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- The study of the nature, properties, and composition of matter. Biochemistry, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical...
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chemistry, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Good chemistry websites ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I think that these links can be interesting: PeriodicTable:
Y 03:49 PM
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chemical, latex, typeset Sticky Thread Pinned: Chemical LaTeX typeset ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Physicsforums now has a very cool feature, which enables complex typesetting for formulas or equations! A tutorial...
Jul7-13 04:53 PM
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:03 PM
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In my book they explained that a trigonal planar shape is not good because of the 3 lone pair bond-pair repulsions...
T 05:23 AM
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Hi all, couple of questions in the Official IUPAC naming rules for organic compounds: 1. How do I name organic...
Y 08:54 PM
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I wanted to see how the rate of change of rate constant with temperature (dk/dT) changes with activation energy. I...
Y 07:57 PM
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I am reading a chemistry book printed in 1805. The chemical reaction equations are written using the equality symbol =...
Y 06:04 AM
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Hi, this may seem like a noob question for you geeks out there, but I cant wrap my head around this. The formula for...
Apr17-14 07:01 PM
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Why anhydrous ZnCl2 is required for 1 degree alcohols to convert into alkyl halides? It is a SN2 reaction; so the...
Apr17-14 02:56 AM
1 141
Hello, I have having some difficulty determining the conformer and assigning H-NMR peaks for a compound with a...
Apr16-14 07:42 PM
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I am wondering what is the best method to use to extract a compound that is separated by TLC by the liquid extraction...
Apr16-14 03:03 PM
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Is the degree of dissociation the value of Alpha when the dissociation begins with 1 mole of the solute, or is it...
Apr15-14 04:48 PM
11 318
I am in need of help answering a question. I am an environmental geologist faced with the need to comment on...
Apr15-14 03:59 PM
1 157
I am looking for absorbance spectra and extinction coefficients (molar absorptivities) for common inorganic substances...
Apr15-14 02:11 PM
3 154
There are some really really good treatises out there on fractional crystallization, and I'm ploughing through them...
Apr14-14 09:27 PM
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What I know about galvanic cells is : zinc is the anode and copper is the cathode, zinc loses electrons and it turns...
Apr14-14 08:04 AM
20 395
Why are precipitation reactions are irreversible as NaCl + AgNO3 --------> AgCl + NaNO3
Apr14-14 01:40 AM
4 284
Hi all, All three of the equations are in very similar forms. I'm just looking for a source or a basic idea behind...
Apr13-14 04:42 PM
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Hello, I was wondering conceptually, why does the density of the individual components change when they are added...
Apr13-14 03:52 PM
4 595
I saw the thread called Decay/Reactivity of DMSO and it was closed. Since the thread was inconclusive I have decided...
Apr13-14 02:36 AM
1 228
In a solution of aqua regia (or other acids), if there is a precious metal dissolved, along with other metal ( such as...
Apr13-14 12:07 AM
2 208
a 9 L vessel contains 3 moles of helium and 3 moles of nitrogen at a pressure of 10 atm. Maintaining constant...
Apr12-14 05:04 PM
2 304
Hello all, I am currently in possession of two chemistry textbooks, Changs and Atkins, which I believe are both...
Apr12-14 04:45 PM
2 172
I see why, numerically speaking, deltaGo, defined as deltaGo = - RT ln K or deltaGo = deltaHo - TdeltaSo would be...
Apr12-14 04:42 PM
1 187
1 mole of a substance equals the amount of grams needed for that substance to have 6.0221413e+23 (Avogadro's number)...
Apr12-14 03:08 AM
24 542
I have synthesized nano-hydroxyapatite particles via wet chemistry precipitation of a Ca-PO4 solution. In water and...
Apr11-14 03:42 PM
0 188
Hello, I quote from a paper: "...a solution of CuSO4 (1 mM) and NaAsc (2 mM) in 10 mM Tris buffer with 20% DMSO". ...
Apr10-14 01:21 PM
1 215
Dear all, I got some results from mass spectrometry analysis of liquid samples (I am not really familiar with mass...
Apr10-14 12:31 AM
2 303
Okay let's say we have water, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen chloride. What do you think is going to happen? Do you...
Apr9-14 02:28 AM
17 910
Hello, So as the end of the year comes to an end, AP Chemistry is getting increasingly more difficult to the point...
Apr9-14 02:24 AM
2 248
In the word "Ferroelectricity", why has the word "ferro" been used when it has nothing to do with ferrous or iron?
Apr8-14 03:06 PM
1 261
NH4+ + H2O (kr) = (kf) NH3 + H3O+; the same reaction can be written as: NH4+ + HO- (kr) = (kf) NH3 + H2O; where...
Apr8-14 02:47 PM
3 256
Hi everyone! I'm making a research and I want to figure out how much L-arginine is in a capsule, which is said to...
Apr8-14 10:41 AM
0 259
The bond enthalpies for these bonds are: C-C 347 kJ/mol C-N 276 kJ/mol C-O 351 kJ/mol Why is carbon-nitrogen...
Apr8-14 07:52 AM
25 832
Just a curious question. How would the rate for a net reaction involving multiple steps of all similar (perhaps...
Apr8-14 07:24 AM
5 480
This question came to mind when studying voltaic cells. In voltaic cells, for some ions (Cu2+ for example), both...
Apr7-14 10:47 AM
1 318
My lab group and I are a bit confused. We are doing a lab where we need to calculate the Ksp of calcium hydroxide in...
Apr7-14 10:28 AM
2 340
Wiki says that the thorium atom is bonded to 15 hydrogens? How does this even work? Any diagrams on the molecular...
Apr6-14 11:24 AM
1 340
I would like to find the refractive index of a 1M sorbitol solution. Is there any resource out there that lists...
Apr4-14 12:27 AM
Simon Bridge
1 428
I'm using a program for calculating chemical reactions, but I'm not a chemist. I will use the results for a different...
Apr3-14 12:04 PM
5 470
Hi I tried cooling down some 91% isopropyl alcohol with dry ice. After a few minutes, the alcohol became a thick gel....
Apr2-14 07:24 PM
5 442
I'm trying to understand how to draw MO diagram for molecules such as CO, HF, and NO. I am finding so much conflicting...
Apr1-14 03:33 AM
1 439
This may sound ridiculous to the elite here, but if I had a bottle with 500mL of vinegar where 5% was acetic acid. If...
Mar31-14 06:55 AM
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