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    Two loudspeakers emit waves, find wavelength

    I solved it, but then saw another solution online and am wondering if is is correct (since it is much faster than mine) and if my reasoning of it is correct 1. Homework Statement Two loudspeakers emit sound waves along the x-axis. A listener in front of both speakers hears a maximum sound...
  2. H

    New wave after superposition (interference)

    Homework Statement 1. Homework Statement [/B] The displacement y of standing wave that is obtained by a superposition of waves : Y1 = 3 sin (2##\pi##(0.5t - 0 25 x)) Y2 = 3 sin (2##\pi##(0.5t + 0 25 x)) Homework Equations Formula for standing waves Y = 2Asinkx coswt The Attempt at a Solution...
  3. S

    I Y-intercept of a lambda square VS tension of standing wave

    Hi all! I am doing an experiment where we create a standing wave by attaching a string to a hanging mass at one end and to a string vibrator at the other (the string passes through a pulley). When plotting the graph, the slope is inevitably 1/(u*f^2) where u is the linear density and f the...
  4. C

    On Radio Waves

    Is there a machine that can emit multiple radio waves simultaneously? I am trying to create a demonstration, but it requires multiple radio waves at once and cannot find any machines that can do so.
  5. EF17xx

    Resonating wineglass problem

    I have done an experiment where I vary the levels of water in a wineglass and record the frequencies it produces which differ depending on the height of the water. Below you see 1 equation, apparently I can use this equation to mathematically prove my results from my experiment, (this equation...
  6. T

    I Refraction Convergence and Amplitude change- Ocean waves

    There are many explanations on the internet, of refraction and convergence of ocean waves entering shallow water around a headland However they all go no deeper than this statement "Where the water is shallow the wave rays converge wave energy is greater where the wave rays spread out the...
  7. CricK0es

    Resultant of two waves -- Different amplitude+phase difference

    Homework Statement a.) Find the resultant of the two waves: Phasor method E1 = 4cos(ωt) & E2 = 3cos(ωt+\frac{\pi}{2}) b.) By algebraically writing E1 = 4cos(ωt+α-α) & E2 = 3cos(ωt+α+\frac{\pi}{2}-α) Choose α to make the wave have only a cosine term Homework Equations The Attempt...
  8. Y

    Distance needed to walk in order to hear local maximum

    Homework Statement A person stands in an open space listening to the sound from two speakers. The speakers generate sound with a frequency of 489.5 Hz, the speed of sound in air is 343 m/s. The speakers are 2.00 m apart and the person walks away from one of the speakers along a line that is...
  9. NaiveTay

    B Two-Slit Experiment And Varying Electron Momentum

    There seems to be two divided approaches in how the uncertainty principle is explained, but they seem to be explaining two different things. The first, more intuitive explanation of the limits imposed by quantum mechanics goes something like: in order for a measurement to be made, we have to...
  10. K

    Sound standing waves paradox...

    If you seal a loudspeaker at the end of a tube and close the other end of the tube you will get standing waves; but what are the boundary conditions at the speaker for the sound pressure wave? Pressure =0 or Pressure = MAX? I find no mention of this in the literature. To find out I performed a...
  11. toforfiltum

    Confused about interference pattern of waves

    Homework Statement Homework Equations dsinθ =nλ The Attempt at a Solution I don't understand why an interference pattern will only be observed along XY only. Why don't the waves intersect along RS. Does it have something to do with R being the midpoint of PQ?
  12. E

    Odd (pretty) waveform for third harmonic of violin E-string

    I lightly placed my finger a quarter of the length down the E-string of a violin and drew the bow, forcing the third harmonic. I used an oscilloscope app to look at the waveform. I got this unusually regular pure pattern...
  13. Robsta

    Calculate focal length of lens by diffraction.

    Homework Statement A collimated beam from a white-light source is incident normally on a transmission grating with 500 lines per mm. The transmitted light then passes through a lens which is used to project the visible (380–780 nm) spectrum of the light source on to a strip of photographic film...
  14. M

    Phase Difference

    There are two waves y1=a. sin(ω.t) & y2=a. sin(ω.t + φ) My question is what is the phase difference of these two waves? Is it "φ" or "φ/ω"?
  15. M

    Superposition and retrocausality

    Hello guys, I made this analogy for double slit experiment. I would like to share this idea and I would like to hear your opinions and ideas. Thank you. I apologize for any typos or bad grammar, I am not native english speaker. Here it is: Analogy for wave collapse I am using term KNOWER...
  16. A

    Destructive and Constructive Interference for Sound Speakers

    Homework Statement Problem b). Looking at the attached document of my teacher, the visual representation of the answer does make sense. Homework Equations 2pi(delta(x1-x2))+delta(phase constant) Basic interference problem in One-Dimension. The Attempt at a...