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  1. Amaterasu21

    B Why don't solids always stick together?

    Hi all, Something I've been wondering - why don't two solid surfaces always stick together when touching each other? As far as I'm aware there are five basic types of solids: Atomic solids: Frozen noble gases containing single atoms held together by London dispersion forces. Molecular...
  2. D

    I Adhesive forces

    Is the adhesive force greater in a smaller tube then a bigger tube at the top? So would it take more energy to take out water at the top of the straw from the thinner straw? Or would, due to gravity cancelling eventually the capillary rising, the adhesive force at the very top of the straw is...
  3. jtdrexel

    What causes ‘Sticking’ in pharmaceutical tablets?

    Pharmaceutical tablets are formed by compressing powder in a die by metal punches until a compact is formed. The term ‘Sticking’ refers to a phenomenon that results in the adherence of material onto the punch faces and die wall even after the metal has left contact with the tablet. I am...