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  1. astroman707

    Physics What's the physics scene like in France?

    How much research/development or experimentation in physics is done in France when compared to other countries, both in the EU and abroad? Are there a lot of physics positions outside of academia in France when compared to other countries? How difficult is it for a non-EU citizen to get into...
  2. 3

    Schools Would choosing UC Santa Cruz over better schools be bad?

    Right now I've got a 4.0 after taking all of calculus and about half my physics and computer science requirements. I'm almost positive I'll be able to get into some better schools but Santa Cruz is where id really like to live. I'm just curious what other people think and how set behind I might...
  3. PabloAMC

    Physics Doing theoretical Physics or Math work as a hobby

    I am a bit new in this forum, so excuse me if you have already talked about it before. I've been reading on this forum about the possiblility of doing scientific research without being paid for it, and according to some posts there were some problems, mainly due to a lack of time and social...
  4. A

    Engineering What career options can I expect as an Electrical Engineer?

    Hello everyone! =) I am currently a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student at a decent university, and am working towards a BSEE degree with what is currently a 3.8+ cumulative GPA. I have worked here as a paid research assistant and as a teaching assistant (an ECE lab course) for my...
  5. N

    Engineering Life after engineering PhD -- need advice

    Hello everyone, I am a 4th year graduate student in nuclear engineering at a top university. I am about a year out from graduation and am beginning to think about what to do when I grow up. I have seen many friends (and read plenty of threads) about PhD's not being able to find a job after...
  6. AlanKirby

    Physics Experimental physicist and investment banking?

    Hi, I'm looking to do an experimental physics PhD (currently on an experimental Masters program), and I was wondering what my chances of getting into investment banking (quant) are. I am aware that theoretical physicists are primed for such a position, but what about an experimentalist? I can't...
  7. H

    Doing Physics instead of Medicine. Am I messing up?

    Hi, all through high school, I was going to pursue Medicine for the job security and other perks etc. that it offers. (Note that I'm from India and out here Medicine is not a PG degree unlike in the US) I do not have any love for the field so to speak. I do find it interesting (I find all of...
  8. D

    Taking years off: is a career still possible?

    I'm studying at a trade school right now, to pursue a career not in the sciences. I'm also considering pursuing a degree(s) in a field of science later on, not just because of the additional job market, or the additional skills, but also because of a love and respect for the subjects, and a...
  9. M

    MSOE (Milwaukee school of engineering)

    Hi I am interested in becoming an engineer, a software engineer. I was wondering if Msoe is well known outside of the Midwest. Will I get a job with a degree from this school?and what do you think about this school?
  10. W

    Programs Should I continue pursuing my Mechanical Engineering Degree?

    I have recently transferred to UCSD from a community college, but I am not sure if I should continue my degree. Before I ask what I really want to know, let me explain my where I am at in school and life right now. I hope you enjoy reading :) but if you are willing, I am very interested in...
  11. Brunnun

    Doubts of an aspiring Theoretical Physicist

    I hope I do not extend myself here. I am a Brazilian High School student, graduating this year, that plans to pursue a Physics undergraduate in the United States. Since I started High School I decided on my degree; I love physics and my ultimate dream is to research the depths of the field...