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- The study of the nature, properties, and composition of matter. Biochemistry, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
chemistry, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Good chemistry websites ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I think that these links can be interesting: PeriodicTable:
Aug20-14 04:40 PM
Andrew Tsvyk
116 150,682
chemical, latex, typeset Sticky Thread Pinned: Chemical LaTeX typeset ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Physicsforums now has a very cool feature, which enables complex typesetting for formulas or equations! A tutorial...
Jul7-13 04:53 PM
64 157,906
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:03 PM
0 41,872
I have to write an empirical formula for these ionic materials: Al N Sr I so i know that Al gives 3 electrons and...
Nov7-10 05:41 AM
2 890
Assume that all the mass of an atom is concentrated in his nuclear it have a Ball-shaped with a radius r=1.5x10^-5pm...
Nov6-10 11:58 AM
4 990
I wanted to perform some experiments on enzyme rates and chose amylase as it is easy to obtain. However, I wanted it...
Nov6-10 06:59 AM
4 4,111
For example, the stronger an acid the more the Ions disassociate in an aqueous solution, right? If I have the idea...
Nov6-10 05:24 AM
3 1,786
I must derive the 1/4th life expression for a first order rxn. ln(\frac{_{\circ}}{_{t}})=kt...
Nov6-10 05:20 AM
2 2,393
When energy is to be gained correct? It takes more energy to take a valence electron off Na than energy is gained when...
Nov5-10 02:49 PM
4 993
I am currently working on a project analysing inhibitors of a heme enzyme which oxidises an indole molecule. We have...
Nov5-10 08:04 AM
0 959
Using a very simple set up with high school kids, Zinc Plate *on* Filter paper soaked in ZnSO4 *on*...
Nov5-10 06:26 AM
3 2,226
The question i am stuck on is "If 2.9g of ethanol burn with the evolution of 87 kj of heat, what is the molar heat of...
Nov4-10 02:07 PM
3 3,212
pls give me the detail notes for what is Hard water and softwater, Method to remove of Hardness,,,,,,,Hlep me
Nov4-10 08:10 AM
1 1,276
There is such thing as a orthorhombic body centered crystal lattice. I am wondering why this is the case see the...
Nov4-10 04:33 AM
4 2,297
Is there a website where you can enter the Compound's chemical formula and it's will give us the names of elements? ...
Nov4-10 04:00 AM
10 1,371
\Delta H_{f}\circ=-1670kJ/mol for Al_{2}O_{3} What is \Delta H_{rxn}\circ for...
Nov4-10 03:23 AM
1 5,202
Please note: this is NOT a homework question. I am reviewing my notes for next week's quiz and I need some...
Nov4-10 01:01 AM
3 13,366
In order to understand some areas of chemistry I have gotten interested in, I believe it in my best interest to learn...
Nov3-10 04:56 PM
5 2,163
In chemistry, what is the stock system?
Nov3-10 01:16 PM
1 990
Hi My text book states that say 50 amu/atom = 50 g/mol. Which does not really make any sense. I am not sure how to...
Nov3-10 08:23 AM
10 17,132
For an acid, the more Hydrogen (H+) Ions the compound releases in an aqueous solution it, the higher its pH correct,...
Nov3-10 03:36 AM
3 1,168
No, this isn't a homework question... Would it be feasible to use a tertiary haloalkane with sodium ethoxide, then...
Nov3-10 12:21 AM
3 1,528
Uranium nitride rips the hydrogen atoms off a carbon atom -- but unfortunately, the UN is destroyed in the process....
Nov3-10 12:10 AM
1 824
Can someone please help me understand the difference between syn and anti elimination in terms of what they favor? My ...
Nov2-10 05:13 PM
6 10,406
I have a few questions about organic chemistry. First of all, when is it acceptable to leave out the 1's when naming...
Nov2-10 04:47 PM
2 1,759
There are two ways to form these: through Covalent and Ionic bonding, correct? But I have always wondered something...
Nov2-10 03:53 PM
8 1,418
This is a subject I am unfamiliar with, and was just wondering where I should start in order to learn about them and...
Nov2-10 03:50 PM
8 876
Is anyone familiar with any chemical reactions that release both oxygen and carbon dioxide gas as products? Or any...
Nov2-10 01:08 PM
1 1,688
Richard Feynman once said, "So what is this mind of ours: what are these atoms with consciousness? Last week’s...
Nov1-10 10:00 PM
3 7,420
Hello chemists! In the classical treatment of reaction kinetics, the overall reaction rate is usually written as a...
Nov1-10 08:39 PM
2 2,677
I have gotten the principles of them down, but I still have some more detail to cover. From what I know about Ionic...
Nov1-10 02:33 PM
1 1,477
One the practice problems i was doing in preparation for my exam was to rank the following nucleophiles in the order...
Nov1-10 02:27 PM
1 3,649
Hi All Will you please please explain this reaction to me.. Very Briefly?? The reaction of a metal eg. Fe with...
Nov1-10 12:15 AM
8 1,737
Hi guys! First time post here. I was wondering where on the internet you could find such a value? I have tried...
Oct31-10 08:57 PM
6 9,235
I conducted a experiment to determine the order of oxidizing ability of the halogens in aqueous solution. Halogens...
Oct31-10 11:30 AM
1 3,629
I am planning to use natural sources of citric acid-lemons preferably-to demonstrate a flame retardant mixture using...
Oct31-10 05:41 AM
1 1,955
Hi all Upon the reaction of Hydrochloric acid with Iron.. the following equation represents the reaction: Fe +...
Oct30-10 07:49 PM
2 886
How can you determine the ratio of the keto tautomer of a compound to its enol form? I know which functional groups...
Oct30-10 05:19 PM
4 3,705
This is an excerpt from here SCROLL DOWN. My question is quite simple : what does this mean ? What are they trying...
Oct30-10 01:34 PM
1 1,230
I am interested in reactions of the type C2H5COCH3 + KH -> C2H5COCH2K + H2 In this paticular reaction, I...
Oct30-10 10:14 AM
3 1,861
In my organic lab we recently isolated and crystallized the natural product usnic acid from dried lichen. An IR...
Oct30-10 12:15 AM
5 2,894
So, a friend just picked up an antique chemistry set from the 50s, containing all sorts of interesting stuff - among...
Oct29-10 11:14 PM
5 2,638
So I am supposed to be in p-chem in the spring and I have my concerns. It's been a good while since I took physics,...
Oct29-10 07:56 PM
2 1,055

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