find the position of the centre of mass of the remaining plate. It is now placed on a rough inclined plane as shown in the diagram. The place is inclined to the horizontal at...
  29. R

    Solving a Cylindrical Brick Chimney Toppling Problem

    I'm having trouble with solving this problem: Suppose we have a cylindrical brick chimney with height L. It starts to topple over, rotating rigidly about its base until it breaks. Show that it is most likely to break a distance L/3 from the base because the torque is too great. So I'm...
  30. K

    Determining Force for Toppling 30" Round Table

    I am trying to determine how much force is necessary to make a round table topple over, or what information I need to make such a determination. The table is 30" in diameter and 1 1/4" thick, made from medium density fiberboard (MDF). The MDF has a density of 39 lbs/foot3. The table has three...
  31. E

    The Toppling of a transmitter mast

    About a week ago a big transmitter mast has fallen. The transmitter mast was about 100 meters high, is it possible to calculate how long it took before it touched the ground without knowing it's weight? The time starts as soon as the mast starts falling. I need the answer for my school exam and...
  32. jimmy p

    What Formulas Determine the Sliding and Toppling Forces on a Cube?

    Ok, I have a maths question. This is a little different because I don't want the answer, I want the formula so I can work out the answer (and future answers) myself. lol it's not very good self-learning with a book that doesn't tell you much. Anyway here is the question. A solid uniform cube...