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  1. C

    Is Specific impulse indicative of performance as a gun propellant?

    Black powder has specific impulse of around 80s, while rocket candy has up to 130s of specific impulse. Does that mean I could replace the propellant in a BP cartridge with 80/130 of the weight in rocket candy and obtain the same performance in an idealized gun? (as in without considering...
  2. G

    I Is it possible to propel a spray can with gunpowder?

    Is it possible to pressurize a spray can with gunpowder or something similar, in order to make a reliable spray can with high pressure? I’m asking this question because a small amount of gunpowder generates a huge amount of propelling gasses when ignited. I need to make a compact spray can...
  3. chemisthypnos

    Why are triple base propellants not used in firearms?

    I would think that the use of triple base propellants in hand-held weapons, such as assault rifles or pistols, would be greatly beneficial as its use would remove the muzzle flash. Also, it would decrease wear-and-tear on the weapon itself, I would think. I have found some people saying that...
  4. P

    I need some kind of propellant gas for an experiment

    For the past year or so, I've been experimenting with Isobutane. I used to get it in relatively cheap canisters of r600a from and AliExpress, and that worked fine. Now, however, AliExpress has NO purchase options for r600a, and will not ship it to the US, even though...
  5. BilboBombadillo

    Need help finding required Propellant Fraction for equation

    Homework Statement Consider a cryogenic chemical propulsion system with Isp (specific impulse) = 450 s Enter the required propellant fraction as a proportion with at least two decimal places. The ΔVelocity is provided. ΔV = 9.6 km/s Homework Equations Rocket equation: ΔV = Vex x Ln (initial...
  6. P

    Polymer/Propellant Solution

    Ok, I am really close to this. d-Limonene dissolves Polystyrene (I have tested this) and Liquid Isobutane mixes with d-Limonene (I have also tested this) However, when I mix all three together, the Polystyrene becomes completely separated from the solution. Same thing with all polymer solutions...