What is Ac analysis: Definition and 22 Discussions

A solid-state AC-to-AC converter converts an AC waveform to another AC waveform, where the output voltage and frequency can be set arbitrarily.

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  1. P

    Investigating the Effects of a Common Emitter Amplifier

    Summary:: Using a common emitter amplifier to pump up the input voltage, and studying the effects henceforth. Here is a circuit with 0.6V pk-pk input voltage (v_in) for the CE amplifier, 1.17 kHz frequency- For this, without C5 and R9, the AC and DC gain was -10. I was supposed to increase...
  2. P

    Understanding Voltage Distribution in AC Circuits

    The problem is shown below: (I am only asking about part b) ^Above is the problem. Below is the solution to part b. They have claimed that we can set potential at C = D = u(t), and A=B=0. Why is this claim true? What I realize: By applying Kirchoff's across ACDB, Voltage across C1 = Voltage...
  3. Kaushik

    Facing issues in understanding a Purely Inductive Circuit

    Consider a purely inductive circuit with an inductor of self-inductance ##L## and sinusoidally varying AC source of peak voltage ##V_{m}##. First of all, Why is ##V_{ac} = ε_{ind}## (where ##ε_{ind}## is the back emf)? Now, at ## t=0 ##, voltage is increasing at a fast rate. Hence, due to the...
  4. Kaushik

    Understanding the Phase Difference Between Voltage & Current in a Circuit

    Consider a circuit with a witch, capacitor and an AC voltage source. The sinusoidal AC voltage source is depicted in the following graph: We know that, ##Q = CV## ##\frac{dQ}{dt} = C \frac{dV}{dt}## ##i = C\frac{dV}{dt} \tag{1}## So from the graph, the voltage increases rapidly around ## t =...
  5. M

    Engineering AC circuit: Find the current through the inductor & capacitor

    Hi! I wonder if it is correct. Can someone confirm (maybe with a software) ? I(L) = I2 I(C) = I2 - I3 -- Thanks.
  6. Boltzman Oscillation

    In AC analysis do I alternate the current and voltage?

    Lets say I am analyzing a simple AC voltage source with a resistor. In the positive voltage peak then I will use V and I say current is flowing clockwise. When I am analyzing the -Vpk iteration then do I make the current counter clockwise too or do i keep it clockwise? Thanks.
  7. D

    Engineering Calculating the effective value and frequency of AC Circuit

    Homework Statement For AC Circuit shown in the picture, ##C=60nF##, ##L=100uH##, ##X_3=-100Ω##, ##Z_2=50Ω## and ##Φ_2=\frac {\pi}{6}##. When the switch is closed the ammeter shows a current ##I_1=0.6A## and the voltmeter shows ##U_l=60V##. The measuring instruments mentioned are ideal...
  8. Dr Eve Wildman

    A AC transport data query (using a PPMS system)

    Hello and thanks for looking at this question. I have a semi-conducting sample which has been run on a PPMS system - measuring it's resistivity as a function of temperature. I switched to AC transport mode in order to measure the resistivity again while applying frequencies between 1Hz -...
  9. G

    KCL with phasors: how to proceed knowing effective values

    Homework Statement I have the following problem. Consider a circuit node where 3 sinusoidal currents with the same frequency converge, i1 i2 and i3. Knowing that the effective values of i1 and i2 are I1ef=1A and I2ef=2A. What can we say about I3ef: Options: $$(a)1A \leq I_{3ef} \leq 3A$$...
  10. G

    Engineering AC circuit with a switch -- analysis

    Homework Statement Given the circuit of sinusoidal current (attachment1) with given data: \underline{Z_3}=200(3-j4)\Omega,\underline{Z_4}=100(3+j20)\Omega,\underline{Z_5}=100(3+j4)\Omega,\underline{Z}=100(2+j5)\Omega,\underline{I_{g2}}=-10(2-j)mA. After the switch is closed, the increment of...
  11. G

    Engineering Circuit analysis -- Find active and reactive power in the branch....

