What is Dropping out: Definition and 22 Discussions

Dropping out means leaving high school, college, university or another group for practical reasons, necessities, inability, or disillusionment with the system from which the individual in question leaves.

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  1. gutelily

    Studying Struggling to teach myself math and physics

    Hey! I want to study physics and math, and eventually, I would like to get a Bachelor in Physics. I quit university about 5 -ish years ago, an Engineering major...I wasn't a good student and don't really remember anything. A couple of years ago I discovered a big interest in Physics and...
  2. yezia

    Perspectives with an almost-completed BSc. Physics

    Hello everyone! As I was saying in my presentation post, I dropped out of my physics degree very close to graduation - a year ago. I will firstly explain the whole context of my studies/abandon and then provide some of the perspectives I thought about. As an international student in Canada...
  3. D

    Engineering Effects of dropping out of my PhD studies

    I'm a recently graduated MS in EE, I'm considering continuing onto a PhD. I'm wondering, what impact would starting a PhD and dropping out have on my career? Basically I'm considering giving it an honest shot for ~1 year and if I hate the experience leave. One year isn't a huge personal...
  4. Muckraker

    Other Contemplating Dropping Out of School Due to Mental Health

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. This involves a somewhat long and uninteresting backstory, so I won’t trouble you with the finer details, and will begin by saying I am a going on nineteen year old who has been struggling with mental health issues most of my teenage life...
  5. Felix Gonzales

    Other Should I Drop Physics? Advice & Ideas

    I love physics. Well, modern physics mostly, still physics though. It's amazing seeing how much there is we don't know and how we got to understand what we do know today. I think the concepts are crazy, cool and fun. If I didn't know better, I'd say modern physics truly sounds like pure fiction...
  6. T

    Physics Thinking of dropping out of PhD program, need advice

    Grad school is *not* what I was hoping it would be. I wanted to study GR and was fortunate enough to get accepted in a program with an advisor who is a gravity theorist. I have the best fellowship awarded to grad students at my school. I passed all my prelims on my first try. My grades...
  7. C

    Admissions Transferring after dropping out of a PhD for medical reasons

    Let's say that I was given unacceptable conditions for returning from medical leave; basically I had to self-fund at least the following year of a physics PhD. Knowing that doing so would result in a financial disaster, I am definitely withdrawing from the program, with the understanding that...
  8. Dishsoap

    Schools Dropping out of graduate school, re-admission?

    Greetings, So first of all, I am not in this situation. I am just wanting to know about a hypothetical scenario. Yesterday I heard that I've been admitted to an Ivy League and though I couldn't be more thrilled, I'm also terrified to the highest degree since I'm not sure that I have the...
  9. C

    Come back from medical leave or not?

    First off, I am a first-semester physics PhD student at Minnesota. I had latent anxiety issues for years but never did it get to the point where I could give up on that aspiration because of my mental health. The issues became too severe for me to ignore when the midterm grades were returned to...
  10. B

    Should I drop my Calculus III Course? Please HELP

    Dear Physics Forum personnel, I am a college sophomore in US with major in mathematics and an aspiring algebraist. I wrote this email because I am having a great problem with my current Calculus III (vector calculus) course that I am taking for this Summer Semester. All of my fellow...
  11. F

    Is dropping out 1 or 2 yrs.in graduation gonna make problem

    I'm a student of Calcutta university, doing graduation, I've dropped a year due to bad result. Though next year I manage to get apparently good marks. But one of my Friends was still unsatisfied and choose to try one more time. And now, we're worried a little bcz someone told us this going to...
  12. W

    Programs Should I continue pursuing my Mechanical Engineering Degree?

    I have recently transferred to UCSD from a community college, but I am not sure if I should continue my degree. Before I ask what I really want to know, let me explain my where I am at in school and life right now. I hope you enjoy reading :) but if you are willing, I am very interested in...
  13. S

    Schools Dropping out of US graduate school and reapplying at Europe

    I know this bit awkward, but seriously I am in need of some advice due to my strange situation. Last year I joined a graduate school at US which is ranked below 150 as I got only offer from this university and rejected from the rest of universities where I applied. I was not at all happy...
  14. M

    6 months after dropping out of college - my tips

    It's been six months since I dropped out of college to bootstrap my financial research startup. I had an old thread about this and received a lot of advice against it, then the thread got deleted. Some had come forward to PM me asking how I've been doing since, and I figured it would be useful...
  15. J

    Flow rate of water dropping out of a pipe

    I need to figure out the best way to improve drainage of spring water flowing through my property. The water from my neighbour’s spring flows 10m through a pipe into a manhole on my side. The water level in this manhole is always 10-20 cm higher than the in and out pipes. The water then flows...
  16. F

    I really decision about dropping out of graduate program

    I recently started a terminal masters program in physics. Shortly after starting, I had a big anxiety issue that I never had in my life before. In my undergrad I worked 2 jobs, was in a fraternity, was in a physics program full time and had a social life. I managed to make it all work and life...
  17. B

    Thinking about dropping out

    Hi physicsforums, I'm a CS student in my first year. I enjoy programming and have liked my intro CS classes. However, I'm pretty depressed with the rest of college. I feel like I'm spending a lot of time reading through literary theory, rote memorizing humanities definitions, or memorizing...
  18. C

    Dropping out of grad school - worth getting MS?

    I started Physics grad school this Fall, but I have recently started considering dropping out, either to join an existing company or to start my own business. I am concerned about how this would look to future employers, both startups and non-startups. I know that getting an MS degree but no phD...
  19. M

    Programs Contemplating dropping out of physics degree due to poor math

    In need of a little help/guidance. I have an enormous passion for physics. I took an introductory physics course my 1st semester at a community college, I enjoyed it so much I decided to start my math all over so I could build a good foundation. I started with intermediate algebra, then trig...
  20. T

    Exploring Options When Dropping Out of School

    Well, I'm in 5th year and I want to drop out. I find school boring, a waste of time and homework just horrendous. But I don't know what to do. Either die in school or die outside. What is there to do?
  21. F

    SoI'm dropping out, what should I do?

    I'm pretty much done with college. I didn't get the required grades for some of my classes and now I have to drop out. What should I do now? I can't go anywhere these days without a degree. Otherwise I'm stuck with a minimum wage job. I'm lost here.
  22. P

    Dropping out of college to pursue career

    Alright here is my situation. I am entering my first summer session and my dorm rent is due. I am majoring in Physics. Though, I have come to realize that I lack the passion of math that others may have. I can't see myself doing this forever. On the otherhand, I want to become a film...