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- The study of the nature, properties, and composition of matter. Biochemistry, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
chemistry, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Good chemistry websites ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I think that these links can be interesting: PeriodicTable:
Y 04:40 PM
Andrew Tsvyk
116 149,945
chemical, latex, typeset Sticky Thread Pinned: Chemical LaTeX typeset ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Physicsforums now has a very cool feature, which enables complex typesetting for formulas or equations! A tutorial...
Jul7-13 04:53 PM
64 157,300
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:03 PM
0 41,676
Can someone explain what type if nickel catalyst they used in this...
Y 01:56 AM
6 181
As I understand, when an electric field is applied to an atom then the nucleus and electron cloud will be shifted out...
Aug19-14 10:56 AM
3 189
For some time now, I have been fascinated by the Miller-Urey experiment. However, after watching many videos and...
Aug18-14 03:31 PM
2 286
Hi I only have very few materials which are (calcium gluconate , zinc gluconate , ferrous gluconate ) and copper...
Aug18-14 02:24 AM
7 305
I saw a YouTube video where someone took nichrome wire and a high voltage source and managed to light a whole series...
Aug17-14 07:50 PM
1 178
Hi, I was trying to design Molten NaCl battery (cell ) , but found most of information about Li based salts. Ihave a...
Aug17-14 07:39 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 257
I tried vinegar electrolysis using 2 copper electrodes and 9v adaptor it gave dark brown material on the (-) ...
Aug17-14 03:24 PM
6 259
I know that water can be superheated, but my question is more fundamental. What causes water to boil at 100 deg C? I...
Aug16-14 04:22 PM
10 353
tert-butyl bromide + MeOK in MeOH -----> I would think that MeOK would dissociate in solution making it MeO- which...
Aug16-14 10:00 AM
1 196
Ok what kind of environment do I have to create for the reaction to take place? I'm turning an old propane tank into a...
Aug15-14 02:58 AM
1 191
I was wondering if Boron Trioxide was melted would it be ionic in the molten state? Boron is not normally ionic except...
Aug14-14 02:56 PM
4 287
I have a 50KG cylinder with 1-2LB of SF6 at 15PSI. I want to transfer it into another cylinder by temperature...
Aug12-14 06:46 PM
1 235
Hi. I'm confused about how chlorine reacts with water. Yesterday I electrolised saltwater. There was some intense...
Aug12-14 05:59 AM
6 448
Hi, I am trying to solve the chemical equilibria in a kraft mill bleach plant to predict mineral scale deposits. I...
Aug12-14 03:48 AM
2 212
Okay let's say we have water, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen chloride. What do you think is going to happen? Do you...
Aug12-14 03:25 AM
23 1,499
I was given this attached photo on a part of some apparatus but I don't know what it is... Any ideas?
Aug11-14 10:29 PM
15 394
Hello! Is it possible to study the organic chemistry without the firm knowledge of general chemistry? I took the...
Aug11-14 07:42 AM
1 235
I always like to be specific when talking about "energy released". It is too vague for me, there is what to specify...
Aug11-14 07:25 AM
5 315
Why is it that gas with higher critical temperature are adsorbed to greater extent on surface of adsorbent as...
Aug10-14 10:12 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 309
When is an Elimination 2 reaction more likely to take place than any other reaction (more likely than SN1, SN2, E1)? ...
Aug10-14 10:12 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 296
I have a molecule with a certain kinetic, vibrational, and rotational energy. It absorbs a photon which excites a...
Aug10-14 08:36 PM
2 324
Just double-checking myself on something: Typically at the high-school level, we say that it takes energy to break...
Aug9-14 03:10 PM
3 345
I'm trying to reach a more thorough understanding of what's going on when we calculate equilibrium concentrations and...
Aug9-14 02:17 AM
2 295
To represent operations of a point group by matrix we need to choose basis for this representation. What is the...
Aug7-14 07:02 AM
4 526
Why is CO2 released when soda is shaked, and dissolves again when the soda is stable? My teacher in class today...
Aug6-14 02:40 PM
3 323
During my summer chemistry course yesterday, I asked my teacher this question and she said she didn't know.
Aug6-14 11:56 AM
1 338
Why are the electronic configurations of Copper and Chromium exceptional? What is so different about them?
Aug6-14 09:07 AM
Satvik Pandey
9 490
I am doing research on synthesis of copper nano particles. I would like to have a cyclic voltammetry (CV) of this...
Aug5-14 11:24 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 383
OK so we have a dipolar bond between two elements. This bond makes the other electrons redistribute in order to rest...
Aug5-14 11:24 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 368
This question is about neutralising alcohol in the bottle, not in the body or an attempt to get rid of a hangover. ...
Aug5-14 07:00 AM
4 462
Recently I have been researching the topic and I have not found any completely clear answer. To restate my question...
Aug5-14 12:01 AM
Simon Bridge
5 416
This is a question in "Chemical Principles, 6th Edition, Steven Zumdahl": Bond energy has been defined in the text as...
Aug3-14 06:09 AM
18 1,742
I am currently in Year 12 (high school) and have been doing a wine-making experiment for chemistry. This has involved...
Aug2-14 10:29 PM
29 6,797
Hi. I am a complete novice working on my first backyard experiment. I have a 1part sulphuric acid 4parts tap water...
Aug2-14 02:39 AM
3 409
I was reading this website ( on calculating pH...
Jul29-14 01:51 AM
3 722
I looked up the word oxidize and one of the definitions is to make it an oxide which is what happens when iron gets...
Jul28-14 03:29 PM
5 1,096
The refractive index of H2 = 1.0001594 under the following conditions : P = 101325 Pa T = 273.15 K I...
Jul28-14 06:23 AM
12 1,200
Why is Ksp not defined for soluble salts? Also, when an equilibrium is established between the solid, undissolved salt...
Jul28-14 04:28 AM
2 1,621
Hi! I was about lubricating my computer fan. The WD40/sewing/machine oil dries up quickly so I was wondering about...
Jul27-14 07:11 AM
1 627
Hello Forum, I have two polymers (both in pellet form). Their spec sheet shows that the two polymers have different...
Jul26-14 08:56 AM
2 817

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