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  1. Keanthon

    Charging a low voltage battery with a higher one of same Ah

    Let's say both battery have the same charge capacity of 3Ah Battery A has voltage of 3V and B has voltage of 6V. Battery A is completely discharged while B is completely charged. If I charge battery A with battery B, wouldn't B be completely drained because they hold the same amount of charge...
  2. K

    B Conservation of energy of a perfectly decoherent laser

    The energy and momentum of a closed system is always conserved. If a laser can emit perfectly parallel and perfectly superimposed light waves (occupy the exact same space) that are perfectly 180° out of phase and of the same frequency, what can be said about the energy and momentum of the...
  3. I

    Connecting three spheres with wires redistributes charge

    Homework Statement There are three identical conducting spheres, A, B and C. They are initially charged as q_A = 0, q_B = 0, q_C = +Q. Initially, A and B are connected by a wire. Then the spheres are connected (by a wire) as follows: 1) A to C (while A is still connected to B) 2) Connection...