    Homework Statement Given the circuit of sinusoidal current (attachment 1) with given data: \underline{E}=100V,\underline{E_1}=40V,\underline{Z}=(10+j10)\Omega,\omega=10^5rad/s,L=1mH, C=0.1uF. Find \underline{I_L},\underline{U_{16}}, active and reactive power in the branch 2-5. 2. The...
  12. kostoglotov

    Engineering RL circuit Q. I must be missed something simple

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I would show my working, but honestly, I'd really just like a hint as to how to begin, because I've tried multiple different things and just gotten tangled up in multiple equations that are way more complicated looking than the...
  13. gfd43tg

    Finding inductor value for same current/voltage phase AC analysis

    Homework Statement In the circuit below, what should the value of L be at ω = 10^4 rad/s so that i(t) is in-phase with v(t)?Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am a little uncertain exactly what is meant by i(t) being in phase with v(t). Do I assume that both are cosine functions...
  14. M

    What is small signal AC analysis?

    I have designed a common emitter amplifier using a BJT and I need to perform a DC analysis, followed by a small signal AC analysis, on it. Before I continue, I will admit that this is homework, but please don't stop reading yet. I am not looking for anyone to do these analyses for me, but I...
  15. E

    Help with complex numbers in AC analysis

    Homework Statement Ok so before I begin I've done my share of research and have had no luck as people seem to be moving to calculators for answers these days. I know my rectangular and polar conversions in AC but I haven’t done too much work with complex numbers. I basically have two...
  16. E

    AC Analysis Query Homework Solutions

    Homework Statement I have two questions to two different problems. The first: The Attempt at a Solution My attempt: Thing is, the solutions have V2=4.986\angle111.45(degrees) and i can't seem to get to that answer at all? What is wrong with my attempt because i can't see anything...
  17. E

    Thevenin equivalent q. (AC analysis)

    Homework Statement ^We're asked to find the "Thevenin's equivalent circuit for the source" The Attempt at a Solution I'm a bit unsure how to start this problem. What i initially thought was that i'd combine all my impedances in parallel to the point where it's them combined plus the...
  18. C

    Ac analysis with dependent source

    Homework Statement Determine I1 independent AC voltage source 10 cos 10^5t inductor 60mH capacitor 5nF dependent voltage controlled voltage source 3Vx Homework Equations KVL & KCL The Attempt at a Solution \begin{array}{l} - 7.071 + 6000I_1 - j6000I_3 = 0 \\...
  19. K

    AC analysis, multiple frequencies.

    Homework Statement http://www.aijaa.com/img/b/00322/3721717.jpg http://www.aijaa.com/img/b/00092/3721734.jpg Both supplies are basic sine waves and the frequency of the supply 2 is 100Hz. The assignment is to calculate the power that is transformed to heat (i.e the power the resistor is...
  20. J

    Solving Basic AC Analysis: Find RMS Voltage Across R3

    Heres a problem I was working on that I just was checking to make sure I attempted correctly...Im mechanical but had to go back and refresh on basic circuit laws... The question is just to find the RMS voltage across R3 Heres my work...
  21. V

    In the middle of an AC analysis problem, I am stuck -

    OK, I have this complex number equation: 5\,V\,=\,\left[\left(j2\,+\,1\right)\,\left(1000\,-\,j10000\right)\,+\,\left(200\,+\,j2000\right)\right]\,i_L Now I try to solve for i_L: i_L\,=\,\frac{5\,V}{\left(j2\,+\,1\right)\,\left(1000\,-\,j10000\right)\,+\,\left(200\,+\,j2000\right)}...
  22. V

    AC Circuit Analysis: Solving 4x4 Matrix w/ Imaginary Numbers, Real #s & Phasor

    Hey, This is a problem involving loop/mesh analysis on an AC circuit. I'm less confused about the circuit theory, I'm more confused with how to solve the resulting matrix. I get 4 equations with 4 unknowns... Which is something I'm accustomed to solving, but there are three different types of...